EPIC Tripp: Sound of Music – 2.06

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Generation 2: Sound of Music

  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the painting skill, walls and floors may be any material. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the handiness skill, thermostats are unlocked. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Once heir reaches the top of the music or painting careers, radios are able to be purchased and used.

    Gen 2 Mini Challenge:
  • Make at least 1,000 simoleans by busking. +3 points

With Lindsey now a child we can get further on Francis’ aspiration as he wants to help with homework and have her max out a skill point. So before she heads off to school for the first day Francis sits down and does just that.

Belle heads across the street to see if she can get any money from busking. It’s a popular drink stand and she thinks it’s possible, but no one ends up coming by to listen.

Back inside Lindsey and Francis are doing more father/daughter things and playing some chess. Lindsey needs to play games of chess and get her mental skill up as we made her a whiz kid. That could end up changing though.

We have also noticed that Lindsey is already showing a little chub, and while that isn’t a problem to sims, she is also a scout and we want her to reach her fitness badge, so we have her go play on the monkey bars. It doesn’t always go well.

We then spy another scout and so she decides to go talk with him. He looks sad and part of her badges includes cheering people up and having school social interactions. She is able to cheer him up, but then he has to head home.

Before bed we get a bit of a jump start on the arts and crafts badge for scouts as well by drawing a picture. I believe we started with shapes. Then it is time for bed and she asks Francis to tuck her in.

Francis: Now you stay away you mean mean monsters, no scaring my little girl

*spritz spritz*

Francis, you know it’s possible she could befriend the monster

Francis: That may be, but she is squeamish and I doubt it will go well and would likely just upset her more.

Fair point Francis, spritz away.

The ghosts then come out, and Johnny is in a mood. He heads around to our toilets and bathtubs (I did end up getting a second one way out in a corner of the lot, I didn’t say anything limiting it to one each, just that it had to be outside) and breaks them all….two nights in a row.

Now it isn’t all bad, Johnny also talks with the plants, and replaces the wash water in the wash tub for our clothes. He even occasionally cleans up, but these two nights were horrible. He even knocked over the trashcan.

Francis and Belle are both good parents to Lindsey and even though we don’t see a ton of Belle interacting with her she is someone who is always there to talk to. Francis is the more day to day parent, however, due to his aspiration. Anytime Lindsey wants to play dolls, or chess, or anything else, he’s game.

Lindsey: Now let’s just take a listen Mr. Bear.

Lindsey: No no, you are doing just fine, and we will get you feeling better in no time.

When Lindsey heads off to school Belle and Francis decide to head to the park, hoping that Belle will be able to succeed at busking. I put a busking station there just in case, and sure enough, after a little bit of time the park starts filling up and people come to listen to Belle. Francis takes some time and fishes as well.

Lindsey’s next milestone was to read with an adult for a couple of hours. She had already done it for 1 hour, and after some fumbling around getting everyone on board Francis finishes up reading to her by the fire pit.

Belle, meanwhile, is working on her handiness skill by fixing the items that Johnny keeps breaking over night. We have not seen Kiana for quite a while, only Johnny.

Then it’s time for additional skilling all the way around. Johnny heads out to see if he can catch some new fish for the collection and move up that ladder, Belle works on her piano skill that she needs for work, and Lindsey handles some social building with Blarffy.

That night the monster wakes Lindsey up, and she attempts to make friends. It doesn’t work and both Francis and Belle are woken up to try and take care of it for her. We are able to get everyone back to bed without too much trouble.

I’m learning more about different auras and discovered Belle’s piano has an inspiring effect, her award is energizing, and all the little items Johnny left are focusing elements. We’ve been using the focusing elements a lot to help Lindsey with her homework and mental skills, but Lindsey also go the bug and started some art work…..as a math equation

Johnny is back and this night, minus breaking the one tub, is helpful. He replaces the water, talks to some plants, picks up the trash bin he knocked over, and clears out the trash. Lindsey is woken up, but happily this time, by the monster under her bed and is energized by making friends with it. She spends some time with her ghostly grandpa.

It’s the weekend so I don’t mind too much, but send her back to bed fairly quickly. She is also now up to a Griffon Scout and heads out for her scout meeting in a confident mood.

Belle is up to a level 7 in the musician career and has all the things she needs to progress, just needs more time. Francis is similarly waiting for his promotion to a level 5 in culinary. Belle is also about 1/2 way through maxing the painting skill, so maybe we’ll get lucky and she will max it out this generation. Lindsey is about 1/2 way through childhood, and I didn’t get a picture of it, but Francis is also now an adult. Belle has about a week left.

Post 2.05 | Rules | Post 2.07

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