Howlnet Asylum: Week 2 and possibly beyond.

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Ah, welcome back to the asylum….errr, to Howlnet Mental Hospital. Last week, Darwin, whom all our hopes are set managed to get up to logic level 5 but had not yet begun his trek through the ranked players. The rest of the inmates took care of themselves with mostly good results.

We start this update with Darwin. The other inmates have taken to occasionally breaking the bathtub, but Darwin is very good to get in there quickly to fix it.

Vernon has taken to the guitar, now that he has had a turn on it and has started spending quite a bit of time practicing and playing for the other inmates.

All of the uncontrollables show off their ability to take care of themselves frequently. It is rare that I need to have Darwin clean up messes. He needs to fix things, but cleaning is usually take care of by the others.

Darwin is constantly interrupted in his sleep by ghosts. It doesn’t matter what room I put him in, it seems the ghosts enjoy waking him up. In the other room, with only 2 beds it feels like it happens less frequently as the other bed is usually taken.

During the latest rash of ghost sightings, Ferbie got to know the aquanitence of one of the genies that died in the set up rounds of this asylum.

Luna makes me nervous by deciding to try and cook. I believe we still had food in the fridge, but no she wanted to cook all by herself. Luckily she, like all of the inmates so far, seems to be fairly good at keeping an eye on it. We’ve had burnt food but nothing else.

Ferbie appears to enjoy cleaning. He doesn’t have a neat trait, or anything that seems to point to liking to clean other than being a genie, perhaps, but he still spends time scrubbing everything in the kitchen.

Our resident witch, Veronica, continues to practice her magic and I have a feeling she’s getting pretty good at it. We better hurry up and figure out how to start getting to chess master before she is able to truly do damage around the house.

Vaynia, on the other hand, has caught the chess bug after playing with Darwin one night and sits at the chess table fairly frequently now.

After work one day, Darwin is allowed to visit the two places he is allowed to go outside of the asylum. He visits the bookshop and buys a few books, then visits the grocery store and buys some groceries.

Back at home, the music being played by our guitarists must be getting better. Bert and Ferbie take a dance break in the middle of their doing nothing, and I believe it was Veronica playing.

With new groceries in the house Bert decides to cook some waffles. He is not a good cook, as far as I know, but he manages to also not set the house on fire.

Darwin chooses, on the other hand, to spend the evening out in the snow building a snowman. He has a good time with building it alone, in the quiet of the night.

The social butterfly fairy, Burt, really must enjoy dancing, because after eating he ropes Vaynia into dancing with him to Veronica’s playing. It seems like many of the inmates are forming relationships.

The next time Vernon picks up the guitar I catch Veronica walking by making this face…

It seems she is none too happy about someone else playing “her” guitar.

Vaynia and Ferbie, our two evil sims started taking turns “scaring” Redd. They seriously did the sneak and scare action back and forth multiple times and laughed and laughed.

Darwin managed to catch himself a promotion in his law enforcement career. It would seem to me, if he’s stable enough to be doing law enforcement, and doing well enough to get promotions maybe he should be allowed out more, but what do I know.

The fish tank has actually fish in it now, and everyone is actually really good at feeding them and cleaning the tank. It’s been a good thing to have, because they all love to watch the fish and the bubbles as well.

The bathtub had broken again, so Darwin diligently went to clean it. He had built up enough handiness he decided to make it self-cleaning. He would still have to repair it if it broke but one less cleaning task would be nice.

That night was a zombie moon, and the werewolves had also turned. Our poor skeptic, Darwin, really gets freaked out everytime they turn. He also seems to be nervous eating across from one.

Veronica has decided to get herself stronger, I suppose maybe she needs to be to be a better conduit for her magics, but regardless of why, she tries out the workout bar. She lands on her behind frequently, but tries away.

Veronica became unroutable, apparently, as Naars gave me a message and the next thing I know Veronica was outside the gate. I have the main gate locked for anyone but residents, unless we are inviting someone over, then we unlock it for a bit and lock it back up afterwards, but zombie were sprouting around Veronica.

There ended up being three of them around her and they continued to try and “zombie attack” her and every time she laughed it off, or got scared but nothing else happened. At least it was that way for the first 5 or 6 times. I kept praying she would go inside, but suddenly this happened…

She got bit, and that was very sad to me because I didn’t want Veronica to die, I liked Veronica, but alas, she wouldn’t come inside. The very nice morning I noticed that Darwin couldn’t pay the bills, the mailbox was jacked up. So I read up about it and apparently this can happen, and I was going to likely need to reset the lot, which I did. Mailbox started working, but Veronica never had any repercussion about getting bit. Don’t know if this is normal after a reset, but I guess time will tell.

This feels like a good place to end this update, I’m not entirely sure where this is in terms of weeks as I have played through 4 1/2 weeks almost already, and I will bring more updates, but this will do for now.

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