DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 8

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Welcome back to the DeLacy Wishacy, where the last time we joined this family Charlie grew up into a a child wearing…interesting pj’s. Sheyna and Goodwin were trying to baby 3, but to no avail during the last update. So what has the family been up to then? Let’s find out.

The first things that Charlie wishes for upon growing up are ointments or potions, so we have his get to work on the alchemy table. He seems to do better than his father, but ultimately the potion blows up in his face all the same.

Sheyna is relaxing in the rocking chair, one of her favorite places when we notice her clothes have changed. I have not gotten the notice, but it is clear she is pregnant again. Both parents will be thrilled.

Goodwin is doing great at his job, I really should have started with a male sim. Poor Sheyna isn’t anywhere close finishing her lifetime wishes because she has spent so much time pregnant. I have vowed, even if they wish for it, this will be their last baby. Poor woman needs to become the fashion phenom she wants to be.

Regardless, Goodwin’s job keeps him busy and he’s rising through the ranks quickly. One this day he has to “save” a same from the fire. You can actually see the person he needs to save panicking in the background, in no way in danger of the small fire burning inside. Still, Goodwin breaks his way through to convince the guy to run and succeeds once again.

Both Goodwin and Sheyna are marvelous parents about 90% of the time. They almost always autonomously do things with their kids, or for their kids, and the rest of the time they wish for their kids. So both Lilly and Charlie are pretty doted on. Lilly even gets a bedtime story from mom.

Lilly: Charlie, you are still all singed and smell all burnt.

Charlie: Yeah, so? I was hungry

Lilly: But we have school today, do you want to show up all, all….gross?

Charlie: *shurgs* I’m a boy, not sure anyone will care.

Lilly: Well then can you go downstairs so I can eat without having to smell you??

The next day was Saturday and Lilly wanted to invite people over, actually she wanted to become best friends with Nick. They became good friends last update and she is wanting to take it further. So she is allowed to invite him and some other sims over. Her half-sister also shows up today, and the two of them start by working on some homework.

Charlie, one the other hand, had been wishing to learn writing and to take a writing course. Since it’s Saturday he’s allowed to ride his back to the writing course and leaves feeling very happy with his choices for the day.

Back at the house Nick has also come over, and we don’t recognize him at all. Nick has grown into a teenager. That’s ok because Lilly, amazingly enough will be a teenager the next day. She throws wishes to play dominos with Nick. So a domino table is bought and they sit down for a game.

Downstairs Sheyna is having a pillow fight with Charlie. I cannot remember which one of them wished for this, but it was a wish for sure. I believe Charlie wanted it.

Charlie also took a turn at the dominos board with a girl that was invited over with Nick and his dad. He really wanted to have a 4 person game, but the 4th person would never sit down, so we let it go. After some good domino games and a lot of fun, the kids sit at the table and have some juice before it’s time to say goodnight.

The next day is a very exciting day for the whole family. First, early in the morning Sheyna goes into labor. We will soon have our new little DeLacy.

We have a new little girl. Meet Rebecca DeLacy. From her coloring I’m going to say she takes after her daddy and will be a little vampiress.

Lilly was wanting to sleep in a “top bunk” so she took over Charlie’s bed for the night, and Charlie asked his dad for a bedtime story. It took a bit since Goodwin was upgrading the shower, but he was happy to oblige after the fact.

It was then birthday day. First to “grow up” was Boinky, who turned into a “live” toy after being played with by Lilly.

Then it was Lilly’s turn. I had meant to throw her a party and the household just got crazy enough and no one wished to throw one so it didn’t happen. Lilly wants to “attend a party” which was how I was going to get away with it, but regardless, she grew up well all the same.

A bit of a makeover was in order because while I don’t hate that hairstyle on some sims, it did not suit out little Lilly. This is much better.

After everyone was done blowing noise makers and cheering for Lilly’s birthday it was Lilly’s turn to cheer for her friend Boinky to grow up too. Boinky is going to be around a while I think. I do find it funny to watch Lilly doing things with an invisible “person” to everyone else and only when I select her do I see Boinky.

Sheyna finally upgraded the shower she was asked to upgrade and that night, with everyone home and a few small minutes of time on her hand she set out to return the shower. While there she chatted a bit before heading back home.

Lilly, bless her heart, appears to like to be neat. Even though it isn’t a trait she hold she is always wanting to clean. I keep hoping she will want to do laundry but so far, no such luck. Charlie even wished to buy Bonehilda, which was done, but no one has wanted to activate her, and she doesn’t do laundry anyway.

Regardless of all that, I moved the washer and dryer into the basement, hoping it would trigger some wishes, no such luck, but Lilly wished to repair the shower that had been broken all week. They kept moping up the puddles, but no one wished to fix it.

Lilly turns out to be a big help with little Rebecca too, and a quick glance at these two pictures, of mom and big sister dotting on little Rebecca you can really see Sheyna has been a good mom and taught Lilly well.

Charlie, not to be forgotten in all the chaos that seems to surround this family somedays, held a wish to right a novel since his writing class. So he diligently worked on one nearly ever day, almost any chance he could get. Turns out, he’s not half bad at sci-fi writing for a little kid.

Goodwin throws up wishes for his wife with a fair amount of consistency. He loves her deeply, and wishes for a kiss and stargazing together are accepted readily by Sheyna, who, even after her mid-life crisis, still loves her husband.

We will end this update with one additional birthday that happened during this play session. Little baby Rebecca is now a toddler.

I love that this little girl has her mom’s hair, and she is indeed a little vampiress. It will be interesting to see how the family does now with the children getting older. Lilly did manage to get an A in elementary school, and Charlie is at a B currently.

Rebecca rolled the traits of Loves the Outdoors and Couch Potato, which should make her interesting. So now we have one kids who always wants to be outside, Rebecca, and one who never wants to be outside, Charlie. Goodwin has gotten up to a level 8 Fireman, he just keeps succeeding. I hope Sheyna will now have time to focus on her career.

As one final little side note that I think is adorable, I got notice that prom is almost here. Lilly threw up two wishes right around this time. Ask Nick to Prom and Kiss Nick. Seems that little girl friendship really is blossoming. I’m making a note to try and remember to ask him to prom when I am back with this family next. We will see what happens.

Chapter 7 | Rules | Chapter 9

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