Latte Game – Generation 1.07

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Surviving twins has been no joke for the couple. Ukupanipo barely spent time at home, getting off work, making food then running to the ocean to sleep and get hydrated. I feel like I might need to move the family, but they are still broke. I see on the notice that Yuri and the twins are scheduled to grow up on the same day, and Yuri isn’t ready yet. So very very close. Nick is getting closer but I don’t know if he will make it.

After the twins were born I’m afraid I don’t have a ton of pictures for the family, all my time was spent managing and trying to get the toddlers ready to go. I have even greater respect for ISBI players to manage to get toddlers leveled up without controlling them. This was crazy. Anyway, the girls grew up, jumping out of their bassinets after another night of poor Kynzie being woken up by their constant back and forth needs.

Kynzie: Is it day or night, what year is it?

I have no idea what year it is, but I think….day maybe?

Kynzie: Where is Uku?

Sleeping in the ocean again. I sent him off after the 3rd time he was woken up by the twins. He still needs to work, we need money.

Kynzie: Where am I?

You are at home Kynzie….go lay back down.

I felt so bad for Nick and Yuri, they spent the last, let’s say 3 or 4 days of Yuri’s toddlerhood in the red and sad. No hygiene, didn’t have a free moment to bathe them, they were usually near starving, and attention deprived. But they are ALIVE!

Yuri needed two last thinking points at this point I think. Luckily his brother needed to play an instrument for a bunch of hours, so Kevin played and Yuri watched, for about 4 hours.

And then right before the end of Yuri’s birthday I got this notice….it must have only been the one.

Bless you Yuri, you are a wonderful child.

Yuri: You will rue the day I learned to think.


Yuri: I have been neglected for days. Dirty, Hungry, Loney….

I know, but they love you, they’ve just been busy, we are doing our best here!

Yuri: I had ONE book read to me, one bedtime story!

Yuri: This family will rue the day I grew up! *evil laugh*

Oh boy…let’s just move onto the twins shall we? They grew up, I am thrilled everyone is alive and still here, and the twins are now toddlers. Here is Zorah and Zophi, whom look almost identical.

We popped over to give Nick, Zophi, and Zorah make-overs and here are each of them.

Let’s start with Nick and in all his glorious independence. Still looks a lot like his brothers, but has his dad’s eyes. He’s such a little cutie

Then, I apparently didn’t note it down specifically, but I’m about 98% sure this is Zorah. Her clothes are almost all red (or have red in them) and she rolled the Charmer trait.

Zophi on the other hand is all in blues. I’m trying to give the kids more of a ‘color’ to wear so that I can help keep them seperate in my head. She is another Clingy child.

Next time, when they start to grow up, I’ll get better pictures. I didn’t realize I was still so far out. 😀

Ukupanipo puts in a rare appearance. I do promise he is around a whole lot more than it looks like he is. 🙂 He is getting Zophi started on her movement. I do love the slide and at least the kids can go up and down stairs if they have to after a couple of movement points.

Yuri: I love you brother, you are the only member of this family to not neglect me.

Hey…..your siblings all have suffered at times.

Yuri: *thinking face* you are right, but your my favorite Kevin!

Kevin: I love you too Yuri….

The twins “play” with the dollhouse for some imagination and Zorah decides to practice a different way.

Zophi: *thinking* no no no, must get away, mom will yell at us.

Zorah: *thinking* lalala, no one ever watches us, lalala, I can do whatever I want

The end of this day, and yes, just like me in real life, the family has left their decorations on the house since harvest fest. It’s almost winterfest now. We finally get Yuri to grow up from a toddler, and he is a top-notch toddler.

Yuri, if you hadn’t guessed already, rolled the Evil trait. He’s such a cutie, but I have rolled their traits as they are born so I can better hold an heir poll when I get there. Still two more babies to be born, but this feels like a good place to stop.

Yuri: Yeah, because I’m on fire!

That isn’t fire, it’s grow up sparkles.

Generation 1.06 | Rules | Generation 1.08

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