Latte Game – Generation 1.05

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When we were last with the family we had just had Yuri and found out baby ‘N’ was on the way. Ukupanipo panicked a bit about having a third baby this quickly and we saw a lot of Kevin.

Let’s start of this chapter by checking in on the family. The whole family is sitting down to a meal, on of the last quiet moments they will have for a while.

Ukupanipo was right last chapter, this house is not big enough for the entire growing family. We are going to have at least 6 kids so we will need more space. It would be great if we could have all 6 here together so we can “easily” pick out the heir.

To that end, we added a second story to the house, moved the master bedroom and bathroom up there, added a second bathroom up there and a child’s room for as the boys get older. We then expanded out the kitchen some, made the master bedroom slightly bigger and is now the toddlers room

Kynize, as a neat sim, can occasionally go into cleaning frenzies. She runs all over the house cleaning up everything. It can be very useful, but she is also very pregnant. Kevin was then in a need of a bath, so he was popped into the new tub upstairs and cleaned away. I do love toddler baths.

We then received notice that it was time for little Yuri to grow up. We will see how life goes with two toddlers in the house, although Kevin is almost through all his skills.

Another little brown haired boy, who looks an awful lot like Kevin. I think these genetics might be very similar this season for some reason. That’s ok, he’s still a cutie. We decide to get him started on movement right away so Kynzie goes down to start helping him with climbing the slide.

Yuri: *internally* I will climb this mountain! I will crest this hill!

As he gets better, and she gets tired, he’s left to his own devices and continues to play on the slide. I believe he is a level 4 movement before he stops. Oh, I also forgot to mention Yuri gets the ‘Clingy’ trait.

The next day everyone is in need of a break and poor Ukupanipo is so desperate for time in the ocean and needs to get going on his beach life aspiration as well. So we pack up the family and head to the beach. They have a lot of time playing in the ocean.

I apparently skip a little time in picture taking, but Ukupanipo has gotten a couple of promotions, which was good because the family was broke after the renovations. Late one night Kynzie is out with one of the boys when she goes into labor.

After the disasters that have been the hospital on the last two births Kynzie decides to have this baby at home.

Kynzie: Be a girl, be a girl, be a girl

Really hoping for a girl huh?

Kynzie: Yes. I love my boys, but it’s time for a girl.

I agree, I would also like a girl, but I also am chanting, be only one, be only one, be only one.

Kynzie: I could have more than one??!!!!

Yes, actually it could be 3 babies.

Kynzie: Oh, no no no no. There better only be one baby, our house is not big enough for this.

*Cross your fingers*

IT’S ONE BABY!!! Thank goodness….but it’s also a boy. Baby boy is the third baby bord, third pregnancy and that means he’s gets the ‘N’ name. We name him Nick. Welcome to the world Nick Latte.

Kynzie: I better get a girl in these last 3 pregnancies. I don’t want to be the only female in this whole family.

I know, I really want you to have a girl as well. You know what you have to do though.

Kynzie: Survive toddlerhood with the kids I’ve got?

Haha, good one. No, you need to get pregnant again.

For the moment though, Kynzie is not pregnant and has done well enough to have gotten a celebrity level. She does need to focus a bit on the boys she has, and on her career, at least a little bit.

We get notice that is is almost Kevin’s birthday. He needs 1 more thinking point and spends the day watching his mother, his brother, his dad when he comes home from work and gets the point without any problems. That means he has maxed out all his points, he will be a Top-Notch Toddler.

Since it’s his birthday that means he can do what he wants, right?

Kevin: What? I’m playing with my duck.

They decide to throw him a birthday party, although it’s really just family. Ukupanipo bakes up a chocolate cake for him and Kynzie puts on the candles and brings her oldest son to the cake.

Kevin grows up into a handsome little boy. He rolls a Cat Lover trait, makes sense since his big stuffed toy all growing up was Big Puds the cat. He gets the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and we buy him a new bed to put up in the “big boys” room upstairs. Big Puds comes too, of course. New stuffed toys will be bought for the new toddlers.

Kevin: I’m moving upstairs??

Yep, that’s where your new room is.

Kevin: Wait when did we get an upstairs

Days ago kid. I guess you probably haven’t crawled up there yet. Didn’t you wonder where your parents slept?

Kevin: Not really.

I went into CAS and gave the kids a bit of a make over. So here is Kevin after his make-over. He lost his glasses upon growing up and so I decided to give them back to him. He is a handsome little boy and I see a lot of his dad in him.

Here is little Yuri after his make-over. I didn’t change much about him, but it did give me a chance to get a better look at him. He is also a little cutie, but looks a lot like his brother.

For now I feel like that is a good place to stop this update. Next time we will find out if Kynzie gets pregnant with baby ‘Z’ and if so, will she ever get her girl?

Generation 1.04 | Rules | Generation 1.06

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