EPIC Tripp: Let There Be Light – 3.06

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Well hello and welcome back to our EPIC with the Tripp family! We have been very successful so far this generation and are just down to 3 main goals before it’s over. Let’s look at them.

Generation 3: Let There Be Light

Gen 3 Mini Challenge

  • Discover all relics and assemble all totems (archaeologist). +3 points

Generation 2: Sound of Music

  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the painting skill, walls and floors may be any material. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.
  • Starting with the sims of generation 2, if the heir or spouse masters the handiness skill, thermostats are unlocked. If this generation doesn’t complete this, it will be up to future generations to gain the necessary skill.

SO, I realized today that I have been thinking relics were artifacts, whoops, so I do need to go back to the jungle to find relics, I do not feel nearly as worried about uncovering all of the artifacts if I run out of time.

So what is going on with the Tripp’s this time around, well to start off it’s Love Day! Lara makes some Love Day crafts, she is working on getting some scout badges done quickly.

Then it’s date time for Lindsey and Ferdinando. They are probably the most involved with each other couple I have had. Belle and Francis loved each other very much, but they were mostly happy watching each other do what they loved to do. Kiana and Johnny also loved each other, but it really was more of a relationship of respect.

Back at home Lara gets to do her one Love Day request and gives her dad a bluebell. He’s not overly impressed honestly, but hides that from his little girl. If they allowed it, these two would probably have more kids.

They sit down for a meal before planning a family outing to the library. Lara has to use the forbidden device for 4 hours.

She gets through that milestone without a problem. Turns out she will have to come back and use this device again to finish up the milestone, sadly.

Some good news, Ferd gets himself a new promotion and we have Lindsey head back to the jungle to find more artifacts and relics.

There wasn’t a lot of note in the jungle this time, although she did get a few gems dropped by sloths on her way to the temple. The temple went fine, although Lindsey was super ready to go home by the time she reached the final treasure chamber.

But some relics were found and we were able to make 2 totems, and had found another complete totem. That gives us 4 of the 9. We are on our way! We hold 2 more heads I believe, so just need another llama and 2 birds I believe, plus all the bases.

Ferdinando is up to painting level 7. He is getting so close to being able to max out this skill. Belle was at level 8 when she passed on, and Ferdinando isn’t quite an adult yet.

Lindsey has managed to find multiple artifacts and fossils. We even found a few that we did not already have before. We might actually finish a collection or two this generation!

So I never saw anything saying this wasn’t allowed, and since we have finished with the garden career I decided I would get a Patchy for the garden. Ferdinando is doing all of the gardening with Lindsey is squeamish and always gets a little freaked out when trying to help.

Ferdinando manages to talk, joke, and generally build up “friendship” with the scarecrow until he starts laughing at Ferd’s jokes.

Apparently that was a good thing because we unlocked a costume I didn’t know was a thing. That is kind of fun, not that we will likely use it anytime soon.

Back inside it’s birthday time. Both Lindsey and Ferdinando are growing up into Adults today. I think this is the first couple I’ve had that are aging up at the same time. How sweet are they?

I think this is also one of the first times the entire family celebrated together! Go Tripp’s, generation #3 for the win! You guys are awesome. After celebrating in their own way…..*ahem* Ferdinando comes down to help Lara with her school project while Lindsey caught some sleep.

That night another first that I have seen happened. Johnny and Kiana came out and haunted at the same time. Johnny was angry when he first came in, but Kiana calmed him in no time. I miss you guys.

Patchy wakes up and helps tend to the garden. Watering, weeding, etc. It made it so much easier for Ferd to just go harvest the plants. There was also a new plant in the bunch. Lindsey brought home a black bean from the jungle.

Then it happened, 5 days from growing up, probably the fastest I’ve ever seen, Lara has reached her milestone. *high fives self* Great job Lara. She chooses the Whiz Kid as her next task, I doubt she’ll finish it, but you never know.

This picture I just had to take because it’s just sort of funny. We have a visiting cowboy, who appears to be an elder who dyes his beard, Patchy, and then Lara all gathered around the table. Lindsey and Ferd were working on fitness.

A happy kid heading to bed with her grandma right behind her. Hi Belle! I miss you also.

I cannot remember what all Belle did, but she did break the sink….*glares a Belle’s ghost*

Belle: What? It’s as mom said, it’s helping. Lindsey is already at level 7 in handiness….far closer than any of the rest of us have been.

Yes, but it’s not because you are constantly breaking things!

Belle: *shrugs* Be that as it may.

So she heads downstairs to reach a book. I’m surprised she didn’t grab an instrument.

She does, however, wait long enough in the morning for Lindsey to wake up. She gives her daughter a hug, and I will forever miss that serene face of hers. Belle might have been hot-headed, but music seemed to keep her in a serene state of happiness.

That feels like a lovely place to end this update of the Tripp’s. It feels like we have accomplished so much in such a short time already. I’m so happy with this generation so far, and ready to see what else they can achieve this time.

Post 3.05 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 3.07

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3 thoughts on “EPIC Tripp: Let There Be Light – 3.06”

  1. I can see how much progress you’re making with understanding how to play TS4 in a way that makes it easier for you to accomplish things. Agree that it seems this generation has achieved a lot, and they are only just Adults!


    1. Yeah, this challenge really helped me learn a LOT about TS4. I actually think it’s a great “gateway” challenge so to speak. Yes, not always easy, but you focus on very specific things and you start to learn quickly how to get good at that one or two things.

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