EPIC Tripp: Let There Be Light – 3.02

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Welcome back to the Tripp family and our EPIC. We are currently in Generation 3, the Let There Be Light generation and I am so excited to get to having light bulbs and indoor plumbing.

Generation 3: Let There Be Light

  • Your heir(ess) has a choice between the Science career and becoming a self-employed Archaeologist.
  • Only the archaeologist is allowed to travel to Selvadorada and only for work-related purposes, until reaching level 10 archaeology.
  • Cannot take assignments by mail until reaching level 10 archaeology.
  • Spouse may work in the field the heir did not choose, or any other previously unlocked profession.
  • When the heir(ess) reaches the top of the archaeology or science career, the light bulb is invented and lights can now be placed. Phones may also be used, as well as telescopes and microscopes;
  • Sims may now use planes to travel to foreign lands;
  • Indoor plumbing has been invented, so dishwashers, toilets and showers may now be placed indoors;
  • Dryers of any quality may now be purchased, and you may now replace the cheap washer with an expensive one.

    Gen 3 Mini Challenge
    Choose one:
  • Discover all potions and inventions during this generation (scientist). +3 points
  • Discover all relics and assemble all totems (archaeologist). +3 points

As Ferdinando and Lindsey has planned Ferdinando showed up late one night, Belle and Francis were already in bed, but Lindsey invited him in and up to bed for the night.

They didn’t think of anything else but being with each other that night, and they would introduce him the next day.

Johnny spied them heading up though, but he just danced the night away, after breaking the plumbing.

As dawn started to rise, he went out to do some tree trimming.

It was then time to start to get to know his grandson-in-law to be. So he and Ferdinando talked. In Ferdinando was surprised to see a ghost, he didn’t show it.

Maybe he was nervous and just wanted to make a good impression on his soon to be in-laws, or maybe he just really likes to clean, but Ferdinano did the laundry.

A family meal was had, which Belle got up from to start playing some music.

And why might she have started playing the piano you might ask?

Belle: She is going to be married.

Yes, it was time for a wedding. Do you like your son-in-law?

Belle: He is good for Lindsey. I think he will do just fine.

Francis: *sniff sniff* My baby girl…..

Lindsey is then feeling sick, and knows what that probably means. When he arrived, their tryst meant the challenge continues. She ate some strawberries as her mom told her, who of course, learned from our sage, Kiana.

Kiana: I sense a new baby, a little girl, is on it’s way.

Well, again, we can’t be sure it’s going to be…..you know what, nevermind, yep, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Kiana: *nods* Yes, then place needs my help again. They should have a clean house to bring a baby into.

The next day goes by very normally and uneventfully, expect the reminder that Francis time is almost up. Still, a meal was had together.

Belle mentored Lindsey on the piano, and actually completed her aspiration. Her new one is to be fabulously wealthy.

Frances and Lindsey talk while Lindsey tries her hand at painting.

We also give Ferdinando a bit of a make-over. His last name is Nunez, and he is an Insider, Creative, Child of the Islands, and gets the aspiration Painter Extraordinaire, and a career in painting.

The next day is going to be HarvestFest, and Francis last holiday more than likely, so Belle and Francis spend some quality time together that night, reminiscing and strengthening their love.

Ferdinando starts working on paintings. He needs to max this skill, and thus this career so we can change these walls!

With HarvestFest comes the new gnomes. I check on if they are fixed or not, I bring the old gnomes out of inventory. They are, luckily, all still appeased from before, and Francis heads to appease one of the new bunny types.

Then the gnomes all disappear, and when I search for them, I find them gathered around Francis’ bed. Is this a gnome send off?

Francis tasks Lindsey to make the grand meal for the day, and while sitting at the table giving tips and pointers, the gnomes appear again, gathering around the place that Francis spent the most time, his kitchen.

It causes Lindsey to have all kind of fun getting to the stove, but she weaves through them and gets there. The family, and the gnomes, celebrate HarvestFest.

Lindsey talks to her dad and about the baby, and he gets to feel the new little one kick before heading out to tend to the garden.

It’s in the garden that we hear it’s the end. Lindsey and Belle are both sleeping, but Ferdinando comes down to mourn the man he just met, but who raised his beautiful, confident wife and who will never meet his grand-baby while alive.

The gnomes, apparently sensing it was done, gather around Belle, seeming to dim their halos just a bit.

Belle heads down to her husbands grave, and strengthens his connection to this world, hoping she will see him again soon. She also spend a little time talking with her mom and dad too.

Johnny arrives just as some of the worst of the grief hits Belle, and offers her his unwavering support and love.

The night passes quietly, HarvestFest was a success, but also very sad. The family will miss Francis, and while he didn’t manage to max his career, or max out any skills, or complete his aspiration, he will still be missed, but the family that loved him.

Where life ends though, there is always a beginning as well. Lindsey starts putting away laundry the next day and feels the first pangs of a contraction.

She heads upstairs, where we have moved the bassinet into Ferdinando and Lindsey’s room, and after a little while, baby cries are heard. It’s a new little girl, thank you Kiana, Lara.

Belle, out working in the garden, hears the cries and knows everything for her family will be ok. They will continue to move forward.

Though she normally would play her feelings, the idea of picking up the violin, or playing the piano is too much for Belle, so instead she paints.

It’s a lonely painting, but the family won’t be able to mourn forever. With little Lara here, Lindsey will have to make time to head back to Selvadorada soon if she hopes to finish her goals, and she will need Ferdinando and Belle to help with Lara.

Post 3.01 | Rules | Post 3.03

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