EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.03

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Welcome back for some more adventures of the Tripp family. As you may remember we are almost 1/2 way through this challenge as it is 10 generations and we are right in the thick of generation 5. Hard to believe.

We are early awaiting the birth of Miranda and Abby’s child. Last time we had some promotions, followed Miranda to work and had other fun just hanging out with the family. We also had a bit of an eerie message from Kiana. Let’s see where we are at in goals.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • Heir(ess) has a choice between the Criminal or Secret agent career.
  • Spouse can ONLY choose one of the previously unlocked careers.
  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So Abby, of course, is in the criminal career, and Miranda joined the Acting career. Abby is working her way up to boss, and Miranda joined the agency that is run by Abby’s current boss (or at least that’s our story, and we are sticking to it.)

We are going to start off right away with the birth of the new Tripp. Excited to see the new baby.

Suddenly Kiana’s message becomes clear. It’s a boy….the matriarchy is broken. I realized after the birth that I had been so caught up in keeping up with everything I had completely forgotten to feed Miranda strawberries. Well all the more reason to get Abby to the top of the career, maybe they can have more kids.

Anyway, regardless of all that, this is Frank. He clearly got Abby’s coloring, but beyond that we will have to wait for him to grow up more in order to see who he takes after.

Frank is named for Frank Costello, mob boss in New York during the 1920’s and 30’s.

It also happened to be Spring Fling and the eggs were all found this year. So there is a nice display of them in the toddlers “room.”

Lindsey was out tonight and spent some time talking with her granddaughter. Abby also took the opportunity to cause a little mischief. Typically people don’t get upset by Impersonating Mermaids, so she does that with most of the family.

Miranda: You promised me Abby!

Abby: Aaaak, I know, I’m working on it, but I’m not the boss yet, I can’t just get you ANY audition yet.

Miranda: You promised I’d be a star.

Abby: I know, and you will, I just need more time to move up the ladder a bit more.

Lara continues to work on her body building aspiration. We still needed to work out a few hours so onto the treadmill she went. She’s clearly getting pretty good.

And it was enough for her to reach another milestone. All we need now is the muscle density or whatever they call it. That one is likely going to take some time. I have already fed Lara and Zygo some youth potions. I’m not ready to let them go yet, and I would really like Zygo to reach the top of his career.

Kiana: This is an unusual plant.

Yes it is. It’s from Sixam, which is a alien world Lara has traveled to.

Kiana: Is this Sixam the reason things became broken?

I don’t think so, I just wasn’t paying enough attention that’s all.

Happy Birthday Frank. Welcome to toddlerhood. He is a cutie, and he got his mom’s same hair, and color as well. I think he’s mostly Abby actually, but he is cute.

Here’s a closer look at him. He got the Clingy trait, so that should be fun. Hopefully we’ll be able to get all his skills in.

Miranda got invited to what I figured out is basically a roast, so she brought Abby with her. This gave Abby a whole bunch of people to do mischief interactions with who didn’t necessarily hate them. I did crack up at the outfit Caleb is wearing back there.

Back at home grandpa and Frank sit down for some food. Frank is a little cutie, and I don’t think I changed most of his outfits at all. It’s time to get him started on skills after food though.

Awww, Johnny gives his granddaughter a hug. If I remember correctly he never got to meet Lindsey in life, although maybe when she was a baby. I think he was gone fairly early.

I didn’t capture all of the skilling little Frank was working on, but grandma Lara is there to read him off to sleep. Even if I lose the points for the matriarchy, which I’ll be sad if I do, Frank is a cutie and would make a good heir regardless.

Gaining mischief without a computer and/or ruining family relationships isn’t that easy. So we buy Abby the last two mischief books and she starts to read. Frank uses the time to watch her and gain some thinking.

When Frank asked Miranda to play I wasn’t sure what her response would be. She is evil and mean, but to her own son she would give the world, and in fact, intends too if Abby will ever make her a star.

It’s TV premier night and this is the first year we’ve been able to participate. Abby is at work I believe, and unable to join the rest of the family in veggie burgers and TV watching. Miranda watches enough and then heads to bed while Belle is out and joins in.

Zygo comes down with a sickness of some kind and ends up needing to drink some OJ to feel better. Poor guy was pretty miserable for a bit.

So I realized after a bit that Miranda missed her gig because she was having Frank. So we cancel that gig and get another one. Then she works some more with the bees. She’s tired of getting stung.

After that it’s time for Frank to have a bath. Frank is doing well on skills, he’s got at least 2 levels in each skill I believe and he is usually left to his own devices as I work everyone aspirations and careers.

It’s love day and these two are as in much love as they ever were. Zygo spends time professing is undying love to Lara, and they exchange roses. Abby and Miranda get through enough romantic interactions that Love Day is a success for all, but I apparently missed the pictures.

Lara has the Seldom Sleepy trait so she sleeps at random hours for random intervals, just enough to not be sleepy. That means she can talk much more often with the family ghosts. Ferd, her father, is out tonight and they talk.

I keep forgetting to fill in the “gap” with a chair, so it always looks like people are sitting so far away from each other. Abby is still working on her mischief points, and needs to be level 7, I believe for the next promotion.

Patchy spends some time chatting with Frank. This is actually our Patchy and he has started getting down from the tree again, so I’m not sure what was happening before, but it seems to be resolved itself.

Zygo occasionally sends off the bees to bring him back presents, and wouldn’t you now it, but they brought back the final statue needed to complete the collection. That’s another on marked down and completed.

With that I think we will end this update. Next time hopefully both Abby and Miranda will make progress on their careers and maybe even Zygo will too.

Post 5.02 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 5.04

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