Latte Game – Generation 1.03

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After the birth of Kevin, Kynzie of course got some time off work. Ukupanipo went back to the island to try and finish up his work for the day in studying the islands. I do like that I can use technology in this version of the game.

Even though Kevin was just born the couple gets started right away on the next baby. Sadly, it did not take and they are not expecting baby Y yet.

Baby Kevin is well taken care of, however, and his mom and dad both dot on him and give him all the attention and love he needs. I’m excited to see what he looks like when he grows up.

Both Kynzie and Ukupanipo need skills for another promotion, so while baby Kevin is sleeping they sit down on the couch together to study. This house isn’t very big, and I might end up just renovating it instead of buying a new one, but we will see. For now it’s just right for this new little family.

In order for Ukupanipo to be able to keep working from home, which I will want as we start having more kids, he needs logic. So Kynzie spends time with her husband helping him do just that. Plus, it’s a pretty view.

It’s time for Kevin to grow up into a little toddler and so Kynzie goes in to help him out. They still haven’t managed to get pregnant again, but we aren’t in a panic yet. Kevin gets glasses, which I think are so cute, and gets the Wild trait.

Kynzie wants Kevin to be successful so she starts off talking with him and trying to help him learn to communicate.

Kynzie: Now Kevin, can you say “I look adorable with my glasses?”

Kevin: *stares at her blankly*

Kynzie: How about mama?

Kevin: Babble

Life continued to the family and Kevin”s toddler training began in earnest. I apparently didn’t catch any pictures early on in the training, but then Kynzie walked about from a conversation Ukupanipo was having with her, wanting to “check out the lights.” Sure enough, there was little lights on their porch. As soon as she got to them a beam of light came down.

Kynzie: Is this a spotlight? Am I in a show??

Um…I don’t think so Kynzie. I don’t know what happens in this version though.

Kynzie: Ooh….I’m rising, what is up there?

With that I have my first abduction in sims 4. I know nothing about aliens in the universe of 4, so perhaps nothing special will happen to her. I’m actually pretty glad Ukupanipo didn’t head out, just in case. This, however, caused an issue as Ukupanipo couldn’t leave the house because the spaceship was in the way, and Kevin couldn’t get in for the same problem. I added a door to the kitchen so Ukupanipo could get Kevin to bed.

Kynzie came back unscathed, but feeling “dazed” by the experience with the aliens. That had not stopped the couple from continuing to try for the next baby, and at breakfast the next morning she shared the good news with Ukupanipo.

Baby Y is on his or her way and the family is growing. Not sure where we are going to put the next kids. The house will have to expand, or the family will have to move, one or the other. You can see the new door I put in in the background of this picture as well.

Now, I haven’t really TRIED building anything yet, the EPIC house is just a box, but I’m getting kind of excited to give it a shot and see how to do it. With this great news it feels like a great time to stop this update. Next time we will see the birth of baby Y.

Generation 1.02 | Rules | Generation 1.04

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