Latte Game – Heir Poll

Generation 1.13 | Rules | Generation 1.14

Well, we have made it. Hopefully you are fully caught up on the craziness that is the Latte Family Name Game challenge. If not, I would encourage you check out at least the last couple of updates.

Just like with the ISBI heir poll that is also currently happening I will set up an poll here as well as over at and you can vote in either, or both if you are feeling extra strongly about your choice. I will leave it up for about the same amount of time as well, so get to voting.

Here are the options for this generation.

Kevin was our first baby born to Kynzie and Ukupanipo. He did well in school, getting straight A’s. He has gotten a couple of gardening skills already, and while he has moved out currently, I can move him back as he is marked as playable still. He didn’t end up with any of the character value traits, but he is creatively gifted.

We just watched Yuri grow up into a YA during the last update. He has been a fun sim to write for, being Evil. He has a pretty easy aspiration/job request that will get the family some much needed money if chosen, but hating children might put a damper on his desire to have kids. He did end up with responsible as a character value. He also got straight A’s in school.

Nick is on of my favorite kids. He has a more unique genetic look then some of his other siblings, and he is an interesting mix of things. I love the fact he rolled to be erratic with being an investor and mansion barron. It feels fitting someone like that would be erratic. He is a teen for a few more days, and we are trying to get him up to an A in high school, so he gets A’s as well. I know he’s close to getting some character traits (positive) but cannot remember which ones specifically.

Zorah is next, she is one of the twins Kynzie had for the ‘z’ baby. She is an interesting combo of things, and I don’t know how much I want to do Beach Life again, but it was fairly easy and I have never done the comedian job before, so that could be fun. I also think she is an interesting mix of her parents. She did manage an A in elementary school, he is at a B in high school currently.

Zophi is the other twin had by Kynzie. She is probably one of my favorite sims. I have never done her aspiration, and she is at least family oriented and would be happy to have many kids. She also would take out some nice letters. She only managed a B in elementary school (she kind of got lost in the crazy) so is sitting with a C in high school currently.

The next to last girl, and child in this family is Isla. She is also one of my favorites for this family. I think she is adorable, has a fun aspiration I haven’t tried before, an interesting mix of traits, and would bring some pretty babies into the mix I think. She has an A in elementary school and will be growing up soon into a teen. She managed to finish her childhood aspiration. She should have 1 or 2 character traits by the time she is through teenage hood.

Finally we have the newest member of the family, Ember. We do not know much about Ember yet, as she hasn’t been a toddler for ever a full day yet, but her traits are interesting. I’m not sure I want to deal with an unflirty sim being the heir to a name game, but her aspiration and job would make her interesting to play, but also give the family money.

Really I wouldn’t hate any of these kids, but I have at least let you know my favorites and the rest is up to you. Enjoy voting!!!

Generation 1.13 | Rules | Generation 1.14

2 thoughts on “Latte Game – Heir Poll

    1. I know, I LOVED Isla. She was who I originally wanted to be heir! Zophi has been a lot of fun though too, so I’m happy, and I have saved all the kids as soon as they turned YA, so I’ll probably use Isla sometime.

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