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SimNaNo Entry #17

Welcome back to one of the last 2 updates we have for SimNaNo. It is almost here, and I think I am going to be VERY close to finishing up the goals I set for myself this year by the end of this update. Last time it was mostly the Ricquel show, where she really was the star. We have an exciting update for you this time though, so let’s get to it!

We start this update in a similar place as the last update, with Ricquel. It’s not just her, however, as she is sharing breakfast with her sister and grandma. I have no idea why they all chose to sit as far apart as was almost possible in this room, but they did.

There was still a school project that Jacque hadn’t yet completed so I brought him and Orquidea out to work on the project together. Might as well get her started on some of the school stuff. It will be Monday again soon enough and there will be more projects to do.

Before that, though, it’s Firework Day! That means we got to invite a bunch of the family over, including Amarja’s boys, and we broke open little poppers, set of fireworks, and grilled some food. It was a lot of fun for the family, and hey, we completed the little plushies collection. We had only been missing one for forever, so this is pretty cool.

Ixael’s twins have now grown up into toddlers. It’s so funny how a lot of my extended family has been having twins or triplets. I have been very lucky since the first generation to only have single kids Part of that, of course, is the fact we keep the house pretty full, but there has been room multiple times.

They have, apparently, fixed the fact sims didn’t carry the laundry bag. It was just floating at their side for a long time. This is kind of exciting, although I know it’s not a big thing. It’s just cool that this animation is fixed. I also have not had the issues with the washer/dryer that I was having there for a bit, so maybe that has been fixed too.

Ricquel has completed her skills, for certain now, and she has been allowed to wander and roam the house as she desires. The rocking chair becomes a new play place for her, and this animation is just too cute. The fact it’s Ricquel makes it all the better.

Doing that school project obviously helped, because Jacque has now gotten himself an A in school. I’m very happy for him, and for our points. Since we aren’t guaranteed occult points now, it’s nice to have the kids being successful.

So it’s a big day for the family and as you can see a ton of family is over today. It is officially Ricquel’s birthday. Hjordis brings her to the cake and she gets to grow up. I missed the actual grow up because, while bringing her to the cake Hjordis was in labor. I tried to send her to the hospital, but she wouldn’t go.

So here is a picture of Ricquel all grown up. I didn’t end up switching her hair because I actually really like this cut on her. I’m not a huge fan of any of the others on her, although plenty looked fine, they just didn’t look like her. I also really kind of like this eco dress, it just looks cute on her.

Anyway, as I said, while attempting to get Ricquel grown up Hjordis was in labor and needing to give birth to our newest Latte. Sadly, since we didn’t get to the hospital there will be no birth certificate for this particular baby, but everyone please meet our newest little boy. This is Dequan Latte.

With everything happening the party pretty much wrapped up on it’s own, and then I got this notification. It appears that Lucas, Lyla and Ijtiba’s son, has grown into a child now as well. He was born right around the same time as Ricquel so that makes sense.

The next morning it’s a scramble to get all the homework done. All the excitement from the weekend, between the birthdays, the birth of Dequan, and Firework Day means the kids didn’t do it then. Hjordis and Mio help out the girls first, and then they head off and help the boys wrap up theirs as well before they all head off to school.

When they come home that day it’s a busy day of school projects to get through. The sisters help each other with their projects, and then Mio and Hjordis go help the boys later in the day. They were not in a good place when they got home so it took them longer to get to it. The girls volcano did not turn out the best, but that’s ok, it was still done and quickly so it’s a good grade boost.

Now, this is not something you see every day. This is one of Zax’s boys. I want to say it was Zven, but I’m not 100% sure of that. Either way, he showed up with his mermaid tail already there, “hopped” across the sand to the edge of the water where he proceeded to do a ‘regular’ human swim action around the ocean. It was a bit strange.

Ricquel has been asking to bring Matthew home with her from school, so of course I said yes. I forgot to mention before, she did get Top-Notch Toddler of course, but she rolled to be a Social Butterfly. She also got the perfectionist trait, so that should be fun. Since she is going to need lots of friends I have her spend time talking with Matthew.

It’s a fun new set of family updates, this time we have the news that Ixael and his wife are going to have another baby. The triplets that Ijtiba and his wife had are also now toddlers. I think they are all pretty cute, and we’ll get a good look at them in a little bit.

Then I prove to be a terrible watcher for a little bit. Right as school was getting out Jacque showed up and grew up on the beach. I had totally lost track of time and while I knew his birthday was soon, I didn’t mean to miss it entirely. I felt so bad. Anyway, I will show you his make-over in just a second, but here is another homework and food party for the kids and family.

So here is Jacque after a bit of a make-over. I think he turned out to be pretty handsome. He rolled the Friend of the Animals aspiration, which makes me not want him for heir. I don’t really want to deal with animals on the beach. Anyway, he also added the Squeamish trait to his Proper one. He did end up getting the Creatively Gifted, and while he did get to the final level of the social aspiration, I didn’t focus on it enough for him to reach it.

Just before we wrap up this update there is another set of family updates. We get the news that Xjavier’s wife is now an adult, and then we get the very sad news that Ixael has passed onto the other side. He will not get to meet his final child. Poor Michelle is alone with 3 kids and one on the way now.

With that, I think we are about to wrap up this update. There was quite a bit of excitement with all the various birthdays and hopefully, our next update will also have quite a bit going on. I’m sad I missed Jacque’s birthday, but let’s look at the 6 kids that had birthdays from the extended family. First up is Ixael’s twins, first is Mitchel in pink, and then his brother Maxwell. Next up is Lucas, Ijtiba’s son who is now a child. Finally, we have Ijtiba’s triplets. Yasir is first in the train shirt, then Yasmin, the only girl so far, and then finally York in the blue sweater. All of these kids are super cute, and I’m happy to see the family expanding again. Next time we have our final SimNaNo 2021 update, so I look forward to seeing you there.

SimNaNo Totals:

Words: +1,394 | 26,068 / 27,000
Pictures: +33 | 514 / 500

So like normal I will not be counting the title, links, or this box of information in my word totals so I do not ‘pad’ my numbers unfairly.

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