Latte Game – Generation 2.01

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Welcome back! I hope you are ready for more Latte’s. Last time we have our heir, Zophi grow up into a YA and it is now time for her to take over the “growing” of the family in alphabet letters.

So, the first thing we need to do is find a good spouse for Zophi. We want someone who will bring in some interesting genetics, so Zophi heads out to a community lot.

While she hangs out to see if any young adult males walk by or come in, I’m scouring the streets, we see a very familiar face to the simming world. It’s sort of funny to me to she her pregnant.

There are a ton of YA females running around this place, but no men. Finally we spot a guy who might work and have Zophi run out to talk with him. Turns out, he’s married.

Time to try a new spot. Similar circumstance here too. Lots of female YA’s, not really any males. Has the game forgotten to create any? I do see one male, but he is very boring, and while I might have to become less picky, I want some genetic differences here.

It’s getting late enough we will try one more spot. A bar over in, I cannot remember. A couple of young adult males show up, but they are her brothers. First Nick and then Yuri were there.

Right before we think this might be all a bust we see this man a little further down the road walking up to the bar. He has an interesting face, might be a vampire, I cannot tell. Certainly would be different though. Zophi goes and talks for a bit, but then he just leaves before she can learn much about him.

We send Zophi home, hoping for better luck the next time she heads out. For now we will focus on the other members of the family. Ukupanipo is working on his handiness for his aspiration. We are down to needing a rocket ship now, but they have no room to have one of those, nor do they have the money for one.

Kyznie, on the other hand is starting to do really well. She is gaining followers left and right and is her way to being a 3 star celebrity. I would love to get her video equipment, but again, money and space are a bit issue. I keep hoping I’ll be able to get them a new house someday.

The next level of Kynzie aspiration is to hold a meet and greet and we think, why not?! Maybe some young adult males will show up and we can get Zophi a date. So one is planned and the family gets to come.

The event was a great success, Kynize signed autographs, got to sit down and talk with friends and family, and the family got to catch up with members who have moved out recently. It was a gold event in no time.

No young adult males were there, but there was an adult male, Zophi and he hit it off great. I was thinking, ok, we might have found the guy, but then….turns out he’s married.

Isla is still around, even though she hasn’t shown up much in this round. She is still working on her acting skills, trying to get some of the aspiration milestones under her belt early, and doing her homework. She now has an A in high school.

I finally go through all the gifts and things that were given to the family over the last holidays and birthdays and decide to try out Kynzie’s tea brewer. It’s kind of fun, but I don’t really know much about it yet.

Zorah comes by to visit the family and Zophi and her catch up on her hunt for a husband.

Zorah: Well have you gone to bars? I hear they are good places to meet people

Zophi: Yes, multiple bars actually. *turns towards me* I mean, we have a watcher remember?

Down the road I spy a young adult male at the food stand. Who would have thought one might walk right onto our road? So I send Zophi down.

Sorry Zorah! Zophi’s on a mission!

Sigh, another married man. I’m wondering if all the YA’s are just already paired up. Since she’s right next to the local bar, I go ahead and send her over. Wouldn’t you know, a young adult, male, bar tender.

Could it be? Wouldn’t it be sweet if in the same bar where Ukupanipo started out as a bar tender before we met Kynzie, that Zophi would find Mr Right? She starts to get to know him, Evil….hmmm….well not the end of the world. Further conversation in though, and Mean…..*sigh* If we have to, we’ll go with him, but I keep hoping to find someone nicer.

Apparently I managed to get no pictures of this, but Kynzie needed to go to a hot spot, so she took Zophi with her. While there a paparazzi started down the walkway. He was young adult, male, interesting look. Zophi ran out to great him. They talked, chatted, he was single, a goofball, and self-absorbed. Not the worst combo. Then he had to go, but they were already friends. So it was decided they would have a date.

The couple heads to a little cafe for their date. While the date was going great, this guy wouldn’t leave.

Zophi: *in her head to me* Can you not make this guy leave?

Sorry, I don’t have control over him.

Zophi: It has been very nice talking with you, but I’m going to focus on my date now.

Unknown guy: Oh yeah, sure, go ahead. I was just leaving anyway

The date continued to progress and it seemed like they were hitting it off really well. We learned he is also a Kleptomaniac, which will add a different element.

Zophi: Are you sure?

Yes, he’s ready, you are ready, go for it?

Zophi: So this is for real?

Go for it Zoph!

Their romantic relationship isn’t building up super fast, but they are becoming good friends and headed into Lovebird status. Yes, we found our match!

Right after that first kiss was done, Harvey (that’s his name) did this autonomously. So cute!

The date ends and it was super successful. We will be heading back out on another date soon, but for now it’s time for Zophi to head home. It’s back home where I see this sweet sight. Kynzie loves her girls.

Ember is working on getting her A in elementary school. I haven’t spent any time focusing on her aspiration. She has sadly become a bit of the forgotten child.

Zophi takes some time, now that she has a guy in mind, studying mixology to get a good start on her job the next day. I’m ready to get her another date, but I also need to focus on some of the other members for a bit.

With that we are going to call it the end of this update. Zophi has at least found someone to date and hopefully in the next update we can get them further into their relationship. I’m going to need to redo the house, or move the family here very soon, however, if we are going to have space for the next generation.

Generation 1.15 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.02

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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