Latte Game – Generation 2.06

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Hello and welcome back to the Latte’s house. We have had quite a few eventful updates, and this last one was no exception. We welcomed little Oxkar to the family, Zax grew into a toddler, Ember became a teen and Kynzie became a superstar.

So we are going to start this entry off with a bunch of promotions. First Ukupanipo got an update. He is now at level 9 of the Conservation career. I don’t think he’s going to max it. I’m thinking of letting him retire.

Then Harvey got a promotion. This was the branching career point and Harvey choose to go the Sports Star track instead of body builder. That brought in a nice chunk of cash and I think we are about 20k away from being able to get the beach house and still afford some bills.

Zophi is next to come home with a promotion and she also reached the branching point of her career. She, of course, chooses the Chef route. She did not want to become a mixologist.

So I pretty much just realized I have never actually READ these promotion things where it tells me what I get. I just randomly go into the family inventory and see what all has dropped in. They are kind of interesting, I should start paying attention.

Anyway, we still keep Ember chained to the easel. She is doing really good though, and don’t worry she doesn’t plenty more than just paint. She’s just getting good enough to make good money. She even did a masterpiece already.

Harvey is a good man, and got up before Zophi was able to get woken up by the crying baby to take care of little Oxkar. I’m excited to see who he takes after more.

Kynzie has started a Lifestyle Brand and so we gave her a little bit of a make-over to more befit someone of her status. Ukupanipo got a bit of a makeover as well. We have her do a new meet and greet still desperate to get those selfie requests.

Kynzie hangs out there most of the day, and still no requests for selfies. She did meet her new daughter in law (Kevin’s second wife) though and got to chat with her a bit.

Zax is still working on his skills. It can be so hard to get a toddler skilled up when you don’t spend time playing him. I really hope Kynzie can get these selfies before too much longer.

It seems so fast, but it’s already time for Oxkar to grow into a toddler. Harvey does the honers.

Harvey takes little Oxkar down to the slide and starts helping him get his movement. Zax is going to just miss out on getting all of his skills I think. He has 2 days and about 6 skill levels left.

Seeing Oxkar and Zax playing together with the dollhouse just brought a smile to my face. These two boys are so cute. It’s obvious they are not identical since Zax got his dad’s black hair and Oxkar got his mom’s brown hair.

Speaking of the boys and how similar they are, here is a side by side comparison after a small make-over of little Oxkar. Oxkar, by the way, rolled the Silly trait. I have never played a Silly toddler I don’t think, so that should be fun.

You can see Oxkar got his mom’s longer face. Both boys got the green eyes, and Oxkar also got his mom’s (and grandfathers) more sever eyebrows. I like the way Zophi looks with them though so it will be fun to see how these boys change as they get older.

Zophi takes time one more to let her parents know she is expecting her third child. Luckily we know it can only be a single birth as this house will again be completely full. After this she will need two more, but she will either need to move away from her parents, or one of them will have to pass on to make room for the final baby.

I know I haven’t shown it, but I SWEAR, Ember does more than paint. She was very inspired though and was gaining painting skill like crazy on this day. She really does gain it fast, which I think is partly due to her making the creativity as a child.

A surprise announcement popped up. I had to go look. Yuri still lives alone, so he just knocked her up. I wonder if he will have them move in later, or even have more of a relationship. Of all the kids, I did not expect Yuri to be the one having a baby.

In a desperate chance to try and get Zax the last of the skills he needs Harvey works on flash cards with him. He needs thinking and imagination now, but I just don’t think he’ll make it.

Kynzie is the next person to get a promotion. She is now at level 9 of her job as well and needs a TON of followers to get the next promotion. I’m sure we can do it, but it would be great if we could make headway on her aspiration.

I don’t know why it seems Zophi is always going into labor first thing in the morning, but once again she pops out of bed right as Harvey was getting ready to get up for his morning jog, and says it’s time to head to the hospital.

Zophi gets there and realizes she didn’t eat and is very hungry. Sadly she is going to have to go through labor without anymore to eat, and luckily she will come out feeling much better. The machine does miraculous things.

This time, while the doctor works on helping Zophi deliver the newest baby Harvey actually comes down the hall to freak out a couple of times. So far no father ever comes all the way into the room.

Hmmm, just like her mom, about 1/2 way through her name she gets a girl. Meet Pixey. Not a ton of new letters in that name, but it would give us the X. I couldn’t figure out a good P name that had an x, and I want this to be the generation we get rid of the x.

Back at home Zophi decides to imitate her mom and dresses just like her. I noticed Isla is also doing this now. I’m guessing it’s a part of the celebrity, that people will start to dress like you.

Luckily she realizes it just isn’t here and switches back to her normal clothing. Just in time too because it’s Zax birthday. He is missing 2 skills. One in imagination and one is thinking. That’s ok, he’ll get Happy Toddler at least.

Welcome to childhood little Zax. I do not think I have given him a make-over yet, so I will get a close up of him then.

Kynzie decides one more time to try and head out into the public. She visits two different locations. It is now Winterfest, and while Kynzie has been asked for hugs, no one seems to want a selfie. Is there a trick to this? Do they need something specific? It’s getting a little frustrating that no one will ask, and just offering ones doesn’t meet the requirement.

While out, Kynzie also participating in a karaoke competition that she did not win. I forget Kynzie is NOT a singer. Just listening to her in my headphones was bad enough.

And with that will wrap it up for today. Next time we will see the family celebrate Winterfest, and maybe, just maybe they will finally have the money to move into the elusive beach house. I sure hope so, because it would be great to have them there for the water being so nearby.

But right before we go, we got some grow up notifications for Kevin’s two daughter. Kendra grew up into a teenager and little Evelynn grew into a child.

Kendra has the Ukupanipo eyebrows for sure. She is an interesting looking sim, and Evelynn looks a lot like her mom. I’m interested to see what Yuri’s baby looks like. Maybe next time.

Generation 2.05 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.07

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