EPIC Tripp: Sound of Music – 2.07

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Generation 2: Sound of Music

  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the painting skill, walls and floors may be any material. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the handiness skill, thermostats are unlocked. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Once heir reaches the top of the music or painting careers, radios are able to be purchased and used.

    Gen 2 Mini Challenge:
  • Make at least 1,000 simoleans by busking. +3 points

With Lindsey getting the “Whiz Kid” aspiration she has to work on her metal skill as well as make some potions. I started to use the potion bench, then saw that there might be power related to it. I did ask about it and it was determined we would allow it, especially as it could be heated through flame from a candle or something.

Lindsey also spends time at the chess table downstairs. Sometimes she plays with her dad, other times she just practices by herself. Either way she is working her way up the metal skill track slowly but surely.

Belle, meanwhile, continues to work out in the garden keeping the hard work her mom put into it alive and well. She might not be as good a gardner as her mom (she is only level 7) but for Belle, being out there also helps keep her mom on her mind. Kiana even came out to hug her one night.

Even though Kiana was happy when she came out as a ghost, she quickly became sad, as Johnny typically does. I’m guessing this is due to the fact they are missing out on seeing little Lindsey grow up.

Knowing that Belle is going to need to have her music skills up higher to finish up her job she sets to completing the violin, which she does. She is even able to start writing songs now and I believe she has finished one.

I’m not sure either Belle or Francis is going to end up maxing out painting as both are only about 1/2 way through but they will keep plugging along and hoping.

Our sweet, squeamish little Lindsey decides to take out the trash, then make a mess. The problem is, as she begins to make a mess she starts getting grossed out, so then she cleans up the mess. Poor little mixed up child.

We are back to Monday, and Lindsey is needing to get an A to complete her aspiration. She has managed to max out her mental skill, fulfilling a task for both her and her father’s milestones. With both parents at work I wasn’t sure how that works with kids in this version of the game, but she was fine, and just worked on her science project outside.

By the time she is done her parents are home from work and so she goes in to talk to her dad while he makes some dinner. He is now in need of mixology levels and they do not have a bar. I will have to determine how I want to handle this going forward.

Lindsey goes to bed after scarfing down a little food as she is tired. She does do her homework, however, even though I didn’t take a picture of it and she is currently a B student. She is, however, at the point of breezing through her homework.

Belle: How as work today honey?

Francis: Fine, but I have to find a way to practice my drink mixing. They say I won’t get another promotion without it. How about you?

Belle: Fine, but I wish they would give me my promotion. I have everything they have asked for, but still won’t give it to me.

Kiana visits us again that night. This is only the second or third time she has come out and she always seems very happy to visit. Of course, she goes and breaks both bathtubs, but I’m getting used to that out of ghosts.

Belle is up the next morning feeling inspired, mostly due to the piano, but she is in a good mood, and so she paints. We have moved the easel down to be by the piano to allow for a faster painting skilling since they are typically inspired.

Francis gets the job of cleaning up after Kiana’s mess. I don’t mind when they come out, even if they break things cause they usually also help the plants, and Johnny tends to do laundry, which is very handy.

With Lindsey only needing to get an A in order to reach her aspiration, we go ahead and get her started on gaining more creativity. If we are lucky she might be able to max it as well. She only needs 3 more levels after this day, so it’s entirely possible. I believe she has about 4 days left before growing into a teen.

It is now Harvest Fest time again and after decorating the house I take out the gnomes. A couple of them are ready to be appeased again, a few of them are showing Halos and already dropping seeds all over again. This year we send each person to appease their gnomes, which they do without issue and then we throw them back into the family inventory. We’ll try again next year when I don’t mind seeds being everywhere again.

We did get a couple of new gnomes though, so that was good as well. I also, accidently, bought a new gnome, but that’s ok. Francis then gets started on the grand fest for dinner that night while Belle and Lindsey work on their own things.

Belle is about 1 day away from growing up into an adult, and it’s hard to believe where the time has gone on this generation. Lindsey is so close to reach her child aspiration and if she can get an A in high school she will fulfill much of Francis’ as well. Belle never got a promotion this time even though she did her daily tasks every day, has all the requirements, and typically left in a very good mood for work.

I am hoping she will get a promotion or two next play time because I really need her to max it out so she can get working on her aspiration. Francis is sort of stuck until I figure out what I want to do for him with mixology. He has books, but that only works so fast.

Post 2.06 | Rules | Post 2.08

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

2 thoughts on “EPIC Tripp: Sound of Music – 2.07”

  1. This whole promotion thing in TS4 seems rigged. Daily tasks AND skills AND leaving in a good mood and you STILL don’t get a promotion?

    Lol, poor Lindsey and her Squeamishness are too funny. Such a mixed-up child, and you give her such personality.


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