Latte Game – Generation 2.12

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Hi!!! I am very excited to welcome you back to the Latte’s! The heir poll was up and we got quite a few votes, so thank you to everyone who voted. I have missed this family and am very excited to share with you this update.

The last time we were with the family Pixey grew into a teen, Ixael was born, grew into a toddler, and then grew into a child before the heir poll. Harvey grew into a elder, Zax and Oxkar into young adults, and Ukupanipo passed away and joined Kynzie on the other side. Finally we had WinterFest and Net Years. So with that recap out of the way I know you are all wanting to know the answer to one question…..who won?

Baby Z?

Baby O?

Baby P?

Baby H?

Baby I?


It is…..


Congrats Halix, you are our new heir to this challenge. Here is the breakdown of points for you.

Halix: 9 votes (4 Boolprop + 5 WP)
Oxkar: 3 votes (2 Boolprop + 1 WP)
Pixey: 2 votes (1 Boolprop + 1 WP)
Zax: 1 vote (1 WP)
Ixael: 1 vote (1 WP)

I’m so excited it’s Halix. Not only do I love her, but she adds some good letters! So we say goodbye to Zax and Oxkar, who were already YA’s. I have moved them out together, but you can find them individually in the gallery. For members of this family search #NameGameLattes, or to see all my sims #ciyrosesims

We start with Pixey helping out Ixael with his homework to finish up her scouting badges. She is now a Llamacorn Scout, and switches to get a job as a Lifeguard. That seemed to have made the most sense for a mermaid.

Zorah invited us out to Granite Falls, and so Zophi and Ixael went. Ixael started meeting people and fishing, with Zophi collected a few things around the area. They went home shortly after.

But not before it started raining, and Ixael managed to max the first level of social butterfly. I am so bad at this aspiration! If anyone has any hints about how to make it easier I will take any I can get. I hate this aspiration.

Back at home we get notice that Ember married a bear. Ok, so he’s not actually a bear, apparently just in a bear costume, but still. This is quite funny, but that also means all of the gen 1 kids are finally married off, even though we won’t have a ton of cousins.

Halix continues to work on her scouting badges, and should make it without too much issue. Ukupanipo haunts tonight and comes in to chat with her while she does something on the computer.

Ukupanipo also must have spent some time in the kids bathroom as nearly everything was broken. We have upgraded to unbreakable toilets now, which should help.

All right, both girls come home with A’s, and right in time too. Halix is about to grow up, although Pixey has a couple of days. I noticed teen A’s need to keep them from 3 days but I’m pretty sure it’s been last minute for everyone, so I’m only counting A’s for the kids.

It’s family reunion day, so Ember comes by, and Isla is here helping Halix and Ixael with his project for school. The rest of the siblings were invited and came too, as did Kendra, Kevin’s eldest daughter.

Halix finally masters her aspiration and chooses Social Butterfly to try and help her brother. She grows up soon so she won’t complete it.

Zophi works on grilling up some food for the family while some of the others chat. Here you can see Kevin and Nick both came as well. We will be losing some of these guys soon I would imagine. It will be sad to see the extended family start to die off.

Zorah and Yuri were her as well. The twins and Ember are the only ones not grey at this point. Zophi isn’t too far away and that means Zorah shouldn’t be either, since Zophi has had more kids.

Apparently family reunion day happened to also be the birthday of Zorah’s twins. We will have to take a look at them a little bit later, but they don’t seem TOO bad at the moment.

Zelphie also grew up into a teen on the same day as well. It was a busy day for this family and everyone was happy to have connected with the extended family some more.

Halix and Ixael are getting closer, and Ixael needs a best friend, which I thought Halix could be, but they weren’t building up relationship very quickly. I think I might need to use the picture taking thing.

Gotta love those Erratic sims. Halix has a bit of a “moment” before her birthday. Zax came by and both Zax and Pixey just seem to be unsure what to do with their little sister.

Then it was time. Happy Birthday dear Halix. That face is just something else. I’m not even sure what do with her. I love her! So Halix adds Jealousy to her Erratic trait and is now a teenager.

I gave Halix a bit of a make-over, and while I love her growing up hair, I decided to put her back in a braid. She also lost her glasses, and had nearly every outfit with some red in it, so that back her color. She, of course, wants to become a Musical Genius and will get a job in entertainment. We might need to expand the house to make some additional room.

Most of the family is together for Halix’s birthday and she and Ixael talk some more at the table. We continue to have family members calls Zophi, who is friends with all of her siblings, and Zax has asked to come over multiple times.

At the end of this day I got a notice I was not expecting to see. Nick is going to be a dad. He is fairly old at this point, and I’m surprised they are starting a pregnancy, but hopefully Nick will be able to see his baby grow up some.

I think I’m going to wrap up the update about the family here. I know it’s a little bit short, but I do want to cover the cousins a bit.

Here are Zorah’s twins with the vampire Vald. Opal turned out to be a pretty normal and cute little girl. I think she takes more after her mom, which is probably good for her. Orion also has his mom’s longer face, but I think he might take a little more after his dad. I’m interested in what they will look like as teens.

Speaking of teens, here is Zelphie. For a Vlad spawn she isn’t that bad. She won’t win any beauty contests, but it’s clear her mom’s looks are strong. I haven’t edited the kids in anyway, what they grew up in is what they got. So while Zelphie in her human form isn’t that bad……

Her vampire self is rather scary. I was shocked when I switched over to this view and saw her, and while I don’t often take pictures of the “other” forms for any of the kids, this one felt worth sharing.

Finally, here is Ember’s new husband when not in a bear outfit He is pretty handsome, and I selfishly hope they have at least a couple of kids before Ember is too old. Time will tell. Ok, I hope you enjoyed that update and look for another update following Halix as we work to get her to YA and ready to take over the challenge next time.

Generation 2.11 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 2.13

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

One thought on “Latte Game – Generation 2.12”

  1. The vampires look really creepy. Very much like The Gentlemen in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
    Apparently for the social butterfly aspiration only make the friends/best friends when it asks you to, as it doesn’t count any friends etc made before it asks and they need to be all solidly in the friend zone at the same time. Most people say that the friends need to be non blood and outside the household.

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