EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.07

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Hello. It’s nice to see you back at the Tripp house! We are zooming along through generation 5 and Frank is about ready to be a YA, but will he actually take over? If you remember last time Abby finally became “The Boss” and that meant we could have more kids.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Once heir reaches top of criminal track, couples can have as many children as they want, because they’re used to breaking the law anyway.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So the only thing we need to keep going is any child born now needs to get the evil trait. So let’s hope in and see how things are going for the family.

We start with confetti, which can only mean one thing. A new little Tripp is on the way. Now Abby and Miranda are not super young anymore, so both buy and drink a potion of youth to give them time to raise the new little baby.

Kiana: It is restored.

I take it that means this baby you sense is a little girl?

Kiana: Yes

If it’s all the same to you I’m still going to have her eat strawberries left and right.

Miranda tells Abby the news, and this is her face. I’m a little scared of what this means.

Abby: Just that the matriarchy will continue. hahaha

Ok….I mean, I guess.

As promised I start feeding Miranda strawberries whenever she gets hungry. I’m sure you will be sick of them by the end but I am determined to get a little girl this time, regardless of how sure Kiana is.

Cornelius is still fed regularly, and I don’t believe he has had to eat anyone in quite some time. The girls have done a stellar job of keeping up the garden, and both are friends with the bees.

It’s Love Day (which means I was wrong last entry and I have no idea why the horns) and the girls exchange flowers. They will not go on a date because of the glitch with Miranda’s gigs if we travel, so this will have to do.

Frank was sent out to beach comb and he found our missing shell! That is another collection complete. Thank you Frank, because Abby was not finding it and kept getting pinched my a crab or popped on by a bird.

Grandpa Zygo is out and sharing the love day spirit with his grandson. Frank has not had time to find a girlfriend. He barely has met anyone outside of his family. Kiana also is visiting tonight.

The next day is Miranda’s next shooting day. So she heads over and sticks her nose up at just about everyone else on set. Her wife is now the boss and she feels good.

Hair and make-up and done tastefully and then she heads into wardrobe and that’s when her day goes downhill quickly.

This is yet another gig where she is in this dumb costume. She was supposed to be through with these jobs. She gets through her tasks and leaves.

Back at home, with his distant phase going on, Frank takes time to get in touch with his creative trait and spends time in the studio away from everyone else.

We finish our display of shells and place the plaques for the shells and the microscope prints (since one of them is right there) on the wall. The collections are slowly starting to come together.

After having a chat with Miranda where she basically told Abby if she ever had to be in a full body costume like these last two jobs she was not going to be happy, and that anger would be taken out on Abby, Abby decided to take out the canoe they had bought to do some late night fishing.

Before the baby was born Abby took one more quick trip to the jungle to try and find the last fossils we needed. Abby does find the missing mustache fossil, but we are still missing the last jungle specific one.

Back at home, Miranda goes into labor and we meet the newest little Tripp. It is a little girl this time, so the matriarchy can continue, and she is named Bonnie Tripp.

Bonnie is named after the famous Bonnie Parker, the female companion of Clyde Barrow, who together formed the criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie appears to have dark skin just like Abby, but I have learned not to take too much stalk in babies coloring so we will see who she takes after as she gets older.

Johnny and Belle are out tonight, and Johnny made pancakes then the two watched the weather channel. It’s not the weather for here, however, since this is calling for snow and I’m pretty sure the islands are not planning to see snow as we go into the summer.

Abby, working on completing her Collector aspiration, heads to Sixam using her mothers rocket to gather some rocks/crystals/aliens to see if we can find the things we need.

Once she comes home she bakes up a hamburger cake and it’s time to celebrate Frank’s birthday. It’s been great to have you here Frank, even though you ended up fairly ignored during your teen years! Here’s some money, good luck.

Since it’s summer and baby Bonnie has a few days before she will grow up, the girls take a vacation to Granite Falls to harvest unknown plants, and pick up as many insects as we can. Miranda made her way to the hermit’s hut as well, and even found a will-o-the-wisp.

We have installed a water slide, because, our yard wasn’t full enough already, and the ghosts love it. I think the ghosts have used it more than anyone in the family.

Abby gave a sugar skull offering and went to talk with the celebrator to see if we could get a new skull. Sadly, we did not, but he did get to see pictures of Bonnie and the trip to Granite Falls.

Speaking of Bonnie, this sad sad little girl is Bonnie newly all grown up. I do not remember why she was so sad here, but I think it was because someone was gone.

She got a tiny bit of a make-over, but I left her hair alone. She is adorable and she got the inquisitive trait. I am not sure I’ve had an inquisitive toddler so far. At the very least we haven’t in this challenge.

Miranda starts with the potty training, and Bonnie didn’t want any of it. She was very defiant the whole time, but she did it anyway. She probably realized mom wouldn’t let her up.

Trying to rope her into bed, Bonnie runs outside and starts thinking about something and throwing an tantrum because she is tired. Well if you would let your mom take you to bed, you could sleep!

Miranda finally manages to wrangle little Bonnie into bed and starts reading her a story. She may be mean and evil, but she’s a decent mom for sure.

Miranda has got her archeology skill up enough to try and find the final elements. As luck would have it, Abby swiped a metal that should contain the last element we need, and so Miranda gets started on trying to extract it. Abby has been learning herbalisim to identify all the plants they brought back.

While collecting the harvest for the day Abby manages to complete her Aspiration. She then goes through Mansion Barron and Fabulously Wealthy in quick succession to finally land on Outdoor Enthusiast. In the hopes that she can spend more time in Granite Falls soon.

Miranda is back and work and the make-up artist must have gotten a talking to because he is much more in touch with his job while getting Miranda ready. Miranda felt like she made it clear to Abby she wasn’t going to be a faceless “costumed” character anymore.

So when she gets her wardrobe finished she is so happy to be in this show. She gets to sing, gets to dance, gets to play the guitar and it’s going to go great!

Miranda performs, and takes risks on almost everything. She, unfortunately, failed at the singing, going into a coughing fit in the middle of it. The fact she couldn’t redo it made her vow to talk to Abby about this director.

With that I feel like it’s a good place to leave you. A lot has happened this round and we will see next time if Miranda is successful in getting the director’s head on a platter. Bonnie should be growing up before too much longer into a child and generation 6 will be here before we know it.

Post 5.06 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 5.08

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