Latte Game – Generation 3.08

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Welcome!! It’s nice to see you her at the Latte’s again. We had a fairly action packed update last time with birthdays, holidays, aspirations getting getting worked on, and updates from the extended family. This time we should see little Ijtiba grow into a toddler and we’ll go from there. So let’s get started!

With Lowitja getting the Whiz Kid aspiration and Easton still needing logic for his job they sit down to a few games of chess together. Easton is starting to bulk up more and more, so I’m hoping we are getting closer to completing his aspiration.

The other girls, Amarja and Hjordis, are working on their motor skills and at the same time, their Keep Fit badges for the scouts. Hjordis is going to be a teen before too long and will have the Give Back and Outdoor badge still to get.

We get a couple of fun updates from the extended family. Austin got married, and while he isn’t specifically family in this version, he is kind of counted at least. Then Zax and his wife had a new little boy, Arthur. This is the 3rd boy for them.

Zophi loves it when her parents come out to haunt. She can chat with them, take the time to catch them up on the kids and grandkids and feel lie they are still there watching over the family.

Lowitja is onto having her mom read to her now. Having an erratic sim read a story must be entertaining. Halix would stop in the middle and start making faces left and right. Quite humorous.

One of the girls invited Zophi and a bunch of the family out to a cafe. Zophi went and hung out a bit with everyone before heading home. Nothing overly exciting happened, but it was nice to see everyone.

Amarja was busy getting the last of the friends she needed, and while I cannot remember if this series of pictures is what took her over the edge, ti would have been shortly after this that she was able to complete the Social Butterfly aspiration! Great job Amarja. She then goes into the Whiz Kid aspiration.

The twins have grown into children and we will take a closer look at them at the end. They look very cute from the small picture, but these are Zax oldest boys.

Halix took a quite trip out to Nick’s previous house to flag Natalie. We had nearly forgotten to go flag her, and while we are here we chatted some with his son Ivan as well. We will be back to flag him soon enough.

While she was out, since Natalie and Ivan live in Brindleton Bay and I have not had any sims live there before, she stops and picks up something to eat at the fish market stand.

We then have her go talk to a tree for a bit.

Halix: This tree is so friendly…’s sprouting before my eyes

It seems to like you to and may reveal it’s secrets.

Halix: Oh great tree, your branches are so lovely, your flowers so sweet, please let me in to the glade you hold so deep.

You aren’t casting some sort of spell…..what’s with the rhyming??

Halix: I was just trying something….it’s cold here, can I go home now?

This allows her access to the Sylvan Glade eventually, I just didn’t take any pictures of it.

Back at home we have a birthday. Little Ijtiba has grown into a toddler. Oh my does he look like his daddy.

Easton: ….and what is wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing, although he will probably be a little heart melter.

Here is a better close up of Ijtiba. He is all his dad, at least at the moment. He rolled the Fussy trait, which is just going to be so much fun, and he is, of course, a merman.

With the good, comes the bad. We received word that Zophi’s twin Zorah has passed. Almost all of her siblings are gone at this point. Ember is still around but she is the last. Time for everyone to be sad for awhile.

Fussy Ijtiba is already causing some havoc by waking up his sister, and then his next two sisters as well. He went around and woke up basically everyone.

Halix: I’m a vampire….hsssss

You are not a vampire. Your cousins are vampires, but you are not.

Halix: Can I be a vampire?

No, no you cannot.

Zophi is busy making something back there, and it looks like Hjordis is being a good kid and helping to clean up.

That would be because it’s her birthday. Happy Birthday Hjordis! You are now a teenager. That also means we are getting much closer to a new heir poll! I cannot believe we are almost through this generation already!

Here is Hjordis after a make-over. I went in keeping with a bit of her tom-boyishness from her childhood. She, so far, as not indicated anything to me about her preferences, but she did grow up into some dresses, so I gave her a bit of a unique style. I guess I caught her eyes closed, but you’ll see plenty more of her. Hjorids added jealous to her traits, and wants to be a Best Selling Author.

Then we got news that Oxkar is also now an elder. Zophi will be leaving us soon, but it’s still interesting to have her kids being elders with her.

The family sits down on a stormy night together. Halix reading to Amarja and Lowitja, which is to help Amarja’s aspiration, while Hjordis works on homework and little Ijtiba watches everyone.

Ukupanipo comes out to haunt and apparently had a craving for a cupcake since he heads right out to start working with the cupcake maker. It’s funny to watch a ghost make food.

Looks like Zax youngest is now a toddler himself. I feel like I should try and have a toddler play date one of these days with the kids. I have never done one, so it could be a lot of fun to try.

Speaking of toddlers, our little Ijtiba is still here and is working on his skills. He’s got at least 2 in everything so far, and is well on his way to getting the Top-Notch toddler trait. I’m excited to see what he looks like as a child.

We then bring you news that Halix is pregnant again, but this is with the final baby. She made it through all of her pregnancies. She’s still technically a YA since the pregnancies have halted her aging every time. We are going to need to feed Easton a youth potion as he’s halfway to elder already.

Halix: Voices….why?? Why are you making me run??

The voices are doing that Halix, I am. I’m getting you to work out a bit. I’m testing some things.

Halix: But I hate running….why can’t I just swim???

You can swim after if you want….why are you wearing sunglasses inside??

Halix: You made the outfit.

Zophi got invited out with some of the family again and so she went. Nearly everyone left as soon as the game was unpaused, but Zophi saw Zax wife, I believe, walking up the street and stopped her to say hi before heading home.

Back at home, little Lowitja is busy making potions. She is almost through Whiz Kid, only needs to finish up her mental skill, which shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Elsewhere in the house, homework and reading are the name of the game. I would like to get Hjordis going on her writing, so we added an inspiration light to the bedroom in the hope we can make her inspired to write.

I think that is going to be a good wrap up spot. I know Zophi didn’t make too many appearances in this update, but the family has gotten big enough and old enough that I am “chasing” after them.

Right before I go, here is a closer look at Zax’s three boys. So Zven is first, he grew up with the genius trait, Zorro is next and he is squeamish, and finally is Arthur who is inquisitive. All three boys are pretty handsome and I can see their dad in each of them. Thanks for spending time with the Latte’s and we will see you again soon!

Generation 3.07 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 3.09

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