EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.01

Wrap 4 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 5.02

Hello and welcome back to the EPIC Tripp! We are starting on generation 5 already. It’s so hard to believe that we are nearly 1/2 way through this challenge. That last generation went so fast, but they were very successful. So let’s get this started by looking at our goals for this generation.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • Heir(ess) has a choice between the Criminal or Secret agent career.
  • Spouse can ONLY choose one of the previously unlocked careers.
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Secret Agent track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Self-Assured trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the criminal.
    • Secret agent track allows sims to purchase and use tablets.
    • Proceed to generation 6-a
  • IF HEIR(ESS) CHOOSES DETECTIVE: Detectives can choose to have high morals, which would conform with track A, or they can choose the more under-handed road, which would designate them onto track B. Less ethical detectives (the B track) are those who bribe or beat up sims for information, rather than befriending them. They steal objects from others and claim them as “evidence,” and blackmail other sims.
    • Performing any of these actions forces the challenge onto the B track.
    • Avoiding these and taking the high road allows the challenge to enter track A.
  • Whichever kind of detective the heir(ess) decides to be has an effect on what kind of job his/her spouse must take.
    • Moral detectives cannot have criminal spouses.
    • Underhanded detectives cannot have law enforcement spouses.

This is the generation where we make a choice. Now Abby never rolled anything that specifically pointed one direction or the other, however, she is a kleptomaniac so she is likely on her way to criminal, but we will see what happens. Let’s get to it.

Right after Abby’s birthday we send the family to the jungle. Lara still needs to finish up the jungle adventure aspiration and we are still looking for the last of those fossils.

Lara heads into the jungle and gets herself to the temple without any issues. She checked for any fossils and didn’t find either of the 2 we are currently missing. I hope I can find them at some point.

She does, however, earn her aspiration. Apparently this is not the picture of that, but it happened at the same time. That means Lara has completed two aspirations and now gets the body builder aspiration as well.

Abby is also here, and while Lara has been running around the jungle Abby has been meeting the young adults around town. This girl, Miranda, is really pretty and Abby works to get to know her.

They hit it off better than Abby does with anyone else. We get to know Miranda and discover she is Evil, she is also Mean. Now I know that isn’t a great combination, but I was leaning towards sending Abby into the Criminal career and an evil spouse would make that perfect.

So Abby invites her back to the vacation house. They both look like they are up to something in this photo, which is too funny. We also learn Miranda’s last trait is cheerful. That’s quite the combo.

Yes, things seem to be going very well indeed. First kiss is had and we are officially going to try and get Miranda into the family. I might regret this, but since she’s controllable, I’ll hopefully be ok with this mean/evil sim.

So we take the chance with Abby, and…..rejection. Well to be fair, it was super early in the morning, everyone was tired, and I should not have tried this before they got some sleep. We’ll try again later.

The next morning Abby and her mom talk with each other in the kitchen. Everyone got some sleep and is feeling much better. Some food is cooked up so the family can eat together before we try this proposal again.

This time it’s a success! A wedding party will be thrown once we get back home from this trip so these two can get married, but for now, we will wrap up our trip to the jungle.

Not before a bit of a celebration, and a bit of sickness for poor Lara. She came down with some sort of bug, so it’s time to get the family home.

Back at home Abby takes a job in the criminal field. That means every child will have to have the evil trait, and once Abby reaches the top of the career we can have additional kids. We will also be following path B from here on out.

The first thing Abby needed to do for work was get her mischief up. From reading, I believe it was Salem’s blog, I learned that kids laugh off mischief interactions we send Abby to the park. Mischief Managed.

Zygo manages to bread the final frog we needed in order to complete the collection. That is another collection down and the plaque is placed with all of the frogs up on the balcony.

It’s a night of early generation hauntings as both Kiana and Belle are out tonight.

Kiana: Allow me to clear some of these dishes, how on earth do they keep this house clean?

It’s much bigger than the one you had when you started out isn’t it?

Kiana: Oh my yes, but it’s wonderful. My family has done so well.

Belle: Yes, it is so nice to see them being so successful still.

You two got them off on the right track for sure!

Since Lara needs to work out on a gym we send her and Abby to one of the gyms around the world and get Lara through her first milestone. Lara has, by far, been my most successful sim for sure.

Back at home it’s wedding time. Miranda and Abby look lovely in their dresses and the wedding party is a lot of fun. No goals or anything this time, just a nice party at the Sulani local hangout.

Back at home, I am surprised by Zygo having a birthday. I had completely forgotten I had received his birthday notice. It seems to early, and he hasn’t accomplished nearly as much as I would have hoped, still only sitting at level 7 in the science career. I should make more of an effort.

Happy Winterfest from the Tripp’s! It was a lovely holiday and a decision was made regarding what Miranda would do for her job. She was already in the Criminal career, but that is Abby’s to take on. Since Abby will be working towards being a crime boss, I decided it would be fun to have Miranda in the acting gig. So she gets herself an agency (which I like to believe is controlled by Abby’s bosses, and one day Abby) and prepares to enter acting.

Miranda’s first gig is something that requires music. Since her aspiration is musical genius (like Belle before her) I go ahead and leave it, and Miranda picks up the guitar. She isn’t going to go the violin route, not for that you need actual talent. Here Miranda will make it on her good looks, decent voice, and the ability to pluck a guitar adequately. Abby will use her connections to ensure Miranda is a success, as any true criminal would.

I think I’m going to call this update a wrap here. It’s been fun getting these two together, and I have a whole lot of ideas in my head for how this evil, mean (read temperamental) wanna be actress is going to make it big thanks to her criminal mastermind spouse. We’ll see how it actually plays out later. Hope you enjoyed this update!

Wrap 4 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 5.02

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