EPIC Tripp: Crossroads – 5.11

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Hello again and welcome back to the Tripp’s. By the end of this update we are going to be at the wrap up point to this generation and ready to take on Generation 6. Hard to believe it’s go so quickly.

Generation 5 – Crossroads: Criminal vs Law Enforcement

  • Proceed to Generation 6-b

So all I really have left is to have Bonnie age up and then we will be heading down the B side path of this challenge. During the wrap up we will take a look at what that path will look like, but until then let’s take a look at what is happening now.

Bonnie takes some time to play with Remington. I love that she has a little fish laser pointer that she plays with. Remington is an adorable kitten and the family already is super attached on this little cat.

A quiet dinner, with everyone sitting next to each other, staring straight ahead. Gotta love how quiet this meal feels like it probably should be. Also, I guess Abby was distressed enough by whatever is happening that she eats spoiled food.

Bonnie!!! No!!!!

Bonnie: What? Cornelius and I are just playing together, relax. Sheesh.

It’s time for Miranda to head back to the magic realm and she is getting better at flying. She stops at the stores and find herself at almost another level up the magic ladder.

Part of Miranda’s current aspiration is to duel and win some duel’s against other magic users. While hanging out in the magic realm she gets these completed. Although she also ends up cursed at one point.

Back at home our little Remington is out in the sand. You can see how small he is based off the foot prints. He will be growing up to a full grown cat. Miranda and Remington have a rocky start, as she spends the entire first set of interactions, regardless of what I suggest she does, yelling at him.

Miranda continues to take her evil and meanness out on the pollutants of the island. She gets tired of having to clean up piles of trash on her land.

Remington soon wins Miranda over too, and she stops yelling at him, poor little kitten, and bonds. Maybe she just needed to get some of the meanness out before being able to enjoy Remington.

I adore the fact that Miranda can now read like this. She makes it up to the master level of magic, and is learning a lot of skills now. I would like to get Bonnie to be a spell caster as well, but we’ll see what happens.

This may look like Johnny is talking with the gnomes, but he’s actually talking to Remington. He was angry here, and I was worried he would also be mean to the kitten, but the kitten actually made him happy soon after this.

This picture is to show I have found all the different gardening items besides the plantsim fruit. That is the last one to find, and otherwise we have this entire collection. I am so happy to be almost done with this collection.

Remington then grows up into a lovely looking cat. It’s hard to believe he’s already a full grown, adult cat instead of a kitten, but he gets along great with all of the family now.

I learned that familiars can help bring Miranda back to life if she accidentally does something to kill herself. As I am focusing strongly on getting her through this aspiration and up the magic levels I figured it’s a good idea.

Abby spends some time petting Remington. He is actually a very spoiled kitty in this family. I’m hoping he will be around a long time. I do love watching the cats in this game, having my own in real life.

Miranda has bonded well with the bees and it’s time for Bonnie to take over more and more of the garden care. I am looking forward to unlocking the next things with Bonnie’s generation and I have plans for her.

Abby is trying to get more in shape. I’m not sure if I want to have her do more, although she is almost through her current aspiration. We just need to go make friends with the hermit in the woods.

And here is an exact reason why Miranda has an active familiar now. While this didn’t kill her, she did have a spell backfire and freeze her. It was kind of funny actually.

Abby: Oh yes, my fuzzy little Remington. You will serve Bonnie well.

Who you talking to Abby.

Abby: Oh just Remington here. He’s a good cat.

Yes, yes he is. He suits you, but I’ll make sure Bonnie takes good care of him too.

With that last look, it became time for Bonnie’s birthday. She blew out her candles and became a YA. It’s time to wrap up this current generation and move on to Gen 6. It’s been a wild ride this time, but also a TON of fun. hope you have enjoyed it as well.

That’s going to wrap up this update, which I know is a bit shorter, but the wrap up on the generation is next and that will hopefully fulfill your reading desires. Thanks for sticking with me.

Post 5.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Wrap 5

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