DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 7

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Back with the DeLacy family and we will start with Goodwin being at work as a firefighter. He had the desire to get his athletic skill up and since there is exercise equipment at the fire station, she takes advantage and starts working out.

It is not easy to have two sims with “controllable” careers, and while I am looking at Sheyna, who started work today, I click back on Goodwin and it says he’s out preparing to handle a fire. He gets there and does a great job.

While both parents are gone for the day we have a baby sitter taking care of Charlie. Lilly gets home after school and want to make friends with someone, so she plays peek-a-boo with her brother, and gives him a big hug. Awwwww

Sheyna is happy to be back at work, but apparently has been out of the game too long as her first client isn’t thrilled with her work. All she wanted was accessories and these looked nice with her “new dress” but whatever.

At her second attempt he just wants some new facial hair. I think he could use a whole new wardrobe, but hey, who are we to judge. This time it turns out much better and he is added into her portfolio.

On our final make-over in the course of a couple of days, this fairy got a promotion and wants to be made over to look even richer than he already is. Since he was wearing suits and tuxes already I’m not sure how we were supposed to do this, but we gave him some combinations that we thought would say to the world, I only buy the best, and also am “in” on fashion.

He was thrilled with the result, sadly, I missed the pictures of him sizzling his own butt (yes, seriously, he kissed his finger, turned to the side, bent over and did the “I’m hot” action to his butt.) Sheyna took her portfolio picture and got out of there.

Then I go to check on Goodwin and he’s off again. This time he’s headed to the school. Apparently a plant is trying to eat all the students and teachers. After he takes care of the plant he sees both of his daughters outside the school and says hello to them.

Poor Lilly, actually the whole family, got no sleep the night before. Charlie was crying and no one wanted to go to their own bed which left people falling sleep in the rocking chair, and napping. So when Lilly finally got home, after the excitement of the day she passed out.

The radio quickly woke her up and she headed to her actual bed. Everyone got a really good nights sleep that night, which was much needed and in the morning it was Leisure Day. Hurrah!

The first thing Sheyna and Goodwin do is try for that elusive baby. I was sure this time it worked, but alas, no such luck.

Lilly has decided she will be queen of this update and after eating some breakfast autonomously starts to clean up all the dishes. Before too long Goodwin also helps out and cleans up some of his plasma juice boxes.

Goodwin then really wants to upgrade 5 things. Sheyna had this wish not that long ago and upgraded quite a few things, but the stove was bot part of that, and so Goodwin has a good. Before long it’s fireproof.

Sheyna eats in the newly cleaned up dining room, and while there are still a couple of plasma juice boxes on the table, everyone is feeling much better about the upstairs of their house. Now if only someone would wish to do laundry.

Instead of wishing for laundry, Lilly throws a wish to go to the festival. I check and no one else has this wish, so Lilly heads out on her bike. It’s a long ride to the festival grounds, but she makes it without a problem.

Lilly wanted to get a photo taken, so she heads to the tent to do that and then I just leave her to see what she does next. She ops to go and complete in the eating contest.

Lilly: Ugh, hotdogs??!!!! Why did it have to be hotdogs?

What’s wrong with hotdogs?

Lilly: Nothing specifically, I just am picking out hotdogs.

Random woman: Why haven’t they started yet? I really need to use the bathroom soon!

Ooook….this should be interesting.

The competition begins, and the lady who needed to use the bathroom finishes first. Lilly is ahead of both of the guys however.

Lilly: *mmmhese mre moo maa*

I’m sorry Lilly I didn’t make any of that out with your full stuffed full of hot dogs.

Lilly: *takes a quick breath* These aren’t bad.

Right as she was about to finish Lilly walks away and pulls out Boinky.

Lilly: What is it? I was about to get 2nd.

Boinky: Must protect you

Lilly: Protect me from what, an upset stomach?

Oh for pete’s sake Boinky, she was fine, I was watching her.

Boinky: NO, I PROTECT!

*backs away slowly* You talk to him Lilly

After a fun afternoon at the fair Lilly head’s home and wants to make another friend. We know 2 kids in the neighborhood and Lilly invites them over. Both show, yay!

Lilly and Nick talk about their favorite foods and about school. I then get the notification that it’s time for zombies again and sure enough, one pops out of the ground right by the kids.

Doesn’t seem to deter them in the least and before long Nick and Lilly are friends.

You know, Lilly, he could potentially be a good match for you later.

Lilly: Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He doesn’t even know dad and Charlie are…….*looks around and lowers voice* vampires.

So they content themselves with making silly faces at each other and I decide to head inside and see how everyone else is doing.

Charlie is busy playing at the play table Lilly had wished for as soon as she became a child. She hasn’t played with it once. Sort of like the bake sale table she wished for, but she has no toy oven.

I was notified earlier in the day that is it Charlie’s birthday today, and it was right around this time that I got pulled over to Charlie to watch him grow up.

Oh Charlie, that “outfit” you grew up in. I really hope that isn’t your “everyday” outfit. Still, he’s a pretty handsome young boy, and still has those vampire eyes. Since he did not get potty trained I didn’t get to “pick” his trait, which would have been rolled anyway, so he gets animal lover.

With that, I again feel like this is a good place to end the update. Will Sheyna and Goodwin have anymore kids? How will Charlie do in school? Sheyna already threw a wish for him to get on the honor roll as well. We will have to see next update.

Chapter 6 | Rules | Chapter 8

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    1. These guys have been super fun to play. I really do like them so much. šŸ™‚ We are getting ready to prom and even if it breaks the rules a bit I might have Sheyna style Lilly for it. šŸ˜€

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