Latte Game – Heir Poll #3

Generation 3.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 4.01

Oh my gosh, it’s time for an heir poll again! I know it’s actually been a long time since we had one for this family, but I’m so excited to be able to throw this one. I really don’t know who is going to be heir and I love all of these kids, so it’s going to be a tough choice.

So, as always, there will be the poll up here and another over at if you want to vote either place, both places, whatever you want. And with that, let’s see who the choices are:

Hjorids is the eldest of the current Latte clan and just became a young adult. She got the scouting aptitude, Physically Gifted, and Responsible traits as well as the ones listed above. We have not yet had her aspiration, and she would add 4 letters (J, R, D, and S). I really do like her, although with Halix and Easton just becoming adults it might feel a little weird to have Hjordis take over already but it’s not a big deal.

Next up in Amarja. She is an interesting genetic mix of her parents and I also really like her. She would have a new aspiration for us as well, although as a job I didn’t write down what branch, so I would probably make her a journalist. Amarja would add 3 new letters (M, R, and J). She also has scouting aptitude, socially and mentally gifted and is on track to get Responsible and Good Manners.

Our final girl of the generation is Lowitja. She just became a teen and is finishing up her scouting aptitude. She does have the Mentally Gifted trait and is on track to get a couple character values. She has a new aspiration and we would need to bring spellcasters into the mix. I’m not sure how spellcaster/mermaids would do, but I’m willing to find out if she is who you pick. Lowitja would add 3 letters (W, T, and J).

Now we move on to the boys, and the final two kids of this generation. Ijtiba is still only a child and is working on his scouting badge and aspiration. His aspiration is the same as Hjordis and job is what his mom already has, so I would rather have Hjordis if you want to see this aspiration done. Ijtiba adds 3 letters (J, T, and B).

Now our final child, Xjavier sadly got “left out” of a lot of the blog without my meaning to, but he’s a good kid. He is another child that would need to become a spellcaster if we are to complete his aspiration, but his job is also new. Xjavier adds 3 new letters as well (J, V, and R).

I don’t dislike any of these kids and I’m excited to play any of them more. So far we have had all girl heirs and if we continue that with choosing one of the 3 girls I will get another generation of the Matriarchy, and since both boys have similar desires as their sisters I think I would prefer one of the girls, but I will leave it up to you.

Generation 3.10 | Rules | Family Tree | Generation 4.01

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