Latte Game – Generation 2.13

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Hello and welcome back to the Latte’s! Last time we announced Halix as our next heir to this Name Game and had Zax, and Oxkar move out and start their own lives. We held a family reunion and got all of Zophi’s siblings together, and saw Halix grow into a teen.

All right, so with that bit of a recap out of the way let’s go check in and see what is up with the family this time. I’m so happy to be playing them again.

We start off instantly with the notice that Zorah is now an elder. No more little Straud babies for her. The 3 is probably plenty, although they will be flagged once they are YA’s.

Pixey is hanging out and worked on a painting while chatting with her mom. For some reason in my mind she was already moved out in this picture, but she wasn’t yet. Pixey is still a teen.

Inside the house Halix is working on her homework and Ixael is working on his Arts and Crafts badge in scouting. Harvey is helping out Halix with her homework.

Then it’s time for Halix to work on her Keep Fit badge. For some reason this one has been tough for her to complete. You would think that swimming as a mermaid would help, but apparently not.

It was Spring Fling again, and this time the family completes the egg collection. That give us some points for a completed collection as long as we display them in the house.

The eggs were sitting all around the house so we set up some shelves in the toddlers room and set up all the eggs. I put the lighted eggs on the bottom shelf.

The kids tend to be up fairly late as Zophi is out at work. Grandpa Ukupanipo came out to haunt and the kids spent some time chatting with him.

Harvey still needs to get his fitness up the rest of the way, so he works out with Zophi. I worry about him sometimes as I don’t want him to go prematurely but usually they swim and that doesn’t wear him out as much.

Ixael is working hard on his social butterfly aspiration. He invites all the kids he’s managed to meet enough to get into his relationship panel over to watch some TV and hang out. I have never reached this aspiration, but there is a first time for everything.

Pixey tries to make herself a cake, but managed to set the stove on fire at the same time. Thank you so much Pixey!

It’s not a great cake, and we had to replace the stove as well, but then it’s time for Pixey to grow up into a YA and start out on her own.

Pixey adds Romantic to her Self-Assured and Perfectionist traits. Adds Good Manners and Responsible to her traits for getting those Character values and moves out on her own.

Ixael still had his classmates over as Pixey heads off to her own future. They were all building sandcastles out on the beach. I believe both Harvey and Zophi were at work and weren’t able to say goodbye yet, but she’ll be back.

Zohpi comes home with a promotion. She is up to level 9 in her career now and has all the things she needs for that final promotion. It’s just a matter of time now.

Kynzie comes out to visit and soak up some moon rays. It sort of cracks me up to see a ghost “sun bathe” like this when it’s night time.

Kevin stops by for a visit, and the face’s he was making were just priceless. Zophi is still very close with all of her siblings, and I believe Halix will be much the same with hers. I think even Yuri is in the best friend range now.

Ixael continues to work on his friendships with kids. It takes so much work to build up friendships. I know cloud/star gazing helps and they did that as well. I have also learned that photos help a lot too. So after chatting for a bit, we do some photos.

Soon they are friends and that is one child friend down, only 2 more to go. Ixael might actually meet this aspiration, although it is a lot of work. I think this has to be my least favorite of the kid aspirations. It just takes so much more effort it feels like.

Kendra is now an adult. Of course we flagged her already as a young adult, so there shouldn’t be much more that happens with her here. If there are any of the cousins that you find yourself wanting and can let me know before they are gone I’ll gladly upload them for you.

Looks like Zorah got herself yet another daughter. This girl is one of kids that Ixael has been trying to make friends with. It seems her parents both passed away so Zorah and Vlad took her in. I guess that’s good for them, she will have a unique childhood for sure.

Oh look, everyone moved into town too. I know he doesn’t show, but Oxkar and Zax were part of the same “household” upon moving out, so they moved into Forgotten Hallow, which makes sense for Zax vampire wants, and Pixey moved into Windenburg.

Speaking of the newly moved in siblings, Pixey invited Halix out to the Strangerville bar. Zax also happened to be there, so the siblings chatted for quite a while before Halix headed back home.

We got some exciting news, Nick and his wife had a little baby girl they named Natalie. So happy for Nick. He got started super late in life, but he added a daughter to the cousins all the same.

As Halix went to leave I had completely forgotten I had her pick up one of the bikes at home a while ago. It’s nice she decided to use it to get home to Sulani.

Ixael continued his work on getting friends with more children his own age by hanging out with this girl next. I do not, at the moment, remember her name, but they cloud gazed, took pictures, and went fishing together. The fishing was partially to work on Ixael’s scouting badge, but by the end the were friends.

Back at home he hangs out with his big sister and Halix is happy to do so. They are close and share a bit more of a special connection being the youngest two of the family.

Monday brings school and new school projects with both kids work on together. Halix gets herself the A in high school she needs, but Ixael is still working on getting his.

After the school work is done Ixael invites Christine over to the house. Since she has been adopted into the family she might as well spend more time here. Ixael builds sandcastles with her and they star gaze that night.

It’s enough to put Ixael over the requirements for his aspiration and he is officially the first sim I’ve had reach this aspiration. Way to go Ixael. Next he will be working on Whiz Kid as he’s already mostly maxed his mental skill already.

Halix continues to work on her scouting badge. Not sure why it’s so difficult for her, but this workout pushes her closer and she should be able to get the scouting aptitude trait.

With that I do believe we are going to call this entry complete. We are getting closer to Halix taking over, probably one more update, and hopefully Zophi and Harvey will max out their careers next time as well.

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