Latte Game – Generation 1.10

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Hello and welcome back to our name game with the Latte family. I got brave enough to try and play them again after some of the updates done for the game, and getting myself a mod that fixed a couple of things, like quick meals for kids. To start and to help us all remember what the crazy is like around here, here is a fun family picture:

So you have Zophi being held by Kevin. Beside them is Nick, and then Kynzie, who is holding Isla. Yuri is next and then finally Zorah is being held by her dad Ukapanipo. Zophi and Zorah are twins, and will be growing up to kids soon. Yuri is very close to becoming a teen.

Now, I will give fair warning. Most of these pictures are accurate, but I had an inidencent when playing where I was absolutely sure I saved, but I ended up having to play a couple of days again. For the most part, all major events happened basically the same, but if you see some contradictory photos, that would be why.

We start our update with little Isla. The youngest, so far, daughter of Kynzie and Uku, she is working on her skills. Life hasn’t been the easiest for Isla. She’s been relatively ignored in terms of learning her skills because we’ve been chasing around the twins, but she plays quietly on her own with her blocks.

Yuri decided to start going through a stage…

Yuri: I’m a bear! Fear me!

Yuri, you are a rather cute bear with grapes on your belly

Yuri: So? No one will know it’s me as I wreak havoc on the world!

Don’t you think it’s possible they might know it’s you, since you are the only one wearing a purple bear outfit?

Yuri: You will learn to question me….haha!

We’re just going to head back to your sister now.

Isla is so close to have a level of her creativity skill done, so to get some fun in her life she plays with a toy. I need to figure out good ways to have kids and teens have fun. There are very few things that offer fun in the house currently.

Yuri: Hey! I did a thing!

I’m sorry, what was that Yuri? I was just about to go check on your other siblings.

Yuri: I said, I did a thing. Don’t you like to know when we accomplish things?

Oh, well yes….very good Yuri!

Yuri: Whatever, I just figured you’d want to know I’m another step closer to taking over the world.

Isla takes a break from playing with the toys inside and heads out to play with the dollhouse with Zorah. The twins only have a couple more skills needed and imagination and thinking I believe are the ones Zorah needs.

Since it has been the Isla show, with some Yuri thrown in this update, let’s check on some of the other kids. Nick if our first non-creativity aspiration minded child. He is going for the Mental skill.

Nick: Ok, and if I put this over here, and mix this…..

Hi Nick!

Nick: *JUMPS* Oh, hi. I’m mixing potions, so please don’t startle me!

I see that! Very sorry to have possibly ruined your potions. Discover anything interesting?

Nick: Well I have health potions and emotion potions, so I guess?

Nick! Nick! Are you ok?

Nick: Ugh…..I think so…..not sure that was the best result.

Please be careful! I don’t want to lose any of you kids.

Nick: You sure I couldn’t feed that to Yuri?


Ukupanipo has been able to spend more and more time at home lately. We are managing him better and he’s doing decently well at work. He needs some more logic skills, but this night he’s spending time talking with Kevin and Yuri, while Zophi watches them, and Zorah busies herself with a book.

To help little Zophi with her imagination skill Kynzie comes out and plays toys with her. The interactions with the dollhouse are adorable to me.

I realized I have still technically never shown you Kevin’s tail. He gets set out to the ocean most days after school to gain some fun and hydration before heading back to do homework. Although occasionally he will take out a small boat and get stuck.

Realizing that I don’t have to wait to get started on Kevin’s aspiration and desire to be a freelance botanist, even though he’s still a teen I have him plant some new plants. He wants to water or weed them, but it keeps raining for a few days after.

Zorah is still working on skills I believe, or maybe at this point she has reached her skills and is simply doing something fun in reading a book.

Kevin, of course, brings home the first high school project. This is one I have never seen before. He had to build a bridge. I THINK at some point Nick came out and actually helped him with this, but I could be wrong.

It was then, the highly anticipated, exciting day. The twins had gotten all of their skills. Finishing up the last little bits right before their birthday. Now, however, it’s time!

First up is Zorah, and she grows up into a very cute little girl with the Top-Notch Toddler trait and decides to try for the Social Butterfly aspiration. You can see Zophi looking on in the background

It takes a bit of trying to get someone to bring Zophi to the cake but eventually she makes it and the candles are blown out. It’s about this time we will start to see this family get a little less healthy with all the cake they will be eating

I’m not sure why everyone looks so sad in this family. They are all very happy the twins grew up, they are doing well, but I think it’s because they hadn’t had much “fun” as of late, are tired, and most of them want a bath.

There is only 1 toddler left in this house, but there is also one more baby to go. Kynzie and Ukupanipo have both received and drank a potion of youth so they have plenty of time for the new baby to grow up. This feels like a great place to end this update we will get a look at the twins makeover night time.

Generation 1.09 | Rules | Generation 1.11

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