Latte Game – Generation 2.10

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Welcome back to the beach and to some time with the Latte’s. The last time we had a couple of birthdays, Zax and Oxkar grew up into teens, Halix became a toddler, Zophi became an adult, and then we got some notices about Kevin’s song growing into a child, and Isla got married. Zophi and Harvey need one more child, but sadly we will need to lose someone in order to make room.

This time we should see Halix growing up and with any luck, the birth of our final baby for this generation, maybe even Pixey’s birthday. I’m excited to see how this goes, and we are getting closer and closer to our next heir poll.

We join the family in the middle of dinner. Zax and Oxkar are working hard on scouting badges for sociability. This feels like it takes so long because it takes so many interactions.

The older siblings all hang out after scouts meetings in the rain to talk some more. They are all getting pretty close, and I’m hoping Halix will get to be close with them as well. I’m not sure why I’m really worried about it, this family is so close it would be weird if they suddenly weren’t.

Apparently Zorah is planning to keep up with Kevin and Zophi the kid department. She and Vlad *shudder* are pregnant again. I might be a little unfair to her choice in husband….but, I’m not sure I care.

We get a shock, and a bit of excited for Nick, he has FINALLY gotten married! Congrats Nick! Time will tell if they have kids at all, but I’m happy for him.

Halix is about ready to grow up and she is needing to finish a small bit of thinking, communication, and imagination and a full point of movement. She has been somewhat ignored (sorry Halix) but is doing well. She spends time watching and asking why from her dad.

It’s almost time and no matter how hard I tried we couldn’t get Kynzie that final promotion. She will not get another chance as today is her last day with us. She came home sick though, poor Kynzie.

She had provided all of the grandkids with a journal, and she gives the last one to little Halix, whom she won’t see grow into a child. Kynzie has been very active with all of her grandkids, and we will miss her greatly.

Kynzie heads up to their bedroom to do some final work on the computer and says it’s time. Ukupanipo is there mourning his beloved wife. He will join her soon enough, but for now he has lost his partner, soul mate and best friend.

Everybody is heart broken by the loss of Kynzie, but school projects are still here, and still need to be worked on. Pixey worked on her with her grandpa right before, so now it’s the boys turn. I love Uku’s face while helping Oxkar.

The first spawn of Vlad and Zorah is now a child. She is actually kind of cute looking. I’ll get a picture of her later for you to see better.

Harvey and Zophi are in a good mood so we decide to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Neither of them are getting any younger and I want them to still be decently young while trying to raise the final baby of this generation.

We have success, baby I is on the way. If Zophi keeps to what appears to be tradition in this family, she will have another girl but time will tell. She could just as easily have a boy. The only thing we know for certain is it will only be 1 child, as there is only 1 spot in the house.

It’s Spooky Day and the family start all getting dressed into costume for the occasion. Everyone is still pretty blue, but life does continue to move on for sims, and we are sure Kynzie will come visit again soon.

Zelphi got a call from Nick. It was his birthday and he wanted to know if we would come over. Of course Zophi said yes and brought most of her siblings and Oxkar and Zax with her. The family socialized together, enjoying each other’s company and building relationships stronger. Nick is now an elder, so if he is going to have kids it will have to be soon.

We “fix” the focus light in the kids bedroom. Somehow to got stuck providing inspiration instead of focus. I had been wondering what was happening. I turned it off and back on again….you know the old tech trick, and then put it into inventory and pulled it back out and it worked. YAY. Now Pixey can do her homework focused and hopefully complete her aspiration.

After doing homework she moves to making emotion potions. This also, of course, gives her work on the Young Scientist scout badge as well. I don’t think Pixey will have any problems maxing the scouts.

It was Halix’s birthday and she managed to max all her toddler skills. Upon growing up I realize, she has her grandpa Uku’s eyes. She is quite a pretty girl.

I get tired of braids all the time for the kids, so Halix gets a small make-over and she is ADORABLE! I love her guys! She got the Top-Notch toddler trait of course, and then rolled Erratic. That should make for some fun. She got the Whiz Kid aspiration just like her sister.

Halix gets a head start on her aspiration by playing chess. Grandpa Uku comes to join her and they get 2 of the 3 games needed in. They finish up the final game a short time later.

We had to expand the child/teen bedroom to include another bed for Halix, and added another desk with a new computer to offer more places for the kids to do tasks. Oxkar gets working on programing while Halix talks with her sister.

Another night and another family gathering around the table. Zophi is getting closer and closer to giving birth to the final baby. I believe other than Halix, who just grew up, all the kids of 4 badges completed so far. I need the boys to pick up the pace a bit, but they did start late.

I didn’t figure it would take Kynzie long to join us again. She is very mad though and breaks the sink, the bathroom sink, and the upstairs shower before she is done. Uku comes in later to try and calm her.

It obviously works because she start moping up some of the water puddles left by the myriad of people in this house. They are a fairly messy group, and probably didn’t realize how much cleaning Kynzie actually did.

It’s HarvestFest again and the gnomes gather around the plants, the TV, around the kitchen, just about anywhere they can. They are appeased and start dropping the seed packets everywhere.

Zophi whips up a grand feast for the family to enjoy. Most of them did partake and the holiday was a great success for everyone. It is still somewhat subdued without Kynzie, but the family is moving forward day by day.

We are going to end this update with the notice that Zorah had twins. A boy and a girl. I wanted to see if we could reach the birth of baby I, but this entry is getting long and I’m going to call it for this time. Next entry we will see Pixey grow up and the birth of the new baby. I’ve gotta see how many days are left before Zax becomes a YA so I know when to hold the heir poll. Thanks for visiting again and hope to see you next time.

This is Nick’s wife, Saanvi. She is really pretty, and I hope she and Nick might have 1 kid together, but we will see.

This is little Zelphie, Zorah’s vampire daughter, as a child. She is growing up into not a bad looking girl so far. We will how she does as a teen later, and compare the twins as they start growing up.

Generation 2.09 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.11

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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