Latte Game – Generation 3.01

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Hello and welcome to generation 3, already. It feels like just yesterday I was pulling my hair out trying to manage Kynzie and all the kids. This family has grown and changed so much since then. So last entry Ixael became a teen and Halix eventually grew into a YA. Zophi joined Harvey as an elder and Harvey worked to get the skills he needed to finish the Athletic career, and a lot of cousins also grew up.

We will start this update with a small gathering that actually occurred right at the end of the last update. After Zax’s birthday party we headed over to the Straud house to flag Zelphi. No babies for her. We also spent some time chatting with the other cousins for a bit.

As you might remember, we were not meeting anyone interesting for Halix in town and while we could keep searching I decided to bring in some “new blood” so to speak, some Wilde blood if you will. Yes, I downloaded 3 of the suitable (for this family at the moment) Wilde boys from Mojo’s Wilde ISBI. So we brought in Bellamy, Easton, and Austin and we will see if Halix hits it off with any of them.

We moved them into the house right across the bay and Halix headed over to meet these potentially suitors. None of them have bad traits and I will be ok with any of them.

After a friendly introduction to all of them Easton is clearly ahead. With one interaction they were friends. Same interaction with the other two (literally did the same interaction with all 3) were just slivers of a relationship. Easton Wilde, you are the winner.

After meeting and flirting a little with Easton Halix needed to go home. She autonomously decided to hop on the treadmill and work out some. She is super skinny already but that’s ok. Since Easton wants to be a body builder maybe she wants to keep up with him.

Meanwhile, we got a couple updates on the family. Nick’s wife is now an elder just like him, and his daughter is now a child. She looks rather adorable, but we will give you a picture of her later.

The gnomes have gathered, so that can only mean one thing. HarvestFest is here again. I have fed another Youth Potion to Harvey as he is not quite up his performance level at work to get that final promotion yet, and with the holidays being here he didn’t have enough days.

Harvey did, however, manage to max his fitness with his morning swim today. That means he has everything he needs officially for that final promotion. He just needs time now.

We invite over the Wilde boys for dinner and Austin decides to eat into the kids room, even though there are still a couple open spots at the table. Everyone enjoys getting to know everyone and chatting away.

It was time for an official date with Easton, so Halix invited him to Windenburg and they sat and chatted for a bit.

Then Kynzie’s ghost showed up. The look on Halix’ face seems to say, oh come one grandma….not now. Hehe, grandpa Ukupanipo also “walked” in downstairs about this time too.

See, and while I forgot to turn the UI on, he had a thought bubble about Kynzie and fist pumped. Apparently he was super excited to see his wife out at the club.

Back to the date, Easton decided to give Halix a romantic gift of a flower with a poem. It was very sweet, and these two are pretty cute I gotta say.

We have the first kiss! Halix was ready for it, and Easton was receptive. These two are going to have the chance to make some super cute kids I think. Zophi needs Halix to get married and have 4 kids to reach her aspiration, and luckily Halix will have 5 pregnancies.

This picture both made me mad and laugh at the same time. It took Kynzie FOREVER to get anyone to ask her for a selfie. Now that she is a ghost apparently the other ghosts are more accommodating. The date ended shortly after this, and Halix really needed to go home for some rest.

So now some more family updates. Ember is pregnant again, I don’t know that I caught the update that baby Ethan grew into a toddler. *Spoiler, I did find it later, it was mixed in with the pictures from Halloween and got missed…whoops.* I don’t think I did, but I’ll show him to you later, also Nick’s son, Ivan, is now a toddler.

Zax called him mom and wanted her to come over so Zophi and Harvey headed over. This family is still incredibly close and one of the first things Zax does is give his dad a hug. They hang out for a while and then head home.

Ixael got his high school A. Way to go Ixael! I think he has at least 4 days before growing up so I think he will count as the A for 3 days. We’ll see how it goes.

Easton invited Halix to the pet park. He is a dog lover….which might mean we will add a puppy to the crazy Latte mix, but we’ll see. Halix met a pup while she was there but it was a fairly short hang out session since Halix had to go to work.

It was a good thing she did because she got a promotion. I probably forgot to mention, she is in the entertainment job. I could not remember, and apparently never wrote down, what she rolled as a job, so we just went with what makes sense for her Musical Genius aspiration.

I missed the picture of it, but Zophi came home with a promotion as well. That makes her level 10 in Culinary and she is the first to reach that, so that is some extra points for us at the end of this generation!

Ixael and Harvey spend a little time together. Ixael doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it all that much, but I swear they were chatting just a second before this picture was taken.

I had almost forgotten that Ixael wasn’t quite a Llamacorn Scout, so I had him go grill some food and it was enough to push him over the edge. I love that grilling gives you Outdoor Adventure points, since we don’t have a good fishing spot near us.

I like when the family uses the bar stools together. In a family of 4 the table just seems so big sometimes. I believe Halix was out sleeping in the ocean to get some energy and hydration up. I love that mermaids can do that.

Pixey came by for a visit and Halix was happy to see her sister. They are the only girls this generation in this part of the family, but the do have a fair amount of female cousins.

Ah, Pixey is here to check out meet her sisters beau. Gotta make sure he’s good enough to be a part of the Latte’s. With a family as close as these guys are I would actually expect this.

Well, if this isn’t enough to chase Easton away I think he’s a keeper. I forget at times that Halix is eccentric, and while that isn’t necessarily why she dances this way, it is a fun trait that can very interesting to play with. He stays around and the two head out for a swim.

When Easton didn’t run away after swimming with a mermaid (not that I’m entirely sure he noticed) Halix decided it was time. Down on one knee, she went and asked the big question. He, of course, said yes! We will hold a wedding next time.

Ixael went on a little mini-vacation to Granite Falls since his aspiration is all about the outdoors. We aren’t going to make much progress, but he did collection some insects that we put in the house in the hopes of completing a new collection sometime.

That feels like a good place to wrap up this update. Next time we will start with the wedding of Halix and Easton. I’m excited to share that, but I don’t want to make this update any longer than it already is. So let’s take a quick look at the cousins.

This is Ethan on the left, Ember’s son. On the right is Ivan, Nick’s son. I would say the Latte genes are pretty strong since these boys certainly look like they could be related to me. Ethan is wild, and Ivan is Silly, they are both, of course, mermen.

This is Nick’s daughter Natalie. She looks so much like her dad it isn’t even funny. She has his eyes. She is Ivan’s older sister, so Ivan got more of their mom in him. And one more picture just for fun, because I found this guy just scrolling through the people in the manage worlds… I just couldn’t not share. Enjoy and I will see you all next time.

Generation 2.14 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.02

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