Welcome To Howlnet Asylum

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Welcome to Howlnet Asylum….ahem, I am sorry, I mean welcome to Howlnet Mental Hospital. Here we do our best to house and ignore….ahem….I am so sorry, I mean we house and care for many of the insane supernaturals of the world. Allow me to show you around our Asylum.

We were built in Appaloosa Plains, back before it became the hot spot it is now, thinking that the beautiful scenery and quiet town would allow for a place of healing. We were built on one of the hills surrounding the town at the end of a fairly long road. It does make for a bit of a trek into town, but as I said, the idea was provide quiet and respite, while still being in a close enough proximately to a town to get needed supplies.

Sadly, as the town grew, the desire to have our hospital anywhere nearby caused a lot of problems with the town and our budget keeps getting cut. We are hoping that by having one of our promising inmates successfully navigate his goals, and slowly integrate back into society they will be more accepting of keeping us open.

Let me start introducing you to the different inmates we have around here. We had 14 additional inmates of various lifestates here that have since passed on. They have been laid to rest in the backyard of the asylum, and some of the inmates say they still visit them. Of course, they are all insane, so who’s to really say.

This is Ferby Killian. He is our one genie, or at least the last genie still here. As with all of our inmates he is considered insane, has a hatred of the outdoors, and is very absent minded. He is also a wonderful sculptor, but sadly we had to get rid of anything that gave him the opportunity to sculpt, and he is evil.

Veronica Devalle is our resident witch. She, luckily, isn’t the strongest at her magic, so she doesn’t cause as much trouble as she could. She is also disciplined and a bit of a virtuoso.

Bert Kendall is our current Fairy in residence. As I mentioned before, all of our inmates appear to have a hatred of the outdoors, be very absent-minded and, of course, are insane. Bert, however, is also a social butterfly and a night owl. Sadly, he is also one the other inmates can find easy to pick on at times.

Vernon Fox here is one of our werewolves. Sadly, having werewolves in with everyone else can cause some issues when they turn, but we try and keep everyone as calm as possible. Vernon is another virtuoso and he loves to gather things.

We also have a female werewolf in residence. This is Luna Howells. She loves fish, and normally we try to keep the fish tank stocked for her to keep her angler side happy, but she is also a bit of an avant garde.

Here is Redd Cavazos. He is one of our two vampires in residence. Don’t worry we always keep the fridge stocked with plasma juices to help when they start feeling a bit peckish. He is also a disciplined man who loves books. The books keep him pretty quiet most of the time.

Here is our last supernatural patient, Vaynia Goothe. She is also a vampire and is our other evil patient. She also is uncannily lucky all the time. We aren’t always sure what to do with her.

Our final patient, who is the one we are placing most of our hopes on currently is Mr. Darwin Howland. He is the only human currently here at Howlnet, although we have housed others in the past. He is a supernatural skeptic, which is partially why he was sent to us, and a bit clumsy. He is also considered a nurturing loser who just happens to be insane.

He is getting a job in law enforcement and his goal is to become a chess legend. If he can accomplish this, and maintain good relations with the to and in his job, he will be allowed more freedom and may even be allowed to live on his own. Hopefully, he will also be proof that we are helping people here.

It has been a pleasure showing you around Howlnet and we hope you will check back with us soon to see how Darwin and all of the other inmates are doing.

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