Latte Game – Generation 2.04

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We have another fun update for the Latte’s today. So let’s get into what is going on with the family. To start, Zophi got home the day of her sister and mom’s birthday’s to a promotion!

As everyone was starting to get ready for bed Isla made an appearance and Ember went and let her in. It’s funny, only a few people use the front door, almost everyone comes to the side entrance. They share a secret handshake, which I had never seen before. SO CUTE!

Ember is super tired though, so Isla tucks her into bed. I love this sisterly love. All the sisters are super sweet with each other, I love it.

Speaking of which, the next day Isla calls up Zophi and asks her to head to a lounge with her. Zophi says yes, and get a chance to practice her drink mixing, which will help with another promotion.

After Zophi returns from her outing with Isla, Zorah calls her their mom to see if she wants to visit her new apartment. Of course she does!

Once Kynzie gets home it’s time from Ember to start on her school project and Kynzie sits down to help her with it. Kynzie has always been a good mom.

Nick came by for another visit and hung around for a bit, but most of the family was otherwise engaged in things.

Zophi and Harvey decide it’s time to start on the next generation. She might only need 5 kids vs the 6 her mom needed, but multiples could still throw that off.

It was a success. A new little Latte is on his or her way. This will be a new baby Z.

This was Harvey’s face when Zophi told him the new that he was going to be a dad. I love this family.

The family heads over to Kevin’s for a visit, but they all just stand around in the hallway for a bit and then leave. Go figured.

I did Zophi, Zorah and Nick talking down by some signs at one point, but they dispersed pretty quickly.

Harvey is starting to make his way up the corporate ladder. A bunch more of those Harvey and you might reach your aspiration and get us into that beach house. The family at least now, consistently, has the money to pay their bills and not go broke.

Kynzie is needing people to ask her for a selfie, so when Zophi asks her to go to some event at a bar, she takes the chance. The paparazzi are there of course and Kynzie “deals” with them.

Then Kynzie tries to go in and enjoy her time with her daughter. I remember why they are here, it was alien night, and so Kynzie meets some aliens.

After Zorah leaves for the night Kynzie spends some time talking with some fans, and she even gets asked for another autograph. Still no selfies though.

Zorah stops by the next day and we have to wonder if living in that big apartment is actually a good idea for her. Digging through the trash of all things.

She doesn’t get caught by Zophi when she heads outside, but Zorah gets a shock. Apparently Kynzie didn’t tell her about the pregnancy. Either that, or she’s just surprised how big Zophi already is!

So Kynzie got the leaked phone fame quirk….lucky her. One of the messages that came in was from Lilith…….let’s avoid her from now on.

Ember meets a friend and he comes home with her afterwards. They play dolls for a bit, but he is very sad. Maybe it’s because his name is Baby Goth…..yes, really, that is his actual name.

After playing with him, Ember heads upstairs to finish up the final picture she needs to do for her aspiration. So close, just needs to finish the last little bit now. Baby follows her and they “talk” like this…..through the wall.

No matter that any of them moved out. There is almost no day that goes by without at least one of the kids stopping by, this day it’s Isla, who helps herself to the computer and some food.

Kynzie decides to make an outing with the family happen and maybe get asked for selfie, so down to the beach they go. The family had a good time, but no such luck with Kynzie and her aspiration.

While there, however, a death happened, and death seems to have a bit of a thing for Yuri. Somehow that makes sense to me. Maybe Yuri really will take over the world someday.

Harvey got another promotion. He’s working his way up and up. Keep going Harvey!

Hey look guys, all the people who still live in this house in one picture. It’s a lot less rare now that they only have 5 people living her, soon be 6, but still.

We get the notice that it’s the time we’ve been waiting for. A quick look at Zophi shows she is very ready!

Harvey was on his way to work when the notice came in and we send them to the hospital. Harvey is still in his mascot outfit.

Zophi goes to check in and Harvey finds it important to wash his hands. Then he goes to watch TV. This hospital seems to be connected with the same one the Otts family visits that is fully run by ghosts.

Finally getting checked in Zophi heads back to have the baby. We have a new little baby boy. He has the name Zax Latte. Welcome baby Zax!

With that, it feels like a good place to end. This update is starting to feel a little long, but I wanted to get to the birth. In other news Kevin’s first wife Lana passed away (although I didn’t see a notice of it) and he got remarried!

His daughter Kendra also grew up…..she got blonde hair. This is the same little black haired girl from before… we edited her back to black hair. It’s sort of strange.

Not sure why she turned blonde, but we’ll see if it stays black now. I will also go get a good picture of Rebeca Temple the next update as well. Thanks for visiting!

Generation 2.03 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.05

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