Latte Game – Generation 3.05

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Hello, we are back with the Latte’s after quite an up and down entry last time. We didn’t necessarily get very far with the challenge last time, but there was a lot happening with the extended family. There were births, deaths, marriages, and Zophi did manage to complete her aspiration.

We start with Ukupanipo watching his daughter upgrade the family fridge. Zophi is on a roll of trying to upgrade things before her time has passed.

Ukupanipo: She got old, like me

Yes she did, time will do that to you.

Easton is still working away at his bodybuilder trait. I have no idea what all it’s going to take for him to reach it, but I know he works out basically every day.

It’s firework day today, and so some crackers are purchased to see if we can get the rest of the plushies. (We didn’t) One day we will eventually find all of them.

We invited over family and one of these days I’ll remember to do this later so we can actually set off and watch fireworks together. It will wait for another year though.

The girls look so different this generation. We have not had the most diversity in genetics in this family. Started with blond Kynzie, and brown haired Ukupanipo, then got black haired Harvey, and now blond Easton. Hopefully we’ll bring in a red head soon, and maybe a lighter brown hair or something. Still, the girls are adorable, although Hjordis needs a bath.

As soon as Halix is free she gives Hjordis the bath she needed. As you may or may not remember Halix is currently carrying baby L. At least we hope it’s only baby L and not babies. We currently only have 5 people in the house, so there is room.

Easton: ….and then the puppy went up up up the hill

Hjordis: *I’ve heard this story, doesn’t he know any better ones.*

Amarja: *hehe, puppy puppy*

Who can believe it’s Hordis birthday already???

Halix: I can, I don’t want 3 toddlers running around the house.

Fair enough Halix, sorry I did kind of have you space them close.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Hjordis. She grew up in decently boyish clothes and a mo-hawk, which I didn’t leave her in, but we will see her make-over in a minute.

First a word from our extended family. Oxkar is having another baby, this time with his wife. We apparently forgot to flag Yenifer for pregnancy so she is having a baby, and Pixey got married to someone not her baby daddy. This family tree is going to get crazy quick.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled household. This is Hjordis after her makeover. She is very tomboyish, and I won’t say for sure that she isn’t trans, but so far, she hasn’t expressed that to me, just more tomboy. Maybe as a teen that will change, we’ll see. Still, I really like the look, grew up in the glasses so I kept ’em. Hjordis’ aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp and got Slob as a trait. She did reach Top-Notch Toddler, however.

Ho boy, you know what this group of pictures is here for. Halix woke up in the middle of the night and drug Easton (who was exhausted) to the hospital to have their newest baby. It’s another girl, and only one, and her name is Lowitja. I will not guarantee I will always spell her name right.

Back at home little Amarja headed up stairs to check out the new baby. While she has a smile on her face she actually got a sad moodlet. I hope she isn’t evil and making an evil plan with that smile.

Zophi, being the kick ass grandma that she is, helps Hjordis with her homework for the day. We will be getting A’s with these kids just like all the others.

Kynzie haunts for the first time in awhile, checks out the baby, fist pumps and moves on. Poor little Lowitja was screaming the whole time. Way to put all those parenting skills to work Kynzie.

Awwww, I see now. The twins were coming, just not to Halix. I’m ok with this. Zax can have all the twins he wants. Two little boys for Zax and his wife.

Hjordis may now be older but that doesn’t mean she is too big to play with Amarja and the dollhouse. It’s still great fun and helps Amarja learn faster too.

I believe it was Pixey that invited the family out this time, or no, actually I think it was Kendra, Kevin’s oldest daughter. Anyway, Halix and the rest of her siblings were there, as was Christine, the adopted daughter of Zorah. Everyone had a good time catching up and hanging out.

Since Amarja is a charmer, when visitors came by, including the other Wilde boys, Amarja went around Sharing the Love to everyone. It’s so cute! She is adorable, and at the moment, even though I know nothing much about the other kids, or the 2 that aren’t here yet, I think she might be my favorite this gen so far.

And that sweet moment is interrupted by more family updates. I swear, in a family this big there is almost never a night I don’t get updates for Latte’s. This is why I have chosen to flag them all so they don’t have offspring (minus the one I’m letting Yenifer keep….seems cruel to remove a baby from Yenifer (if you are a Witcher fan you will probably understand that.))

So Austin is having a baby, and while he’s not a Latte, and not really related to the family in this save, I thought I’d point it out anyway. Olivia, Oxkar’s daughter with Imane is a toddler, as is Paula, Pixie’s daughter. Finally Vince, Kevin’s youngest is now an Adult. His sister is an elder already.

This feels like a pretty typical picture at the moment. Halix is working on writing songs for her aspiration, and Easton is working out. Which is working on his aspiration as well. He doesn’t fall on the treadmill nearly as often anymore.

Zophi: What are you eating? I’m making food.

Halix: Mom, it’s obviously grilled fruit. I’m pretty sure you grilled this yesterday.

Zophi: Well couldn’t you wait until I made something fresh?

Halix: No, but Amarja will be up soon and very hungry.

Hjorids has gone into mess making mode, but that’s ok when she is controllable because I have her clean it right back up and it’s scouting badge points.

You know, looking at the picture of Halix reading little Amarja to sleep makes me realize I barely have any pictures of Easton doing things with the girls. He does, I swear!

Halix: ….ohha, yeah, that’s funny.

Halix, who you talking to?

Halix: Oh just the voices in my head. You know they are pretty funny.

Her erratic trait comes out at very….well erratic times. Usually, she’s telling herself a story, although I have also caught her singing to herself. She’s a lot of fun. No sign of baby I yet, although they honestly have tried too hard. I’m beginning to wonder if they are going to end up with all girls this time.

This feels, however, like a good place to end this update and go into seeing all of the different new extended family members or updates that we had earlier. This was like the entry of “we still exist too!”

We will start with these two. First up is the man to actually married Pixie, this is Genji Tanaka. The other one, who looks like he’s trying to escape the picture, is the child Mikel. I apparently missed his growing up notification, but he is Ember’s youngest if you don’t remember.

Then we have the toddlers. With the red hair that she inherited from her daddy, we have Paula. The little inquisitive looking one is Oxkar’s daughter Olivia. Both are adorable.

Finally, because it was just so funny and I couldn’t not. This is our next door neighbor on the island. Where the ship has been brought up onto the land. I feel like he might be a little obsessed with dogs….

And with that I will leave you for now, and see you next time!

Generation 3.04 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.06

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

4 thoughts on “Latte Game – Generation 3.05”

  1. Do you name the extended family members, or is there a setting in MCCC that forces them to have names beginning with the parents’ names? I only just realised when I saw Zax’s twins that they always have the name of their Latte-descendant.

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    1. In MCCC it give me the option to name the babies, so I actually given them the names myself. For the rest of the town I just randomize a couple of times, but it lets me name the famly members. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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