DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 5

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When Charlie was born Goodwin wanted to leave work right away and go hold his new son. It was actually quite cute. He also has the desire to teach Lilly to walk.

Sheyna, on the other hand, still needs to finish the challenge of working out for 4 hours. So she gets to it while the babies are asleep. She manages to get all the work out done.

When Goodwin gets home he hold his son, Charlie, and is a very happy vampire. Then he grabs Lilly and starts to teach her how to walk.

The next day is Love Day and both Sheyna and Goodwin have the wish to go to the festival that is in town. So they get the kids taken care of in the morning, hire a babysitter, and hop into Goodwin’s truck to head to the festival grounds.

When they first arrive at the festival both of them throw a wish to get a greeting card photo. So that is done. Then they both wish to do other festival activities, such as hunting eggs. Watching Goodwin gathering eggs it’s everything.

Goodwin: Oooo, here’s one. Snatch you up my pretty little egg! My you are pretty one.

Umm….nice find? At least it’s in the shade so you don’t start burning up.

Goodwin: That’s what my umbrella is for, to protect me in the sun while out doing activities.

Right, oh…I think there is another egg behind you in the square.

Goodwin: Oooh….*giggles and runs off*

Both Sheyna and Goodwin go to get their faces painted. Neither get what they requested, and while Sheyna semi looks like she got part of her face painted like a dog, Goodwin looks…well, see for yourself…

Luckily the sky had clouded over and Goodwin was able to complete the festival activities without the need of the umbrella. Then it begins to hail and the couple heads home and relieves the babysitter.

Sheyna, with her face still painted, worked on upgrading the sink. It’s then we notice that the update wish has been replaced so I shouldn’t have actually directed her to do this.

Lilly has become very good friends with her imaginary friend doll. I am starting to think, at least Lilly’s doll, is a little creepy. It now stands over her and watches her sleep.

Imaginary Friend: I have a name you know

Yes, I know, but I keep forgetting to write it done and can’t remember it off the top of my head

Imaginary Friend: I must watch over the child, must protect the child.

Lilly isn’t in any danger at the moment, you don’t have to just tower over her in her crib.

Imaginary Friend: MUST watch the child, MUST protect the child.


I have received notice that is is now Charlie’s birthday. At first I felt bad for Charlie, as both parents threw wishes to watch Lilly grow up, but didn’t throw any wishes for Charlie to grow up. Then, a little later in the day they both threw wishes to rock the baby in the rocking chair. Awww, they just don’t want their sweet baby boy to grow up.

Sheyna and Goodwin discuss life, his fitness level, getting a treadmill and how Sheyna is staying in shape after a couple of kids. Incidentally, they both are holding a wish to have another baby.

Charlie is picked up by his parents and watched as he grows up into a toddler. He is clearly a vampire like his dad, you can see it in the creepy look of his eyes. Still, he is a cute little boy, looks much more like his father than Lilly did.

Instantly both parents throw the wish to teach Charlie to walk. Sheyna gets first crack at it and begins the training while Goodwin goes to take care of his little girl.

The house has fallen a into a mess currently, and a shower has been broken in the bathroom for some time. Luckily Goodwin woke up with the wish to fix it so it is no longer flooding.

I truly expected the wish to come from Sheyna as she is the handy one, but Goodwin has been learning it for work, so he threw the wish. I need someone to want, or wish to do laundry. Goodwin has wanted it in the past, but so far no such luck.

This feels like a good spot to end our time with the family. We got notice that it is now Lilly’s birthday so we will see her growing up during the next play through. It is very exciting. Then the decision will be made if Sheyna becomes pregnant again to meet both of their wishes.

Chapter 4 | Rules | Chapter 6

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