TS3 Stories

Here are the current stories I have going for the game The Sims 3. These stories are based around challenges that I have either read about or found through various means.

Many of these comes from the boolprop.net site. If you are an avid simmer, or just enjoy reading what people create with this set of games I highly suggest this friendly, active, supportive group of fellow simmers.

If you don’t care about following a specific story you can just read through all of the posts below. This will give you the five most recent posts first but you can either move on from there, find more posts on the story pages themselves, or by going to the recent updates link above. Hope you enjoy the stories!

  • DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 10
    Chapter 9 | Rules | Chapter 11 So the last update I know was a little short, so I will try and explain a little more what happened when I … Read more
  • DeLacy Wishacy: Chapter 9
    Chapter 8 | Rules | Chapter 10 So at the end of the last update, I made a note that Lilly had thrown prom wishes for Nick. When I loaded … Read more
  • Howlnet Asylum: The Ending
    Previous Update Welcome to the final update for the Howlnet Asylum. Everything was make or break for this update. I have never completed a TS3 LTW, so let's find out … Read more
  • Howlnet Asylum: Through Week 4
    Previous Update | Next Update After the glitch that left Veronica outside to get snacked on my zombies, and then caused us to also reset the lot I was nervous … Read more
  • Howlnet Asylum: Week 2 and possibly beyond.
    Previous Update | Next Update Ah, welcome back to the asylum….errr, to Howlnet Mental Hospital. Last week, Darwin, whom all our hopes are set managed to get up to logic … Read more

If you are someone who enjoy The Sims or enjoys reading about The Sims, talking about them, or just understanding more about the game I suggest you come check out Boolprop. It’s an active community made up of simmers of all kinds and we would love to have you over there!