Latte Game – Generation 1.08

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Kynzie’s friend came over again and is not going to back home…again. Instead she decides to try and talk with Yuri while he is busy doing his homework, standing up.

Yuri: What, you expect me to take this sitting down?!

Relax kid, it’s homework, not plans to take over the world.

Yuri: Not yet maybe.

Yuri also received the child aspiration of artistic prodigy. I’m imagining maybe he will want to go into art forgery maybe? If he had been an ‘N’ name I could have named him Neil. Anyway, I digress. That means he must spend time, like his brother did, playing the instrument.

Yuri: Yes, screech for me!

Yuri, you do realize you can make “evil” sounding music that also sounds really good and cool and might get some people on your side….like a henchman.

Yuri: Oooh…

Minor keys at appropriate times is a good start, certain keys always give off that eerie vibe. Just keep practicing kid.

Yuri: Kev, you know it’s neglect that has us eating applesauce at like 5 AM right?

Kevin: What’s wrong with applesauce!?

Yuri: Our parents don’t give us real food!

Kevin: But it’s applesauce! It’s fruit, and that’s real food. They love us, they just have a lot of kids to watch over.

Nick got busy watching everyone. He will grow up into a child soon. That also means we should really get a head start on the last two babies. Sometime in here Ukupanipo had his adult birthday. It wasn’t forgotten specifically, but just wasn’t celebrated.

Potty training for the girls also begun in earnest. I’m not 100% sure these last 3 toddlers will max their skills, but we are going to try our best. Poor Kynzie is just stuck in her career too, not nearly enough time in the day.

The kids were all getting pretty grungy again, so Kynzie and Ukupanipo decided to give all 3 of them baths over time. Luckily we have 2 tubs so it didn’t take too long before the kids were happy and clean again.

Kynzie needed to head out to the Hijinks festival for work. She never gets to leave the house, and Ukupanipo was home for one of the few nights he’s been able to stay and so we pack Kynzie off to go take care of her job. She had to get focused and do mischief with 5 people. It wasn’t too hard.

Kynzie should be ready for another promotion soon, although she needs a few more followers first, but she is feeling a little more fulfilled again. I had never gone to a festival before this, and it was fun.

Meanwhile, back at home, Ukupanipo had made up some grilled potatoes and most of the kids sat down together to eat them. Nick was off working on watching I think.

Yuri’s evil-ness comes out in unexpected ways. Like how he takes a bath. Seriously, this wasn’t a one time thing. I caught him like this 2 or 3 times.

Yuri, that’s not how you take a bath. You’ll get water everywhere.

Yuri: So?

Your mom is neat freak, and it’s been hard enough on her with the mess you kids always make.

Yuri: Yeah, so?

Everyone else seems to handle bathing fine, it’s just Yuri. So not sure exactly what is happening here.

Meanwhile, one of the twins managed to actually get a bedtime story from her dad. This is fairly rare, most of the kids don’t get a lot of bedtime stories, but they do get read to at other times.

It was, of course, Monday, so school projects were brought home. Both boys set them up in the front yard to work on them, and worked carefully to finish them. I think Kevin needs to wrap his up, but Yuri completed his.

Because Kynzie had lost her fame status I decided to have her try and live stream playing a game. Never tried this before, didn’t know if it would work or if she would gain fans or what. I went through but I don’t think she got much out of it. I’ll have to figure out what to have her start doing to reach her goals.

It’s time to start working on the next nooboo, who will be baby “I” and we are going to cross our fingers that this baby will be only a single. At the moment, I’m pretty sure it will have to be as we have 7 sims in this house right now. I was really hoping to get all the kids under the same roof for the heir poll, but I guess Kevin will have to move out first. I’m concerned about Kynzie having time to have the last baby if we are waiting for that, but we’ll see what happens.

Generation 1.07 | Rules | Generation 1.09

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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