DeLacy Wishacy

Welcome to the DeLacy Wishacy. This is a TS3 challenge who’s rules I will link to below. For fun, here is a little background on this challenge and why I started it.

This challenge takes a standard Legacy and turns it a little only letting you control your sims by fulfilling wishes, or taking the steps needed in order to fulfill wishes. It intrigued me as it reminds me a lot of the wishes style of play that has been fairly popular for TS2 in the recent past.

To that end, it was suggested that I try this as a way to try out TS3 more and give it more of a shot than I did before. I gotta admin, making my little sim and getting her started on this was fun, although I failed miserably at not controlling her a few times already, but I am enjoying this style of play and find it relaxing. Before I forget, the link to the rules is below, and can be found on each update as well.

The Sims 3 Wishacy Rules

With that information out of the way here are the updates (or the first 50) that are currently available for this hood. They start with the most recent, so I strongly suggest that you check out the first posts first and travel along with the story as you like. Enjoy the updates and hope to see you back soon!