Latte Game – Generation 2.07

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Hellooooooo! Welcome back to the Latte’s. Last time we had a new member added to our family, Pixey. We are now out of room in the house again until Ember moves out. So let’s jump in right where we left off last time.

As you may or may not remember, Kynzie had stayed out Winterfest Eve trying to get a fan to want a selfie with her, so she arrives back home on Winterfest and the family, having no real room for a tree at the moment, sings around the present pile.

A very dirty little Oxkar digs into his Winterfest meal in his bed. I’m so ready to be out of this house. I keep with Ember’s help we can get there before Uku and Kynzie are gone.

So I can’t remember for sure why I took this picture. I’m pretty sure it was something Zophi and Zorah were doing. Perhaps she was just visiting for Winterfest, or maybe for the birthday that’s about to happen.

Pixey is a toddler now! Pixey rolled the Angelic trait, just like her brother Zax. I guess the, may your kids be just like you, curse doesn’t exist in Sims. Zophi was a clingy toddler.

Anyway, here is a closer picture of Pixey after a big of a make-over. She is pretty cute, a lot more like her dad than either of her brothers, but I’m interested to see what she looks like as she gets older.

While I was at it, I gave our man Zax a bit of a make-over as well. I think he is going to grow up to be a good looking man. He’s a pretty skinny little boy right now though.

Yuri proves he is still alive, and does, in fact, keep up with his family. Probably his sisters tell him, especially Isla who always was pretty attached to him. I think it’s adorable how this family stays in touch.

Kevin’s daughter, Kendra, came by of her own accord and visited with the family. I’m debating if I allow the Latte’s to populate into the world, or if I will just block them from continuing for too long. There are quite a few of them already, and I don’t want to have long lost cousins as our only choices late in the challenge.

Oh my gosh! I am a terrible watcher! I hadn’t played in long enough I forgot it was almost Harvey’s birthday. He’s an official adult now.

Sorry Harvey! I didn’t mean to forget your birthday.

Harvey: Eh, I don’t feel any older, and that’s the key.

You can also see the dressing like Kynzie has spread to additional members of the family. Her popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

I’m pretty sure it was the tv premier night and the family gathered together to watch some TV. Both of the girls are dressed in outfits that Kynzie also has access too. I did discover the ability to give them more than 1 outfit of each type, which was very exciting, since I didn’t know you could do that!

Kevin is going to have another baby. I just found out Evelyn is technically not his. She was pregnant when they get married with another sim’s baby, but that doesn’t matter to Kevin. He, unlike the girls, started with girls. We are the 1/2 way point in his name, so will it be a boy?

Well, this was a turn I did not expect. It’s not completely out of the blue though. Yuri would marry a vampire. I’m pleasantly surprised it’s Caleb and not what’s his name…..

Yeah, Vladislaus, thank you game…WAIT. WHAT???!!! Zorah! How could you???

This one is unexpected. Why Zorah!? Ok, decision made. Any kids of the lettered kids, will no be able to procreate. I do not need a bunch of little Straud/Latte spawn running around town.

Back at home, Isla came by….dressed like her mom. This is getting ridiculously hard to tell all the daughters apart with this happening. Anyway, she comes by and mops the grass. Thanks Isla.

Pixey and Oxkar play dolls together. Oxkar is getting close to growing up and I do not think he’s going to get all his skills. It’s going to be tough. We’ve been away from the house so much with Kynzie.

Ember is still spending a bunch of time painting. She is up to level 9 already, which is pretty crazy for only being a teen. I have needed her painting for money. Zorah is over again, I hope she isn’t avoiding home, she made her choice.

Zax’s aspiration is actually the social butterfly, but he has been working on a lot of his skills. I am not good at the social butterfly one, but one of these days maybe I’ll make it. A family this big you would think it would be possible to make friends.

While the parents are at work, the grandparents watch the kids. It’s one of the nice things of living in the house with them. Raising kids isn’t easy, as they well know, and so they help out whenever they can.

Harvey is flying through his career, which is wonderful. He also is constantly coming home with something he “nicked” from work. For many days it was dirty dishes. I’m not sure why we would want dirty dishes, but it’s what he brought home.

One of Zophi’s tasks for her aspiration was to read to her children, so she takes time out to read a book. Oxkar got up and wandered away as you can see, but Zax stayed for the whole story. Aspiration milestone complete.

Happy New Year from the entire Latte clan, at least those that live here. It looks like everyone is mostly over their, I want to dress just like mom, phase here.

These two enjoy the early mornings together. Before the toddlers are up and everyone is running around trying to get ready for work and school. They are so close to having the money to move into the beach house.

The siblings all get together to celebrate Isla’s adult birthday. Zophi takes the time to solidify the relationships she has with each of her siblings. The only one that isn’t basically full is Yuri. That seems fitting.

Zophi has to get home though, because Isla wasn’t the only one with a birthday today. Oxkar, as expected, didn’t QUITE get through all his skills, but he only was missing a single Thinking level, so he is still a Happy Toddler.

I love that I caught this look. Oxkar rolls the Insider trait and wants to be a Social Butterfly. Maybe he and Zax and work together to complete these aspirations together. Time will tell. He’s a pretty cute kid in my humble opinion.

The next morning the family sits down for a bit of time together before we have yet another birthday. In a family this size it seems like there is almost always one birthday right after another. It also happen to be Family Reunion day (which I added as a holiday.)

Ember has grown up and that means she is officially a YA and can move out to make room for a new baby. Ember got the Childish trait to go along with Outgoing and Unflirty. She also got Responsible.

The family reunion brought almost everyone together and they had a wonderful meal split into a few different rooms, with some people having to leave for work and others school.

Uncle Nick was even around to help out with a school project for Zax. It’s was a fun holiday for most of the family, although not everyone got in on the action.

Uku managed to max his career, and got the final promotion needed. Also, Ember, right before she left, sold a masterpiece painting she had done. Bringing us that much closer to getting the beach house.

Zophi adds to that fun by getting herself a promotion as well. Last I checked we were about $6,000 away from being able to get it, so we have to be getting close.

Harvey gives the very dirty little Pixey a bath, and you can’t see it from this photo, but they really do look a lot alike. It’s very cute.

I know this update is getting long, but I would like to try and move into the beach house at the end, so if I can’t do it soon I will end, but for now, the boys share a meal together. I have a feeling they will get to be friends soon.

I haven’t tested, but Zohpi running into the bathroom to throw up one morning seems to suggest to me that she is getting ready to welcome another Latte. She will only need one more after this.

Kynzie holds one more Meet and Greet, and still no one asks for a selfie, but Zophi takes a picture with her anyway. However, once everyone left Kynzie just stayed and the guy in the green head scarf asked for one! She then got asked for 2 autographs, but FINALLY. Maybe Kynzie might do it yet!

Once Kynzie comes home we check, and YES. We can afford the beach house I built so long ago. So the family moves in and here will be where we end the update. I’m so excited to get to play them in the new house!

In other news, while I apparently never caught it, Yuri’s baby mama had a little daughter that got named Yenifer Latte. We also got notice that Kevin had his baby.

It was indeed a son, which I find very funny. So if he keeps having kids, the next will be a baby I. I will leave you with a cute pick of little Yenifer, who also grew into a toddler during this play session. She’s adorable.

Thanks for sticking with me through this pretty long update! I hope you enjoyed it and I’m excited to play in the beach house next time.

Generation 2.06 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.08

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the beach house! It’s always fun to be able to play in a new house after being cooped up in an old one for what seems like forever. Yenifer is SO adorable! Yuri makes cute kids!


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