Latte Game – Generation 2.09

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Hi and welcome back to the Latte’s! During our last entry the family FINALLY moved into the beach house, Kynzie FINALLY got the selfie requests and was able to complete her aspiration, Pixey grew into a child, Halix was born, and we flagged cousin Kendra.

So basically, there was a LOT going on last round and it was very eventual for the family. We are back to having a full house, so Zophi and Harvey will be unable to have their final baby (I) until Kynzie or Ukupanipo pass on.

We start this entry with a birthday. Apparently when I played last night I wasn’t paying close enough attention to birthdays and sadly, no matter how hard I tried (and I tried about 3 different times with doing different things to try) we just never quite had enough time to bake a cake.

So this is Zax all grown up and he got the paranoid trait. The looks on his faces as he grows up say about everything you need to know about his feelings about this.

Zax: You forgot on purpose….you are out to get me

I am not! I didn’t forget on purpose, and I did try, do you see the cake sitting over there on the counter, that was for you.

Zax: *squints his eyes at me*

This is Zax when he isn’t being completely paranoid and after a bit of a make-over. He is a pretty handsome boy, and certainly a combo of his parents. He gets the Vampire Family aspiration, which means he might be making nice with either uncle Yuri (who married Caleb Vatore) or Zorah who is with Vlad.

Then, I forgot Halix was also ready to grow up, and she spun out of her bassinet without a whole lot of fanfare. She got her mom’s coloring more than her dad’s and we’ll see what she is like as she get’s older.

I don’t think I changed much on her during a make-over so you’ll see her around. She rolled the Angelic trait as well. Must be something Zophi and Harvey together are doing. 3 of their 4 kids so far have been Angelic.

Zax, now being old enough, takes the canoe out for a bit that night. I’m struck again by the beauty of where they live. I would totally live here in this house.

I don’t know why everyone looks so unhappy here. It was kind of funny. It’s going to be Kynzie who goes first, and I’m not ready, but at the same time I need Zophi and Harvey to have that last baby.

Halix is here, and potty training begins in earnest. You can see Zophi was in her mom’s closet again. 😀

Uku takes another couple of missions to space. He hasn’t fully upgraded the rocket, but I can at least send him and get his aspiration milestone completed.

Zophi plays dolls with Halix the next morning. She is really been somewhat “forgotten” about. I have her working her skills, but she’s mostly doing it alone.

After playtime comes bath time, which Halix certainly needed. She was a very dirty little girl. I think she should be able to complete her skills before growing up, but we will see.

Our man Zax suspiciously checks the house, while dancing. He’s become quite the character around here. I realized I had never gotten the kids into scouts, so I quickly rectify that. I don’t know that Zax will have the time to complete it, but we’ll see.

A couple of story times help Pixey to get a milestone reached in her aspiration. I usually can get whiz kid done, but managing a family this size has been a bit daunting to me.

Homework time for the kids. We may end up needing to turn the toddler room into a “girls” room to give Halix a place to sleep. I think she grows up before Zax becomes a teen. I guess I should have added one more room to this house.

Harvey gets another promotion and is slowly working his way up the athletic career ladder. He needs charisma skills now on top of his fitness skills, so we will see how it all goes.

Grandpa Uku reads little Halix to sleep with a bedtime story. He really is a very active parent/grandparent. I highly recommend him to anyone who is starting a challenge that need someone who does good on his own.

He then tops another aspiration. That means he has done Beach Life and Nerd Brain. I cannot remember what we gave him next, I think it was something to do with knowledge, but I cannot remember right the moment.

It’s no wonder this family are all best friends. They spend a ton of time doing things together. Grandma Kynzie reads to the kids while Halix talks with Big Puds. Zophi and her dad eat together, and then Zax goes and autonomously works flash cards with Halix.

Kynzie has started working on wellness and uses the yoga mat a little more often. She does seem to have slimmed down some since moving here. I think she’s been able to be more active now that she is grandma. 🙂

Homework and family time. This is actually a picture of the entire “Gen 2” portion of this family so far. Zax and Oxkar doing homework, Harvey and Zophi watching their kids, Halix watching all of them, and Pixey was just setting the table.

We got a notice that Isla finally got married. Ember still wasn’t in the neighborhood yet, so I went ahead and just had her move in with Nick. I don’t think Nick is ever going to get married, but you never know.

Time for another bath for Halix, and this time it’s grandpa Uku who get the task. I am ready to not have a toddler again, but sadly, with one more kid we need for this generation we are likely going to go straight back into a bunch of toddlers. We’ll see who ends up as heir.

Zorah invited her mom to visit her, and so Kynzie took all the kids as well. They got to know their cousin, Zorah’s daughter Zelphie. Then Zax works on writing because he’s sad and paranoid.

That last big gave Kynzie what she needed to complete the aspiration she had, so that is two down for her as well. With that youth potion these two lived quite a while. I cannot remember what she had next either.

As soon as we get back home Isla is there visiting, as well as Kevin’s toddler son Vince. Maybe Isla was watching him and came for a visit, otherwise not sure how Vince made is way all the way here.

Seriously, this family is constantly together. Either talking with their parents or their grandparents. I love them so much. Zax has been working hard on the sociability badge for scouts, as have the kids.

Maybe Vince was trying to invite us to his birthday because he is now a child. Kevin made some pretty good looking kids, his son looks a lot like him though.

Then I once again prove I’m a bad watcher when I have this many people, and missed Zophi’s birthday. She was coming back from somewhere I think when this happened. Sorry Zoph!

Kynzie maxed out another skill, this one not surprising with how much she started live streaming to get followers. Then I was preparing to close down the game and realized one more age bar was bubbling, so to not start the next one the same way we did this one, let’s have a final birthday.

Yep, it was time for Oxkar to age up to a teen. The face he made upon growing up was just too funny not to capture. He has a very unique look. I kind of like him. He did not reach his aspiration as a kid, but he did get an A in school, and has added Child of the Islands to his traits, and wants to be a Friend of the World.

Here’s a better picture of him after a bit of a make-over. He’s got his mom’s longer face, but I think more of his dad’s features maybe. I’m not 100% sure who he takes after the most. I like him. And that will wrap it up for us this entry. I hope you will visit us again next time.

Here’s a quick look at Vince as a child, and that’s Isla’s husband to the side over there. I hope they have kids someday!

Generation 2.08 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.10

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