DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 2

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During our last visit with Sheyna DeLacy she had moved to Twinbrook, gotten a job at the salon, met a cut boy named Goodwin Goode, and worked to meet a vampire.

It is now summer and Sheyna wants to throw a party. Since we don’t want everyone coming to our tiny little shack in the woods, which is also very messy at this point, she decides to hold the party at the community pool. All the guests are invited and the party was a lot of fun. It also gave her a chance to hang out with Goodwin.

Back at work Sheyna is making progress. She has been promoted and gets more money for her styling jobs now. She is slowly building up her resume.

A very exciting thing then happens for Sheyna that fulfills a huge wish that has been long held for her. This man walks into the salon and Sheyna goes to talk with him. He is a celebrity, but more importantly, he is a vampire.

Sheyna spends the evening studying a skill she wished to study, I believe this one was cooking. She goes to bed happy with the progress she has made for her life.

Sadly tragedy is getting ready to strike at Sheyna DeLacy’s happiness. A thief is seen sneaking up to the shack. Why someone would look at Sheyna’s shack and see potential things to steal is beyond me. He sneaks in and take the bathroom sink, leaving the computer she has on a desk alone.

Sheyna threw a wish for an item I had never seen before. Not having played Sims 3 much it took forever to find it in the store, but after searching for quite a while we finally found what she was looking for. Another wish met. We did have to expand out the porch to let it fit.

Finally, it would seem, Goodwin got tired to waiting for Sheyna to decide what she wants and called to ask her out on a date. Excitedly Sheyna agrees to it and off we head downtown. Now she wants to have a good date. It actually takes the original date, and after I accidentally sent her home I had her call him and have another date that ended really well.

The fall festival is in town and Sheyna finally threw some wishes to visit it, so off she went. While there she went to the haunted house a couple of times, bobbed for apples and ate a pie. She got many tickets, which she wanted, and had a good time, closing down the fair.

Back at work Sheyna is once again making progress towards her next promotion and this day gets to help a girl pick out flattering clothing that make her feel beautiful. It’s just the thing Sheyna enjoys being able to help with.

A new date with Goodwin was desired and so they went out and Sheyna quickly invited him home with her. She desired to do more with Goodwin then just see a movie this night. So they played a game, and then snuggled into bed for the night. Sadly, nothing more happens as Goodwin was too tired.

The next day nothing exciting happens but that evening Sheyna is invited to a party at Goodwin’s house. Before she heads out to the party though she gets a trick or treater to hand out candy too.

Sheyna heads to the party and her and Goodwin finally make it official. They share a special time in his room in the house after the party is over. However, Sheyna has learned something is different with Goodwin. Goodwin has become a vampire.

Vampire or not, Sheyna heads to work the next day happy to have made the next important step with Goodwin and she is on cloud nine as she styles the latest batch of customers to come into the salon.

Sheyna spends time that evening tinkering with her oven. She was hoping to upgrade it but doesn’t end up finishing the job.

It’s now Christmas time and Sheyna wants to decorate the shack. Here I give you the first real look of where Sheyna lives. It’s a cute little place, but will need to be expanded when she eventually has children.

Sheyna got invited to another party at Goodwin’s house. She sees him flirting with someone else and decides she needed to make her move. Pulling Goodwin into the bedroom she has another successful encounter with him and while I desperately hope that she desires to marry him soon, she has a spring in her steps for the rest of the night.

She even decides, during the night zombies come out, to go out and build a snowman. Zombies are all around her yard but she continues to build until she is done.

That will wrap up Chapter 2 of this wishacy. Will Goodwin and Sheyna ever officially get together? Will Sheyna have a baby before she becomes an adult? Will she ever move out of her little shack? These questions to be answered in later chapters.

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2 thoughts on “DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 2

  1. My sims always wish for laundry machines if I don’t buy it for them right away. Annoying when I’m playing a challenge that doesn’t require them. Sheyna seems like a neat sim though, so hopefully her dirty laundry doesn’t end up all over the house. 😆

    I’m wondering if Sheyna and Goodwin’s second woohoo was a try for baby? 😉 Ah, and watch out for vampires. If you don’t have any mods the town will be overrun by them.


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