EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.08

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We are back with the Tripp’s and while it’s been the same amount of time of you readers, for me it’s been awhile since I played this family, so it’s fun to have an update to write up for you. So last time Bonnie was born, grew into a toddler, Frank became a YA and moved out and the family worked on collections and their jobs.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • If heir(ess) chooses the Criminal career track
    • Every child born afterwards will need to be given the Evil trait, until a future heir(ess) (generation 9) reaches the top of the secret agent career.
    • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So there really isn’t anything left to do in this generation but to make sure Bonnie gets the evil trait and grows up. That means Abby and Miranda will probably be focusing on collections, aspirations, and getting Miranda further in her active career.

So we begin on a dark and stormy evening with Abby heading towards some swirling colors. What could be happening and why?

Why Abby is here with Miranda so that Miranda can work on become a spell castor. If you remember a couple of entries ago, Miranda finished up some aspirations and chose to go the spell casting route next.

After going on her required mote hunt she returns and is granted magic. She spends some time buying up things in the shops, like wands, books, and brooms (well a broom and a mop) and then heads home.

Back at home we find little Bonnie working on her toddler skills. She’s the matriarch now and must get all her skills in so she can be top notch.

Abby sits down to read her books. She can only learn 1 spell and 1 potion from what she bought as the other is too high a level for her still, but it’s a start

The family was getting enough money that we bought Abby a vault. We aren’t going to lock it, but it seems appropriate that she would have one. It’s already got lots of money and special items in it.

Cornelius is still alive and watches Abby work in the garden. Cornelius hasn’t needed to eat anyone lately and barely gets his lure cake out before someone is there feeding him. I wish I could feed him “early” and have him accept it, but oh well.

Abby then takes on the task of giving Bonnie a bath and playing dolls with her. Where is Miranda you might be wondering??? Well she is still dealing with glitches in her career.

So she spends time working out and then with the director, and Zygo’s ghost as well. She still has some baby weight from Bonnie, and we are hoping she can go to this gig tomorrow.

While Miranda is having the work ‘party’ Abby heads out to use the water slide. She’s got some skills doing it on her feet like this.

Miranda is able to go to work, but is not happy with the state of the new wardrobe guy. Time for another word with the boss, aka Abby, about the state of help she’s dealing with.

Finally in her right outfit Miranda is able to shoot her scenes, and since one involves giving another character what for she puts all her venom into that scene. By the time she has to play the guitar and sing she’s feeling much better about the day.

The gnome coalition is back and apparently having a meeting in the living room….maybe about the clay??? Whatever their reason this means it’s once again HarvestFest.

Miranda and Abby try to make sure the gnomes are comfortable and happy, but one must have said something a little untoward towards Miranda….or maybe she’s just surprised by what topic they are discussing.

After the gnomes had moved outside and were all happy Abby cooked up a Tofurkey grand meal and the family ate together. We should have invited Frank over, but wasn’t thinking about it.

Especially since it also happened to be little Bonnie’s birthday as well. After dinner and a little time Abby make a cake for the heir and helped her blow out the candles.

She joined the scouts and got started right away on her homework, which her mom also came and helped her with. She grew up into the glasses, which is cute.

She gets a bit of a make-over though, and while this picture makes her look unhappy, she looks very cute in my opinion. Bonnie will have to choose between the business and political careers, so she is already starting to look the part. She gets Evil as her first trait, and rolls Whiz Kid for her aspiratoin.

Bonnie gets started right away on working that mental skill and also working her scouts badges. We gotta get her ready for teenhood.

Abby plays chess with her, and then later so does Miranda to get those 3 needed chess games in. We will get through this first milestone today yet.

Once the chess games are over it’s time for stories to be read. Abby once again is the parents in this situation as Miranda is dealing with getting settled in with the new people in charge at the agency and discussing her work.

Miranda has also been practicing her magic. She only knows one spell, but it’s fun to use on fish poachers or litterbugs that come around. Sometimes though Miranda just uses it on anyone walking by.

These were two were quite the pair. Lindsey, as you can see, is angry tonight. On her way into the house she kicked over the back trash bin and then heads out front to grill. Zygo was working on picking up all the trash, but when he took it out back, he couldn’t put it in the bin because it was kicked over. So he got sad and brought it back in the house.

It’s a small family meeting to tell the family that Abby is going away for a couple of days to go to Granite Falls and see about finding more insects. We thought about finding plants, but realized it’s now winter, so they won’t be growing.

So Abby heads out she while she catches a couple of insects the family already had, she is able to catch the 5 fish she needed for her aspiration. We’ll come back in the summer for the plants and insects.

Miranda gets back to work on her magic. We visit the magical realm again and pick up new items, and then she works her potions. She also attempts to fly on the mop, but it isn’t easy going and she just barely hangs on.

Abby has now taken to napping in the money. I do believe it’s time to get Abby a cat. The Boss feels like a title, and a job where she should have one. Especially if she is going to be sleeping in piles of money.

Abby has certainly taken on more of a parenting role with Bonnie lately, but it’s still Miranda she goes to for advice and is good friends with. Still, Abby continues to be a present parent.

Miranda gets the chance to reprise her role in the musical western and preforms well. She didn’t even have an issue with the wardrobe guy this time. She is feeling quite good in her career. (AR: We’d been doing better if it weren’t for the stupid glitch.)

That feels like a good place to end this update as well. We will have more to come, but I hope you enjoyed this latest entry and we should see Bonnie become a teen next time, and will Miranda become the star she wants to be???

Post 5.07 | Rules | Family Tree | Post 5.09

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