Meeple Monopoly – Post 1.01

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So, yes, this is yet ANOTHER new challenge from me. I know, I know, it’s a sickness. I promise I haven’t given up on my other challenges either, they will keep getting updates too. I just got super excited about the new pack and started some different things.

This is a Board Game challenge, which is basically an 8-generation legacy. Each generation is based off a property set in monopoly and one other board game. You can read more about it in the Rules link above which takes you to the set I’m using to play.

Let’s look at the requirements for Generation One.


Mediterranean Avenue & Baltic Avenue 
Generation 1: Purple

  • What better way to start out on your sim’s life journey than with The Game of Life? But, unfortunately for you, life is hard, and this first generation will be no exception. Your sim may only enter one of the six careers that are shared by Life and TS4: entertainer, athlete, detective, doctor, business, & artist. They may never quit or change professions (but they may retire), and if they are fired you must get them back into that profession as soon as possible. Spouses and children may not be employed.
  • You MUST send your sims on a honeymoon/vacation as soon after their wedding as possible. If you have to sell the couch and microwave to afford the rental, so be it.
  • In The Game of Life, players receive a large chunk of money after the birth of each of their children. Well, real life isn’t like that, and for the purposes of this challenge, neither is life in the sims! Kids COST money. A LOT of money. So after the birth of every child, you must SUBTRACT $1,000 dollars from your sims’ household. You may do this via cheats, or by buying one or two expensive decorative objects that you MAY NOT SELL until the next generation takes over. Now just hope you don’t go bankrupt.

So we need a lot of money this generation. Since we can do any of the “Life” careers we are going to pick painting as it’s a great way to get money quickly.

Meet our founder, Jewel Meeple. She is going to take on this first generation of the challenge. Jewel wants to be a Painter Extraordinaire and she is Good, Materialistic, and Family-Oriented.

Since the rules state we have to do a standard legacy start, Jewel buys the newly emptied 50 x 50 lot in Willow Creek, buys the requisite suit of armor and now has 0 simoleans. Yes I could have let her keep 1800, but decided I needed more of a challenge here.

This rough start to life here in Willow Creek isn’t enough to dampen our Jewel here, and she heads out to start fishing. She even catches a fish right away, which, of course, is sold fairly quickly. We do need food, and most fish are not useful for food here.

Next thing Jewel does is make a collection run around her neighborhood. There are lot of snapdragons and rocks to dig. This gives her a couple hundred simoleons at least and will give her some food for dinner as none of the plants were fruit or veggies.

Jewel heads to the park in order to meet some people, see if we can meet any spouse potentials, and have some fun. She also collects a few more plants and rocks as well. Then she sits down for some chess with Dustin Broke, who gets up and leaves pretty quickly after she sits down.

After meeting just about every young adult she could come across Jewel heads over and buys some popcorn shrimp for dinner. It’s not the best meal she’s ever had, but it is food, and it’s better than starving so she sits in the park and eats.

There still isn’t enough money for even a tent after some of the other things she needed to do but Jewel did get a job as a painter. Now we just need to get her an easel. The bench isn’t the most comfortable spot for the night, but life should start looking up for Jewel soon.

The bench did save her from a visit from Vlad, who walked by her empty lot in this outfit. Since she wasn’t “home” but rather sleeping on a bench across the street he didn’t mess with her.

She gets invited out to the Hijinks festival, and since I know you can make some money she invites everyone she knows to go with her. While I know they don’t get as much money, she joins the Jokesters, who win and she had a good evening with a lot of fun to be had. Plus the earned money will be put to good use.

Between the collection runs, the festival, and eating the cheapest food we can find Jewel has managed to afford all of this. It’s not a great start but it is something and now she can start painting to hopefully get some more money coming in.

While she isn’t sleeping outside anymore, having to run to the pubic toilet whenever she needs to go and having almost nothing to her name is starting to weight on Jewel. She splurges on some fish tacos the next day at the park and then get a phone call that gives her about 1000 simoleons because she made the right choice apparently.

After another collection run, while Jewel was in the shower (which is why it isn’t yet in the house) I built this tiny little house for Jewel. She doesn’t have much money left now but at least she won’t be sleeping outside any longer. It’s got a whole two walls, the roof pieces making up the other two.

The bathroom gets rearranged a little bit after this picture, but Jewel now has a very cheep bed and the start of a small little kitchen. It’s pretty good for less than a week in town. Plus, no more running to the park down the street to use the bathroom.

Jewel celebrates her first meal in her new house by making a cheap salad to eat. She has no real seating so she sits on the cooler and ponders the easel. It’s good she is inside as well because we hear a storm starting to rage outside.

A few paintings later we are starting to get more than we are paying for canvases, which helps her paint a little bit more and we post a couple on plopsy in the hopes someone will buy one for much more than the canvas.

The house is getting a couple of decorations, and a brick path was added to lead to the main path through the neighborhood, although it is just some terrain paint, it looks nice. Jewel is well on her way to getting the money she needs to expand and keep growing this generation.

Jewel is in a good enough mood to invite over one of the young adult sims that she met at the park. I cannot remember his name right this moment, but they are hitting it off. He is an art lover and good I believe, although I could be wrong about that. He doesn’t seem to mind the small house.

After Jewel goes to bed he decides to paint, and he even completes the painting. This allows Jewel to sell it off for a decent price later and helps her pay for the loveseat she splurged on in the picture before. She also has managed to sell a painting on Plopsy for a decent amount.

Sadly, Vald visited again and this time he was able to get in a drink from Jewel and he apparently really enjoyed her. This leaves her super drained the next day and Jewel doesn’t get through the whole collection run before heading to work.

She came home and took a nap but was woken up by a phone call asking her out on a date. Of course she says yes and they head out. During dinner Jewel gets up the nerve to give him her very first kiss. I think these two will be fun together.

Before saying goodnight Jewel takes one more chance and surprises him by suggesting they make it official and become boyfriend/girlfriend exclusively. He might be surprised but says yes, and Jewel is super excited. Now she just needs to save up enough money for a wedding and a honeymoon as well.

It might be a little bit before they can afford to get married, but Jewel is super happy to have a boyfriend, and invites him over after work every chance she gets. She has managed to expand the kitchen a tiny bit, and is starting to sell paintings for a decent price now, which should help with the upcoming bills as well.

In the short time Jewel has been here she has come pretty far, managing to get a roof over her head, a small house built up, a job, and a boyfriend. We will probably be proposing soon, which will mean I have to learn his name, but that will wait until the next update.

So far I’m enjoying this challenge, and I really like Jewel. I hope you will enjoy it as well as we continue and I will see you next time!

Rules | Family Tree | Post 1.02

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I have been playing sims since TS1 and even played a little bit of the PS2 version and the mobile versions over time. Once I discovered challenges for TS2 I never looked back. I love the sims, the families I've been able to make, and play through the years and connecting with people about them. I work from home doing Salesforce Data Validation for my company, have 2 cats I adore and have a million hobbies I feel like I will never have time to completely explore.

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