EPIC Tripp: Garden of Eden – 1.02

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Generation 1: Garden of Eden

  • Must plant a garden on the lot. Founder should choose a lot with easy access to a fishing hole.
  • House may only be wood or stone, with a dirt, stone, or wood floor. Wooden windows are allowed.
  • Electricity has not yet been invented, so NO lights (except candles/torches) or electronics.
  • Toilet must be placed outside, outhouse-style (except without the “house” part…so no walls enclosing it).
  • No showers allowed, and the tub must be placed outside (I.E. filled with pond water).
  • Since there is no running water, sprinklers may not be used.
  • Only the cheapest washing machine is allowed, and no dryer (just the clothes line). If you have the wash tub, that would be most appropriate to start.
  • Male founder or male spouse must enroll in the military, astronaut, or gardening career. A female founder or female spouse must enroll in the culinary or gardening career.
  • Women must have babies at home – NO hospital.
  • No vacation travel (planes haven’t been invented yet).
  • Can only gain athletic skill from the weight bench, jogging or swimming. Also, you can use the punching bag.
  • 2nd generation heir must get to level 5 skill of two of the following before he/she becomes a YA: gardening, fishing, cooking.
  • No phone use (they haven’t been invented yet). Must go to others’ houses to visit/meet someone. May travel within the towns (through loading screens but not on vacation). Phones can only be used to travel or take days off from work or school – they can’t be used to socialize.
  • Scouts are allowed for the children and teens.

    Gen 1 Mini Challenge:
  • NO fridge allowed until the founder or spouse reaches level 10 of his/her chosen career. Sims must eat from their own garden. Before their garden is providing food, they will have to find others’ gardens from which to eat. +3 points
    >>Wood-burning stove can be used once the fridge is unlocked

We send Johnny out on a job to gain some fitness. Now that he is in the military he’s going to be doing a lot more working out. We didn’t get a chance to learn about Johnny before so let’s do that now.

Johnny is Ambitious, Outgoing, Goofball, and Gregarious who wants to become a Joke Star. Sadly that ambition is not likely to ever come to pass for Johnny.

Johnny: What?? What do you mean I won’t get to be a joke star?

Johnny, there is no electricity in this scenario. There is no way for you to tell joke at a microphone so I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

Johnny: But what happened? I had a job at a comedy club that had microphones before.

Yes, yes, I know you did, but it’s gone now. We will get you as high as we can, and don’t worry I promise you will have a happy life either way. Now get to your jogging!

When Johnny gets back from his jog he starts out by helping out with the laundry. Of course, there are already clothes hanging on the line, and Johnny ends up just leaving the clothes in the tub for now, but at least he gotten started.

After the couple completes some of the daily tasks they have for the day and Kiana takes care of their growing garden the couple heads down to the fishing spot right behind their house and down the hill.

Then it’s back home to have some additional fun. The couple are now in a soulmate status and very happy with each other and very in love. We only get one baby (or really one pregnancy) in the family for this challenge.

The next day Kiana heads out to make some breakfast for them and in the course of that happening the grill catches on fire. Kiana grabs the food, runs into the house and discovers she is also now on fire!!

Luckily, Johnny was able to extinguish her before anything bad happens. This is the second time Kiana has burned herself, as she caught her arm on fire with the fire pit once already too. After the terrifying scene of almost burning the house down and losing our founder, life is able to go back to normal the next day. Johnny works from home this day and has to get a fitness skill. He is not great at the fitness yet, but I’m willing to bet that being in the military will quickly work him out.

While Johnny works out Kiana tends to her growing garden. During her collection runs we have found many strawberries and have discovered we can plant a few to be able to get some of our own. That will be good for future generations who we want to keep having girls for.

Late at night we have a very unwelcome visitor.

The funny thing is, Vlad here came in and dazed poor Johnny. Johnny got up from bed, walked over to Vlad who looked at him, turned around and gathered up the dishes sitting around the home. He threw them into a trashcan, which he then hit out of what I can only assume is the frustration of not being able to “perform.” After seeing the mess he made from losing his temper, he quickly picks up the mess and deposits it back into the trash. He then walks back in the house, but instead of going for Johnny again picks up a book and sits down to read. I go ahead and send Johnny back to bed at this point, and after reading for a few hours Vlad walks off the lot and all Johnny remembers is having a bad dream.

We do get to see that Kiana is pregnant, YAY a new little Tripp is on the way. Kiana makes some grilled fruit again, they will be very happy when they get some additional foods they can make. During the meal Johnny tells Kiana about the weird dreams he had the night before.

Kiana is supposed to research gardening, which unfortunately uses the “un-allowed” computer, but we decide for this one day to allow her to go to the library and use the computer just to get that done.

Kiana: After those weird dream Johnny told me about I want to see what they have about vampires.

I would agree, we should make sure to do what we can to keep vampires away from you and Johnny and the baby.

Kiana: I have found a vampire book! Now, let me spend time reading.

Sadly, Kiana did not learn enough about vampires to know how to protect her family, but she ordered the book and headed home. After getting home her hungry was starting to grow more and more, so she made sure to munch on some fresh strawberries. We need a baby girl after all.

Sadly, the very next day, Johnny was going to need to use a forbidden item. His job wanted him to use the weight machine. One more of these and we will not let them work from home much longer. We go ahead and send him to the gym and he uses the weight machine just long enough to met his job agreement and heads home.

It is almost love day and Kiana is still managing to keep up on her garden and it’s starting to grow quite big.

Kiana: The plants are growing well and the baby will have plenty of food when she arrives.

Don’t you mean he or she? We don’t know that you are having a girl.

Kiana: No, it will be a she. I have eaten enough strawberries, I am sure of it. The plants will not forsake me.

Johnny is sent down to continue catching fish. We are starting to get a decent collection of them, and any duplicates we are able to eat. He is also pulling up more and more boxes with collectibles in them. We have been selling most of these, we need money to buy baby things and toddler things soon.

Johnny, you are getting pretty decent at fishing. You enjoying your life so far? Ready to be a dad?

Johnny: I was just sitting here thinking about how I’m going to do as being a dad. I don’t know if I’m ready.

I’m going to let you in on a not so well kept secret, I don’t think anyone would ever say they were ready to be a parent.

Johnny: We just have so little still to offer a baby. I mean, I love Kiana and she does so much I just don’t know what I’ll be able to offer.

You will be there for your child, and give him, or her, all your love and all the time you have to spare. Don’t worry, I’ll help you.

Johnny: If you say so.

That brings us to an end of this chapter with the Tripp family. Kiana is getting closer to having the baby, and will Vlad come back and finish the job of drinking from Johnny before Kiana can learn the secrets of keeping them away?

Post 1.01 | Rules Page | Post 1.03

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