Latte Game – Generation 3.04

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Welcome back to the Latte’s! It’s good to see you again and we have another action packed update for you. Last time we were with the family little Hjordis grew up into a toddler and baby Amarja was born. That means we still have L, I, and X to go. To wrap up last entry we had some family holidays and Ixael grew up and moved out on his own. Let’s check in on the family now.

To start us off Zax called and invited us down to GeekCon and we decided to bring as much of the family with us as we could. So Oxkar, Ember, and Ixael also joined us for today’s events.

The family had a good time chatting, playing games, we even picked up some swag for fun. Overall it was a good day for everyone. The extended family continues to try and keep this whole family connected and it’s sweet.

Because I had kept forgetting before we also took this time go stop by the Straud house and flag the rest of the Straud kids. No marriage or babies for any of these kids. Especially since, in looking at gallery pictures, Orion and Opal appear to be both vampire and mermaid.

Easton spends a little extra time at the house getting to know is mother-in-law’s twin and some of her kids. This family will be around for a long time to come, probably for forever, since it’s made up of mostly vampires, but Zorah and Christine are human and will eventually pass on.

We then get some fun extended family updates. It looks like both Pixey and Oxkar are going to be having kids. These kids will be decently close in age to their cousins, Hjordis being a toddler now and Amarja just being born.

This one is a little harder to take. Kendra, as you may remember, is Kevin’s oldest daughter. Being the eldest son of Kynzie it makes sense that Kendra would be reaching her elder years. She is, however, on the same level of the family tree as Mikel (Ember’s son) who is still a toddler. When you have big family this happens, but it still feels crazy.

Anyway, back to our main family. Easton is continuing to work on his aspiration and keep his body in tip top shape. He, after all, is an astronaut, or working towards being one and needs to stay in good physical condition.

Halix, for her part is working with her daughter on her skills. Skills have been a little tough for Hjordis. She gets sad often, which seems odd with her Wild trait, but so be it. She doesn’t mind working blocks with mom though.

Another quick family update to stay Ember will only have the two sons, Ethan and Mikel for she is now an elder. All of Kynzie kids are elders, and Kevin of course passed last update.

Harvey has always been a good grandpa, and his good charisma makes him a good storyteller. Hjordis looks like she is trying so hard to keep her eyes open.

Oxkar invited Zophi to a party on the cliffs. Everyone in the family was super worn out from life so I sent Zophi by herself. We arrive and Ukupanipo is already there, and Zophi chats and dances the night away.

I’m pretty sure I saw a ghost head over this way and then saw this. That looks ominous. The bonfire just started up after that, but was the ghost a sacrifice?

Whatever the cause, this guy enjoyed his fire dancing immensely. It was great fun to watch him. About this time Zophi decided to take a nap on a bench and the crowd went a little crazy when Kynzie’s ghost also made an appearance.

Ixael also stopped by and of course Zophi had show him pictures of the babies. Hjordis was an active toddler now, and Ixael hadn’t been by since Amarja was born. It was a fun night for Zophi and she went home tired but happy.

Back at home everyone was having dinner together, well every except for Amarja of course. The family is beginning to run out of leftovers a little bit, so Zophi might need to cook up some more food soon.

The grandparents have been a terrific help to Halix and Easton. They would barely need to lift a finger if they didn’t want to. Both Harvey and Zophi are at level 9 parenting and I would love have one of them max it.

Looks like Nick’s eldest daughter if now a teen. That’s probably good as she has a little brother, Ivan, and their mom just passed last updated and Nick isn’t exactly a spring chicken himself.

Zax invites his dad over to hang out for a bit, and since no one in the family had met his new wife yet. So Harvey went over and got to know Kayleigh a bit better.

Our nightly family updates come in and we discover that Zax and Kayleigh are actually expecting now. We also get word that Oxkar has gotten married. This is not the same woman that he got pregnant. I went and searched out where they were, and they live in the same neighborhood, only a few streets away from each other.

It was a good thing Harvey visited Zax when he did, because early the next morning he let us know, his time was finally up. I had given him lost of youth potion, but he managed to top the athletic career, maxed fitness, and managed to end with 9 traits (Quick Learner, Goofball, Kleptomaniac, Self-Absorbed, Shrewd, Shameless, Gym Rat, Great Kisser, and Antiseptic) and he managed to complete 1 aspiration (Fabulously Wealthy.) He was a successful guy and will be missed.

While the family is across the hall mourning for Harvey, Amarja is in the other room growing up into a toddler. She is adorable and almost all Easton. She got his blond hair, and blue eyes.

Here is a closer picture of her. She has her mom’s complexion, but at the moment she takes after Easton the most. She is adorable though and get the Charmer trait.

A few hours later the family gets notified of yet another tragedy in the family. He might have been evil, but Yuri was always there for his siblings. Any family event he almost always attended, at least for a little bit, and had a great relationship with most of his siblings, and his nieces and nephews.

And that is coupled with additional happy news. What a roller coaster of a morning….this all happened within a handful of sim hours. Yes, Halix is expecting baby L. There is room for multiples, so we are going to be hoping for a single baby.

Halix heads over to tell Easton the news, and at first his face looks like he doesn’t quite believe her, or that maybe he’s suspicious of it in some way, but in the end he is happy about the news.

Pixey calls after the news of both her father and her uncle reach her and invites all of her siblings over to mourn together and take comfort from each other. The girls are the last to leave and it seems to have done the family some good.

Back at home the girls continue to be adorable. Hjordis is about a day away from growing up and just needs a bit more communication and imagination. It might not have been easy, but she should reach top-notch.

I love that toddlers can play together. They are just too cute, and probably some of the more diverse genetics in siblings we’ve seen for a bit. I’m happy to have blonde in the mix now.

Our next set of family news is for birthdays. Yuri’s eldest daughter, Yenifer, is now an adult, and Ember’s youngest, Mikel is now a child. Ember just became and elder this play session, so he should be a YA or older before she is gone.

Halix gets herself another promotion. She is flying her way up the music career and might actually make it to the top before she turns to elder at this rate.

New cousins are here as well. Pixey had a little girl named Paula and Oxkar’s fling had a little girl as well, which was named Olivia. I’m curious if Oxkar will start having kids with his wife now.

All of these kids put Zophi over the required 4 grandkids and she completed her aspiration finally. I had it in my mind it was all up to Halix, not even thinking that if her siblings had kids that would also count. Zophi (who apparently decided to die her hair back to brown) chose her next aspiration as Master Chef. Time for some family dinner parties.

And we end this update on a bit of a sad note in the notification that Nick has also passed away. It has been quite the roller coaster of emotions this update. Happy and sad have happened and everyone in the family will take their time to mourn their loved ones. Next time we will see Hjordis become a child, and see the appearance of Baby L. I hope you will join us then.

For fun, here is a close up of the two non-family members who added to the family. To the left is Oxkar’s fling, Imane Jaouad. One the right is the man whom Pixey got together with and his name is Gil Underwood.

In other family portraits, on the left is Robyn Villareal, Oxkar’s wife that he married earlier in the round. On the right is Nick’s daughter Natalie. I actually gave her slightly nicer eyebrows as she had super thin, very high on her forehead eyebrows and it just looked weird. She is very unique looking.

Thanks for sticking with me through this decently long post. There was so much going on I didn’t want to just cut the update so I hope you didn’t mind a little extra today. See you next time!

Generation 3.03 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.05

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