Latte Game – Generation 1.14

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Hi all, and welcome back to the Latte’s and the Name Game we are doing here. This family has been crazy, and the last time you got an heir poll to see who would end up being the next name we used. The results are in and who is next on our list?

Baby K?

Baby Y?

Baby N?

Baby Z-1?

Baby Z-2?

Baby I?

Baby E?




Zophie! You are our next heir!

Zophie: Huh? What’s going on?

I said you are our next heir for the Name Game.

Zophie: Oh, cool.

So the point break down made it pretty clear Zophie was the favorite by a long shot, but here is the breakdown of the votes:

Zophie: 6 votes
Zorah: 2 votes
Kevin: 1 vote
Yuri: 1 vote
Isla: 1 vote
Nick: 0 votes
Ember: 0 votes

I’m excited for Zophie to be the hair as her looks are very striking and I’m excited to see what he kids look like and see what names I can come up with. Now that the heir poll is complete, Yuri heads off to live his own life. Both Yuri and Kevin have been uploaded to the gallery and you can find them searching #ciyrosesims.

The family with miss Yuri and his painting skill, but it’s time for him to be on his own. We came back to the house and found a fun little glitch. Ukupanipo is standing on the table and couldn’t get down.

Zorah was doing a workout with the TV.

Zophi was upstairs with little Ember. She has started watching and trying to get started on her thinking skills. She just became a toddler and has plenty of time.

Zophi, of her own accord, took Ember into their parents room and started reading her a story. She is going to be a good mom, I’m glad she won the poll.

Kynzie is still trying to build up her followers, so when she hears the flea market is in town she invites many of the kids, include Yuri and Kevin to meet her there, and that way she can shout out to the location.

Isla got to come along and seems super happy to see her oldest two brothers again. She has always been pretty close with her brothers. I was rooting a little for Isla, she’s just adorable.

Back at home, the oldest three kids still left in the house have a meal together. This family has had their ups and downs, and while they are still struggling with money things are generally looking up.

Kynzie is still around, of course, and gets started with potty training Ember. I haven’t worked her probably as hard as the other kids, so we will see how she does from here.

Isla is our little social butterfly. She is always wanting to chat with people, and takes to chatting on the computer when Kynzie doesn’t need it for work.

I should have had Isla join the drama club like her sisters, but oh well. Zorah and Zophi haven’t really dedicated themselves, but I have Zorah work her lines a bit.

Ukupanipo is a good day, and this entry we have pictures to prove it. Here he is reading Ember to sleep. He does love his youngest and has probably been able to spend more time with her than most of the other kids. At least individually.

We received our notice that it was Isla’s birthday. She had reached an A in school a while ago and is ready to grow up, so a cake was baked and Isla came to blow out the candles.

As you can see, even Kevin came by, which made Isla very happy. Here is a look of her after her make-over. She got the cat lover trait and got the Master Actress aspiration.

She gets started on learning some acting skills early. It was about here that I realized my slip in not having her in drama club, but it’s ok. She can learn it on her own.

The kids came home with their school projects and some of them get started on them that evening,m and others get them done the next day. Zorah started hers a little early.

A bit of a collage of Kynzie being a good mom, helping with skills or projects and trying to spend time with her kids.

Almost all of the members of the family sit down for a meal together for the first time in a while. It is almost winterfest and the family is looking forward to celebrating.

Happy Winterfest from the Latte’s! It’s present time!

A grand meal is created and enjoyed by everyone in the family. This is actually one of the few pictures of all of the family together.

Ember finally tracks down Santa to ask for a gift, which he gladly gives her. She is a cutie pie, and I’m interested to see what she looks like as a child.

Zophie, in a rage, and during a mood swing I believe, decides to destroy the dollhouse. She will have to fix that soon since Ember still needs that to learn her skills.

I know this is a bit of a shorter update, but I’m going to call it good there, for now, and we will say goodbye to the Latte’s. The next update will likely be the last for Kynzie’s generation as Zophi will likely be a young adult and ready to take on the next set of letters.

Generation 1.13 | Rules | Generation 1.15

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