DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 10

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So the last update I know was a little short, so I will try and explain a little more what happened when I didn’t take pictures for a bit. Not sure how I missed taking so many pictures, but here we are.

As the weekend is here all the DeLacy’s were able to sleep in as much as they wanted, and Lilly wanted to read a book. Since she had a challenge to read a high school book, that’s what she did.

Charlie had thrown a wish to learn how to drive, but so far we have not attempted this. I did, however, get a notice that Sheyna got a free vacation. I didn’t know what that meant until she and Goodwin just left and became unselectable for a bit.

Of course, Charlie instantly threw a wish to throw a “teen party.” Having never done this I was like sure thing. So he set it up to be late that evening and then he went and pulled the laundry out of the dryer. Bless that kid. So the appointed time came for the party and we invited Charlie’s romantic interest, Lilly’s romantic interest, Nick and another fellow I don’t remember the name of now.

Charlie danced with his romantic interest, and so did Lilly, though I missed a picture of this. Then both Charlie and Lilly wanted to talk to the other guests, and so it was. That was when we discovered this was happening inside.

That’s Charlie and Lilly’s romantics interests slow dancing together. Nothing more seemed to have come from this and the kids had an ok party. Lilly wanted to do laundry and so she started another load, which got nearly all the laundry on the lot done. YAY. I then received noticed Sheyna and Goodwin would be home soon.

The teens made sure that Rebecca had all she needed, you can see the floor is delightfully clothes free in this room. Charlie was a good older brother and played with Rebecca and got her food.

When Sheyna and Goodwin came home, however, Goodwin went over and scolded Lilly. She was grounded. The reason? Trashing the house!!!! Now this is hilarious. The house was a disaster before they left, the kids actually did laundry so the house was cleaner than when they left but ok. Charlie went to bed and felt like he almost gloated the fact Lilly is the one to get grounded even though she did nothing wrong.

The next morning, however, Charlie got grounded too, also for trashing the house so maybe Lilly rated him out about the party. Not realizing this meant he couldn’t leave the house I tried to have Charlie ask to learn to drive. Ooops, can’t do that while grounded, so he begged for forgiveness and got his dad to take him out. He’s almost through learning.

I feel like the laundry may have been stuck before. Suddenly everyone is wishing to do laundry all the time. Here is Lilly starting some laundry, Sheyna rolled a wish shortly after this. I did, just to verify it wasn’t glitched before, did direct someone to do laundry to make sure it worked (even without a wish) and I don’t know if that put it back into gear or not, but I’m glad for whatever it is.

I can say that officially all clothes are off the floor (minus maybe one or two from changing for bed) and the hampers are basically empty now. I’m so happy to not just have piles of clothes living everywhere.

The full moon came again and Goodwin and Charlie would not come home on their own from learning to drive. They stood by the lake, Goodwin freaking out, to the point where I thought it possible a kid could drive into the lake.

Nope, they were just starving, but refused to go home. Charlie instead sat down to brood. Since he hates the outdoors he was also miserable with a desire to go inside, and yet still they sat there. I finally forced them to come home so they didn’t starve out there, or freeze to death. The rest of the family was happily getting ready for Monday.

With Monday comes school and Charlie headed out to the bus, Lilly was making some waffles and without thinking about it I tried to send her to school. Sheyna then told her she was mad about it and grounded her from the computer. No big loss to Lilly, it’s broken and has been for a while.

I felt bad because Lilly wasn’t going to go to school on her own, I was the reason for it, so instead she met wishes in cleaning dishes, taking out the recycling, etc. It must have worked because she was able to go to work later that evening.

Sheyna, having Monday off, spent the time finishing up Rebecca’s potty training as well as teaching her to finish talking. Rebecca is all trained up and ready to grow up in the next few days with all her skills.

Lilly really is a very good big sister to Rebecca and always throws wishes to chat with her and snuggle her. I’m excited to see how Rebecca grows up. Sheyna now wishes for Rebecca to grow up well.

When Charlie got out of school that day she wished to go over to another classmates house and I said, OF COURSE!!! So he went off and when I checked on him later he was building an igloo. We then received notice that a field trip would be happening the next day.

When the kids woke up, Charlie missed the bus, or rather refused to head to the bus, but Lilly was on early. She went to school and I tried to send Charlie for quite a while before realizing Lilly was outside school building her own igloo. Turns out it was a snow day. Of course, then they both got notice that they had skipped school on field trip day.

Silly game!

Sheyna had a couple of additional work projects today, so she went out and diligently did her job. I still don’t feel like I understand what makes a look “fit” what they are looking for or not. I’m sure there is something that goes into that.

Rebecca is close to growing up now, and the family is getting ready for her to be a child, and that should leave plenty of time for Goodwin and Sheyna to focus on their careers. Goodwin is getting close to another promotion, which should put him at level 8. They are still a couple who are very very much in love.

Chapter 9 | Rules | Chapter 11

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2 thoughts on “DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 10”

  1. I have to laugh at their love interests dancing together. At least somebody had fun during the party!

    I wonder if having the clean laundry moodlet makes sims want to do laundry? πŸ€”

    Lol, Sheyna grounding Lilly from the broken computer. πŸ˜† Bet Lilly rolled her eyes at that one.

    Sending out a school bus during a snow day? Silly game. Wonder if the field trip is what messed things up there.


    1. I wondered if the field trip messed it up too Heather. The Sims always have had some weirdness, but that was pretty weird. πŸ˜€ The grounding from the computer made me laugh. If Lilly didn’t, I rolled my eyes for her. πŸ˜€

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