EPIC Tripp: Let There Be Light – 3.01

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Welcome back to our EPIC and to the start of Gen 3. If you have been following along up until now, then welcome back. If you have just found us then welcome, but you may wish to check out the previous 2 generations, the Garden of Eden and the Sound of Music generations, to catch up on what has happened so far. Let’s look at our goals for this generation.

Generation 3: Let There Be Light

  • Your heir(ess) has a choice between the Science career and becoming a self-employed Archaeologist.
  • Only the archaeologist is allowed to travel to Selvadorada and only for work-related purposes, until reaching level 10 archaeology.
  • Cannot take assignments by mail until reaching level 10 archaeology.
  • Spouse may work in the field the heir did not choose, or any other previously unlocked profession.
  • When the heir(ess) reaches the top of the archaeology or science career, the light bulb is invented and lights can now be placed. Phones may also be used, as well as telescopes and microscopes;
  • Sims may now use planes to travel to foreign lands;
  • Indoor plumbing has been invented, so dishwashers, toilets and showers may now be placed indoors;
  • Dryers of any quality may now be purchased, and you may now replace the cheap washer with an expensive one.

    Gen 3 Mini Challenge
    Choose one:
  • Discover all potions and inventions during this generation (scientist). +3 points
  • Discover all relics and assemble all totems (archaeologist). +3 points

As was mentioned previously, Lindsey is going to become a part of the of the archeology “career.” So once she has had her birthday off she goes to Selvadorada to get started. She initially arrives and having picking a place to stay she stops by the bar, that also has the markets.

In a dream she had on the way, she lost her machete right away and became poisoned and died in the middle of the temple while trying to solve the puzzles.

(Just as a side note, she didn’t die in the picture above, but I did have to restart her jungle adventure.)

After chatting up some locals she decides to head to the jungle with the provisions given to her at the start. (I know, bad idea, but I didn’t know.) She cleared the first path, and unlike in her dream, didn’t lose it right away.

She was able to dig up some dirt piles, but being nervous about what the dream warned her about, she did not continue very far into the jungle.

Instead, she headed back to the markets so she could stock up on additional supplies that should make it easier and safer for her to get through the jungle.

She was meeting many locals and instead of traveling back out into the jungle that day, decided to try and uncover the things she had located during the trip she took.

Some marvelous finds had been had and she went to bed that night excited to get to the temple the next day. Which she did, in fact, do. After finding a pool, she traversed a slightly different path, and even found a skeleton “caretaker”.

From back at home we received some very exciting news from Belle. This means, we can have radios now! YAY

That evening Lindsey spent time talking with the locals, and really hit it off with this gentleman.

They even did some star gazing together. He is another blonde, and would bring in some interesting new genetics, but I don’t know yet.

After a while, Lindsey and our “mystery gentleman” just hung out with others at the bar that evening. There were many people around Selvadorada, and many of them young adults.

It was time for Lindsey to head home, however, but she uncovered many things to work on her archeology skill with back at home. Now that they had radios, Francis was dancing and Belle was able to make progress on her aspiration.

Lindsey diligently works on uncovering the different artifacts she brought home with her. I believe she is already up to a level 4 or 5 in archeology already, having studied the books when she was younger.

Kiana pays us a visit, and decides to try her hand at the piano. She heard her daughter practicing for years, but she cannot make it give her the same sounds.

Kiana: She has a gift, my daughter.

Yes, she does, but she also practiced very hard.

After uncovering all the different artifacts she brought home Lindsey decides to give word working a shot. We still haven’t maxed painting or handiness in order to change the walls, or get a thermostat.

Belle continues to work on painting, and while she is at a level 8, I believe I’m going to have Lindsey’s husband join the paining career, so they should be able to get it done this generation.

It was time for Lindsey to head back to Selvadorada. She continued to learn about the culture, having maxed that out this trip, and while at the market, met additional locals.

This is Ferdinando and all traveling through the jungle was lost once Lindsey met him. The spent the entire day together. Cloud watching, star gazing, chatting and getting to know each other.

Knowing her trip was short, Lindsey went for it…..

Both of them had to head back to their homes for the night, but Lindsey felt like she floated back to her rental. Hoping she would see him tomorrow, and sure enough, at the bar the next morning, although he wasn’t in his hat, was Ferdinando.

She invited him back to her place where they had a swim, and a little more fun throughout the day.

Lindsey had to leave the next day, it was a short trip, and while no archeology was done, although she did dig up some new fossils, she was hoping to leave with more than she came. So after spending the morning together……

It is a yes!

Plans were quickly made to have Ferdinando come out to Oasis Springs, where he could meet her parents, and they could get married and have a life together. She couldn’t wait to get home, where things were very similar to how she left them.

But she was rushing home for a reason. It was a very important day and Lindsey didn’t want to miss out.

Happy Birthday my lovely Belle. I cannot believe you are an elder now, and Francis, who was much older than Belle initially, is nearing the end of his life. Will he live long enough to meet his son in law? Will Lindsey get back to Selvadorada to finish up her archeology tasks?

These are questions that I think will need to happen next update. So I hope you enjoyed this update, and will join us again soon as we work towards having light blubs, and indoor plumbing….I’m so excited!

Wrap 2 | Rules | Post 3.02

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