Latte Game – Generation 3.06

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You have found the next update!! Welcome to the Latte’s. This fun family is slowly working their way through Generation 3 of this name game, and I feel like we have had a fairly decent amount of letters taken care of in 3 generations. We aren’t doing super long names and I seem poised to take care of J this next generation, which will be great.

Anyway, last time with the family we saw lots of the extended family, had baby Lowitja (I think I spelled that right), and the rest of the family worked on their aspirations. So let’s see how it’s going this time around.

We will actually start with an extended family update. I swear family, you are not forgotten even if you aren’t played!! Anyway, this is Ember’s oldest son, Ethan.

Easton works hard on his aspiration. He does like to work out but it’s a bit slow going. Still, he continues to make progress and I will probably be buying some extra traits before too long.

While Hjordis works on building up her social skills a bit by chatting with other kids, her sister Amarja watches her. Amarja is very close to leveling up all her skills and her birthday is also very soon.

We do have another toddler now though, as little Lowitja has grown into a toddler herself. She grows up with pretty high needs having just been taken care of by someone in the family so hopefully we can get her on a decent schedule right away.

Here is Lowitja after a bit of a make-over. She got her daddy’s lips it looks like, but otherwise is mostly her mother. She rolled the Independent trait, which I love.

While bringing little Lowitja downstairs to the toddler room Halix has a bit of a glitch. This requires resetting. Easton has a similar glitch just a short time later. Is Lowitja magic, is she trying to glitch us out of this game???? I hope not!!

For the time being, things seem normal and she plays dolls with Amarja, who is needing more imagination to be top-notch. She shouldn’t have any trouble actually finishing but she is getting close.

To help her work on it some more Easton reads a story to both girls. This is a story I don’t believe either girl has heard and they are both completely enthralled by the story.

Lowitja can mostly potty train herself, being independent, but it still goes faster with someone helping. Easton is on board and seems determined to not look down at his daughter while she does her business.

Sibling love! Everyone say it together….AWWWWWWW. I swear this family is as bad as the Walton’s. I didn’t plan them to be this way, they just seem to naturally go this way. Even Yuri, when he was with us, would still show up and send presents.

It’s TV premier night so Zophi whips up a batch of….some sort of noodles and the family sits down to watch Pink is the new Orange I think it was called. Halix was at work, but got home right before the end of the episode and was able to enjoy the holiday herself.

We will be back with our family in just a moment, but we take this small break to say Yenifer had a baby boy named Youssef. Oxkar also had a baby, even though it isn’t shown here but I cannot remember the babies name. We will see him when he’s a toddler. Zax twins are now toddlers themselves. My game is loving that hair for toddlers lately.

With that out of the way it’s time for a birthday!!! Happy birthday Amarja. She got her last skills and is a top-notch toddler. So daddy, just home from his astronaut job, brings his little girl to the cake.

She is an interesting little girl. Very much a mix of her parents. This is her post make-over. She rolled Geek for her trait, and wants to be a Social Butterfly. Well I have managed to do it once so far, so I’m sure I can get it done again. She joins the scouts and is ready for childhood.

Her sister teaches her the scouting handshake and they perform it together. I love these two and of all the kids born into this family, these two might be the most genetically different between siblings. Pixie had black hair while the rest had brown, but the family resemblance has always been strong with this family.

Once again his is astronaut suit, Easton takes on the parenting roll and helps the girls with their homework. Really he helps Amarja as Hjordis mostly just breezes through it now. Of course, the toddler room, where Lowitja is the place to be.

Part of Zophi’s aspiration was to throw a dinner party. So after the kids are all in bed all the family we could invite is invited over to spend time with each other and enjoy a lovely dinner prepared by Zophi. Even Yuri’s adopted daughter was in attendance.

Almost all the girls in the house gather together the next day. Hjordis, I think, is telling funny stories to little Lowitja while Amarja works on her arts and crafts badge. Halix is working on writing a new song. At some point (probably when I had to reset her with Lowitja) she lost the songs she was working on, so it’s taking longer than it should be.

Sunday is a beautiful day and so the family takes the girls to the park. This lets Hjordis get through the first milestone of her aspiration, and Amarja between the park and dinner party only needs to meet one more person. Easton looks after Lowitja and works her skills some during the outing.

After we are back home, Zophi needs to cook something gourmet so she whips up a protein plate. Easton is working on his workouts after all, so he could use a good pick me up.

There is some exciting news when Halix discovers that she is pregnant again, this time with baby I and goes to tell Easton. Easton gets the worried look, but also holds a small smile on his face most of the announcement and seems very happy.

Easton spends some time with his oldest, chatting and eating in the kids bedroom. Hard to believe we are almost through having kids this generation. They are all pretty close in age, and we have room for the final baby as long as Halix isn’t carrying twins.

Zax is going to have more children as he and his wife are expecting again. I am sure keeping up with the twins has been quite the event but we will see what they have this time soon enough.

Lowitja is such a cutie. She is getting close to be a child, and also getting very close to maxing out all of her skills. I think she has 1 more day, at least, left as a toddler and just a fraction of imagination and movement to go.

It’s obviously Monday as the girls are busy working on projects out in the sand. You know, if I had projects for school this is the type of setting I think I would like to work in as well. The girls are close to being best friends, which would give Amarja a milestone.

Even grandma Zophi comes out to help the girls. I love that she sat right between them and just talked to them both while they worked. I think both of these were “unique” projects, as in, I hadn’t saved a copy of them yet, so they get lined up with the others after they were completed.

That feels like enough information for you for a single chapter and it’s starting to get long, so we will wrap it up for this time. I hope you are still enjoying the Latte’s and will be back to join us next time!

So I have apparently missed the notice for Ivan growing up. He is on the left and was Nick’s son with his wife, if you can remember that far back. To the right is Ethan, whom we saw the notice for at the beginning of the chapter. He is Ember’s eldest son, and very handsome if I do say so myself.

These are Zax twins. They are very very similar in their features. On the left is little Zven. He’s got his dad’s black hair and green eyes, and then Zorro has the brown hair and what look like Ukupanipo’s eyes potentially.

Finally, I missed getting a picture of the notice of this little guy growing up, but this is Oxkar’s son, Xander. He is one of the more unique toddlers in this lot, as the family resemblance tends to be pretty strong in this family. I’m excited to see what they all look like as teens.

Generation 3.05 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.07

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