EPIC Tripp: Garden of Eden – 1.05

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Generation 1: Garden of Eden

  • 2nd generation heir must get to level 5 skill of two of the following before he/she becomes a YA: gardening, fishing, cooking.
  • Scouts are allowed for the children and teens.

    Gen 1 Mini Challenge:
  • NO fridge allowed until the founder or spouse reaches level 10 of his/her chosen career. Sims must eat from their own garden. Before their garden is providing food, they will have to find others’ gardens from which to eat. +3 points
    >>Wood-burning stove can be used once the fridge is unlocked

Belle Tripp has grown up into a child. I think she is quite a pretty mix of her parents. She got a happy toddler trait because we didn’t quite get that final, thinking, skill totally maxed. So also received the random trait, Loner.

A quick peak at the next generation shows she will need to be either a painter or a musician so she takes the artistic prodigy aspiration. Since it was evening, however, when she grew up the first thing we must do is get her a new, non-toddler bed and we expand the rooms out just a bit.

The next day, after Johnny finishes his work out for the day he sits down to spend time with his growing daughter. First they play with the dollhouse, where apparently Johnny’s doll didn’t do what he wanted it to.

Johnny: I told him he didn’t want to get involved with her!!! He didn’t listen and now she’s taking all his money!!!!!

Calm down Johnny, it’s just a game and your daughter is right there.

After that Kiana is working on laundry, a task that Johnny tends to be stuck with, while Johnny and Belle bond a little more over a conversation at the fire pit.

Johnny: …and so a pale man came in and I was standing in front of him with the worst feeling….

Uh, Johnny?

Johnny: Yes?

Maybe don’t terrify your daughter before bed on the chance there are monsters in her room tonight?

Kiana steps up to help out Belle with doing the homework she had to do before school. She does it without complaining, and also grabs a journal that she starts to write in as well.

Because she wants to be a creative prodigy we make sure to get a drawing bench for Belle and she sits down and wants to make holiday decorations. So we let her do that and drawn for a while.

All of those stories her dad was telling her must have had an impact because Belle goes out and grabs the Vampire tome and starts reading. She gets herself up to Vampire Lore level 2 before its time for bed.

The next day is school and work for everyone. Kiana works in the garden and at her flower arranging bench until everyone gets home for the day. Belle has brought home a class project of making a castle model.

Everyone sits down to work on it together. This really is a family that spends a lot of time together, even if it doesn’t always look like it. The castle turns out great and I love the little stained glass window on this side.

It is almost Winterfest and the night before Kiana brings something very exciting to the table. She has learned how to make baked potatoes. She looks very happy with this choice, and even Johnny looks thrilled. They also look like they are hiding a little something between them.

Belle’s decorations around hung around the house, she did a great job with them and is almost maxed on her creativity. There is a small pile of presents for everyone to open, they don’t have a lot in the way of things to give, unless Kiana just wants to gift everyone a million peppers and lemons.

The next morning Kiana slips another present into the pile, and it appears Johnny has too. The pile has grown a little since we saw it last night. They gather around as soon as everyone is up and through some basic morning needs and open up their gifts.

Most everyone is happy, except for Kiana who got a phone cover. She doesn’t even get to have one of those and is very sad with the pathetic gift. Belle got a new toy and is thrilled with it, and I don’t remember what Johnny got, but he liked his too.

The family sits down to enjoy their gifts and we notice that poor Belle has gotten sick. She plays with her toy for a little while and goes to get some rest.

Kiana starts getting prepared for the evening meal by grilling up everyone favorite dish, grilled fruit. It’s not really everyone favorite, but she has harvested so much fruit it’s the easiest thing to make.

Later that night Saint Nick makes his appearance and of course everyone asks for another gift. This time Kiana gets something better, although I don’t fully remember what anymore, and is happy that he came. Soon after everyone is exhausted and ready for bed, however.

Belle is a very good child, and often does her homework all by herself without having to be asked to do it. Kiana is trying to get her next flower arranging level by reading it at least part of the way up.

There is also now a chess table outside for the family to gain some skills on, and Kiana and Belle go out to play it. We can tell that it holiday decorations have been forgotten since Harvestfest and we still need to take them down.

Then it’s time for New Year’s. The year has come to an end and the family makes their resolutions:

Kiana: I want to get a skill level!

Johnny: I want to get a promotion at work!

Belle: Um….I guess I’ll go for a skill too.

Great! You all have chosen things that should be easy for you to reach!

Kiana and Belle both earned theirs before the end of the day. Belle has managed to max her creative skill and only has to spend some time playing an instrument and drawing to max her aspiration. Kiana is at level 7 in her job currently and is basically ready for her promotion. Three more levels and we get a fridge! Johnny is only at level 5, but is also basically ready for a promotion anytime. Belle still only has a B in school and is currently no where close to maxing out another skill, but we will see what this next week brings. The family toasts the new year and heads to bed.

Post 1.04 | Rules Page | Post 1.06

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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