Latte Game – Generation 3.03

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Greetings from the Latte’s! The family is growing more every day. When we were last with the family Halix and Easton got married in a lovely, although cold, ceremony at the park. Shortly after Halix was pregnant with the newest baby of the family. There were promotions, we celebrated Winterfest, and Halix finally had baby Hjordis. Let’s see how it’s going now.

Zophi heads up the moment little Hjordis needs something and feeds her a bottle. Having grandparents around to help with the baby is just wonderful. Zophi has high parenting skills too.

Ixael is getting ready to grow up soon. I will miss him when he’s gone, he’s been a fun sim, but we also need the space in the house. I have no doubt, however, with as close as this family is, that we will see him all the time.

Easton comes home with a promotion and he is on his way to getting through the astronaut career. I haven’t ever played this one, so I’m looking forward to see how he does.

Zax called and asked his mom to join him at a club. She brought Harvey as well and wouldn’t you know, Kynzie and Ukupanipo’s ghosts were there too. It was like a small family reunion and everyone had a good time. At the end of the night we even met Ember as well.

We have 4 more pregnancies we need to get through with these two, so there is no time like the present. I do love these two and want to see what all their kids look like.

We got the update to let us know Ember’s baby, Mikel is now a toddler. We will show you a better look at him at the end. She has had some cute little kids.

It’s time for Ixael’s birthday as well. He is now a YA. Ixael adds Glutton to his traits, and gets a job in Business. Then he moves out on his own. We will miss having his help with the baby, but he moves into the world rather quickly. I didn’t happen to catch the notice, but when I was looking at households shortly after he was already there.

Being retired, well she sold her restaurants, and needing more grandkids to make any headway on her aspiration, Zophi starts the process of upgrading items around the house.

Halix gets another promotion and is working her way up the music career fairly quickly. I’m hoping she will max it without too much trouble, and her aspiration is at the point where she needs to write songs, so that will take a bit of time.

Halix wakes up and tells me, and then Easton, that she is, in fact, pregnant with their next baby. Baby A is on the way, and I’m excited to see what they will look like.

Nick’s son grew up, and then in sad news Kevin has passed away. The whole family is going to be sad for quite a while with this one. Kevin will be missed, but he outlived 2 wives, and raised 3 children.

New Years comes around and the family is invited over again. Everyone was still sad about Kevin’s passing, but they all come together to celebrate with a meal and conversation.

Nick heads up and takes care of baby Hjordis. Having two decently young kids of his own I’m sure he’s used to taking care of babies. We also see Kendra was invited and came as well.

Once most of the family has left for the night everyone gathers and watches the countdown to the New Year. Everyone had a good holiday, and made resolutions. Zophi, Halix, and Easton all resolved to earn skills, and Harvey had the resolution to get a promotion.

So I saw this and was confused. What happened to this shell to make it start stinking? I zoomed in to make sure I saw a stink cloud and sure enough, I did. Then I turned the camera, and oh, it was an abandoned cupcake.

It’s birthday time for baby Hjordis and she grows up into a toddler. I apparently paused right as the baby form was still spinning and toddler form was just coming to the ground.

Here is baby Hjorids as a toddler. She is very cute, and her eyes are not from the Latte’s. I went back and checked and no one has had this color eyes. Perhaps from the Wilde side? Hjordis gains the Wild trait.

First things first, right before the makeover, Halix takes Hjorids down to learn the first level of potty skill. Gotta get started early with that one.

Easton has reached the final level of his body builder aspiration, but he needs more fitness skill and needs to be in peak performance. So he heads out to initially do an energetic yoga routine.

Zophi puts little Hjordis to bed with a story. Having read stories to so many kids at this point Zophi is a pro at this by now.

Harvey comes home with a final promotion. He finally did it, he reached the top of the Athletic career and is a Hall of Famer. This also gave him the resolution he made as well.

We got a family update and it looks like Zax finally got married. She is pretty and we’ll see if they end up having any kids. Zax has been an adult for a bit already but we’ll see. Pixey is also now an adult.

Final update was that Nick’s wife has passed away. It’s amazing the extension of life that being a mermaid/merman provides to the extended family so far.

Halix is also a good parent, and she reads to little Hjordis as well. They also play with the dollhouse together as well. Hjordis didn’t show up much in the update, but she is a busy little girl.

Hi you two, how is it going?

Zophi: We are discussing the family reunion

That is today, that’s right.

Halix: Yeah, we are inviting everyone we can.

We had much of the family over and they spent time eating, drinking kava together, and just talking and discussing. Most of the cousins were invited, although no one knows Yuri’s adopted daughter enough to invite her.

Zophi continues to be a wonderful grandma and gives our little Hjordis a bath. I love her little pigtails, she’s so cute!

Easton gets himself a new promotion and is slowly working his way up the ladder. I don’t think he should have any major problems reaching these goals.

Ukupanipo is out again and talking with his granddaughter. She is getting pretty big and should be giving birth to our newest Latte soon. I’m not sure why Uku is sad, but ghosts flit between moods really easily it seems.

Yeah, remember how I said she was close, well Easton and Halix woke up SUPER early in the morning with Halix in labor. It’s time for baby A to make an appearance. Halix’s needs are super high, so we just have the baby at home.

We have a new little girl! Her name is Amarja. Yes, I know there are lots of A’s, but every other letter is new. We do not have M, R, or J yet, so this felt like a good name. Welcome Amarja.

As Amarja was starting to make her appearance we got the notice that the 3 Straud kids are now all YA’s, and it will be time to go flag them, but that will be next update. For now this feels like a great place to close. We have room for 2 more kids at the moment so will be working on baby L soon.

Until then, here is a quick look at Zax’s wife. Apparently I caught her with her eyes closed, but she is pretty and I hope they have some kids together.

Then here are two of the cousins. First is Mikel, Ember’s youngest son with her husband Juan and then next to him is Ivan, Nick’s youngest who is now a child. Ember could potentially have additional children, but with the passing of Nick’s wife it’s unlikely he’ll have any more. Isla is the only one of Kynzie’s kids to not end up having kids of their own, Zorah and Zophi (the twins) having the most with 9 between them (the 3 Zorah had plus adopted daughter). Kevin had the 2 and then his adopted daughter as well. Everyone else has had 2 kids.

Generation 3.02 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.04

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