Summer Bachelor

Hello and welcome to yet ANOTHER NEW challenge for me. This is because I just couldn’t help myself and wanted to do a VERY FAST summer challenge to grab that summer flair.

It is also almost SimNaNo and if you haven’t heard of that may I suggest you check it out over at It’s a ton of fun, a great group of simmers, and a wonderful way to delve into new stories or challenges or whatever you want. So, this challenge will feature strongly in my SimNaNo for the year (our goal is to finish it this month.)

Now that my ‘ads’ are out of the way, lol, more about this challenge. I wanted something super easy and super fast to complete. Thus, enter a bachelor challenge, which I have never done before. I’m going to take the rules found at the link below and play around with them a little bit. For instance, I’m not going to control the sims minus starting a group outing or date, and then also to do the final “interaction” on a cut day. I am also not going to try and do speed dating type stuff right away.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

There are only going to be that many posts for this story so you will be able to keep up on all of the fun with the links below. There is also a bit of a twist to this bachelor so I hope you join me in the fun!