EPIC Tripp: Sports & Entertainment – 4.06

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Hello to you all. Can you believe how much has already happened this gen? Also, this is going to be the final update of this generation. It’s gone so fast! All of the others have taken around 8 updates or more, but this generation took 6. Anyway let’s look at what is left on our goals.

Generation 4 – Sports & Entertainment

  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment, acting, or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

So still just waiting for Lara to reach the top of Athletics, and then we get TV’s, which will be VERY exciting to have around here. Also some more workout equipment if we want it.

Last time, as just a very quick recap, Abby grew into a teen after completing a single aspiration, but she is almost through scouting. Zygo finished a 3rd aspiration (he is just flying through them now), and Lara worked. Let’s jump right back in now.

Lara has been doing enough bonding with the bees she is able to go out and collect honey, and oh look Patchy is coming to chat….or, well no, take a closer look, A Patchy is coming to chat, it’s not our Patchy who is still back on his tree.

After collecting honey Lara does laps around the pool. She is close to maxing out her fitness, which would give her nearly everything she needs to finish up the athletic career.

Later that day Lara gets a promotion and is now just one away from maxing this career and unlocking TV’s. It will be so nice to have TV’s, although I find I barely use them in other saves because I’m so use to not having them here.

I know this has all been about Lara so far, but she heads out and feeds the cow plant so it doesn’t die, or try and eat someone. This thing may get put into family inventory so we don’t have to keep dealing with it, but we’ll see. 6 full generations to go with it if we keep it.

So we have lined up all the collections that we have so far, partially so I don’t have to keep sorting through frogs to find the ones I still need to breed, and partially because we are missing some crystals and metals that we had found due to me not paying attention to what Zygo carried to work with him. So we have fossils and crystals on one side, then mental, the completed geodes, and frogs on the other.

I always get a little bit nervous when I see someone interacting with the cow, but don’t sorry Abby is just petting him. He’s a good cow plant so far, and as long as we keep feeding him it should be all good.

Family dinners are pretty quiet when it’s just the three of them. Lara is getting ready to head back to the jungle to find that final jungle fossil but also to work on her aspiration a bit more.

Lara searches and searches, but still no sign of the final fossil. She does get through another milestone, however, and now needs to search out treasures and special chests to get the next one. That will have to wait for the next trip.

Abby comes home promoted to the top of the lifeguard career. I had checked and while teen jobs are not specifically called out in the rules it was determined if they don’t break other rules (because they fit into what has been unlocked) it’s ok. Since lifeguards are fitness and water, and we have pools, I’m in the clear.

The romance festival was in town and since her parents had such luck meeting there we send Abby down. There are not many single young adults, male or female. Abby sits down with this group of ladies, and doesn’t talk to any of the guys…I think Abby is trying to tell me something.

Back home I have a heart attack the next morning when Zygo was eaten by the cow plant. Dang it, someone (me) forgot to feed it. Luckily Zygo was spit right back out. Whew!

There must have been something at that festival because Abby wakes up the next day sick, and drinks some OJ while chatting with Patchy. I’m not sure if this is our Patchy or not.

One of the things Lara needs to do for the Jungle Adventure aspiration is to activate totems 5 times. We get a rare crystal we had an extra of refined and stick it in the totem that gives us a skeleton helper. Because it’s a rare gem no one is afraid of it, and they are happy for the help.

Zygo continues to do decently at work. I really should follow him more often to start getting some promotions faster. I have to start remember to take everything I need with me.

The first milestone for Abby should be reachable now as a teen, if one of her parents helps her, so she hosts a Kava party. Zygo makes the Kava and everyone sits down for food and Kava, and toasting. It’s a good time and reaches gold easily.

Lara comes home with the party with her final promotion! We have officially finished the requirements for generation 4, and have unlocked TV’s and workout equipment. It’s very exciting!

That night Kiana and Ferdinando come out to haunt. Kiana never got to know Ferd in person while alive, since he is her grandson-in-law, but they can chat now.

Apparently someone forgot to feed the cow plant again though, and Kiana got gobbled up and spit back out. Can a ghost be eaten? I’m not really sure.

Back in the kitchen that morning preparations are being made. Lara is getting pretty good at the cooking, and mixes up the batter in a unique way. Zygo doesn’t work out, but you wouldn’t know it with as slim as he is. (He drank a slimming potion at work.)

With mom and dad there watching Abby blew out her candles and became a young adult. The generations are changing again, this time really quickly it feels like, but these last couple of generations have accomplished a lot. We’ll cover what all they accomplished in the wrap up coming next.

Post 4.05 | Rules | Family Tree | Wrap 4

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