Meeple Monopoly – Post 1.08

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Welcome back to the Meeples!! It has been almost a year since our last update with this family, but hopefully, it won’t take me another full year to update again. Last time we had a new baby, Parker, and Pip worked on his child aspirations. Since it’s been so long since we played here are our generation goals.

So we probably won’t have any more kids, but we did take the money for both Pip and Parker. Jewel is in the painting career and is getting close to the top. Alvaro doesn’t work but stays home and takes care of the boys. Let’s dive in and see what this new update brings.

We start this update with Alvaro and Pip heading to the park. Pip is working on his social aspiration, having completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration last update. That means he needs to meet people and gain friends.

Really there is no better place to do that then the park when there is a playground. Pip easily gets the first couple of levels of his aspiration completed with all of these kids.

Once Jewel is off work she comes to the park and joins the others. They eat a nice meal at the park before everyone goes home. Pip decides to make a little club for kids so he can try and befriend as many as he can.

The next day, after school Pip starts up a club gathering and has a bunch of kids over for the day. It’s a lot of fun for him to bond with all these kids, and he’s close to friendship with a couple of them.

Since he needs a best friend we have him cloud gaze with the sim he is the closest to, which would be M. Faba, daughter of L. Faba. They cloud gaze for a while until it becomes too late to continue.

At that point, it’s all good however since they are able to become the best of friends. They also become partners in crime and plan a prank for school the next day. I really do like the partners in crime, it’s really cute.

Unlike what is often the case for my sims, this time the prank went off without a hitch. That is fun, usually, they fail on my poor sims, but this is a fun one. Pip has a good day at school.

Back at home, it’s time for Parker to grow up into a toddler. I believe Parker will be our final child for this generation, so you readers will be choosing between the two brothers, but we do have risky woohoo in place, so who knows.

Parker gets started on potty training right away. Of course with a tiny house, the skills really do raise quite quickly and I’m not really worried about Parker making it to top-notch toddler.

Here is our little Parker after his make-over. He’s a cute little toddler who is Silly. I cannot fully tell who he looks like the most, but he’s got his dad’s coloring all the way. This was also played post toddler face fix so he’s pretty standard looking currently.

With a toddler again, we start back with toddler skilling. Alvaro is a great dad and gives Parker basically anything he asks for. Jewel is having some fun, she still needs a bit more charisma before she can get her final promotions.

Poor Alvaro gets sick and before he can manage to pass that off to anyone else in the family we quickly buy some medicine and have him take that. Often times I just use things like orange juice and let it pass through, but I didn’t want to let the whole family get sick.

It’s another day for kids club and Pip is getting the friends he needs for his aspiration. I think after this day he was down to needing one adult and one child friend.

It had been a while, and since Pip need an adult friend, we hold a club meeting for Alvaro’s club. That gives Pip plenty of adults to finish making friends with. It is a bit hard on Parker, who was really wanting to sleep, poor kid. This is the downside of how I have this tiny house set up.

Pip was very close to being friends with this guy, so when he stopped by Pip took the opportunity to finish up making friends with him out in the rain.

Alvaro came inside, out of the rain, and opened his umbrella to sit on the bed. I think maybe the logic got a bit confused here. Are you doing all right Alvaro?

Parker asked to do multiple things with his parents the next day, so Jewel taught him to talk, and Alvaro went and played dolls with him on a beautiful afternoon. The kid is nearly a top-notch toddler already.

Then, we didn’t get a picture of the kid, but Pip finished up the Social Butterfly aspiration! I give him Whiz Kid next, but he isn’t likely to get far as it is almost his birthday. Still, 2 aspirations are done and Pip is doing great!

Since Jewel has maxed out her painting skill she can paint emotional paintings. I decided to have her paint a playful one for fun. I haven’t seen this painting before and thought it was a ton of fun.

It’s another beautiful day and so Parker and Alvaro work on some flashcards outside. I believe Parker asked for this, and his face is just priceless. I love toddlers! I do hope that they do as good a job with infants as they did with toddlers!

As hard as it is to believe, it’s Pip’s birthday today and there is a big party thrown. Pip goes and blows out his candles and is officially a teenager. He gets the Social and Physically gifted traits, adds Socially Awkward (which should be fun) to his traits, and I give him the Nerd Brain aspiration. Kind of funny he got the social aspiration and then gets socially awkward.

The party continues for a bit and then we take Pip in to get a makeover, which you will see next time. I gave him a combo of purple and light blue, which is the color of the next generation. I think at the end of the next update it might be time for an heir poll, but we will see how far we get.

I’m going to go ahead and wrap up this update here, as it feels like a good place to end. Next time we will see how Pip does as a teen, and get to see Parker grow up into a child and navigate childhood for a bit. Then it is likely time for an heir poll to see who will be taking over. I hope to see you then!

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