TS4 Stories

Welcome to my TS4 stories! Here you can find links to the stories I am writing about sims in The Sims 4 video game. I am only getting started on challenges for TS4, but I will be sure to bring them all her when I get the chance. You can find links to the stories below.

Many of the challenges you see me play will be based on ones either found in the forums or based on ones found at boolprop.net. If you are a simmer, or you enjoy reading about and learning about the sims (any version) this is the place to go. It is an active, thriving community of simmers and storytellers that will give you plenty of content to go through if you are so inclined.

Below is a list of the most recent TS4 posts I will have made. It will only show the most recent 5 updates that I have made, but you can find additional updates by visiting the story pages, or the recent updates page. Enjoy!

If you are someone who enjoy The Sims or enjoys reading about The Sims, talking about them, or just understanding more about the game I suggest you come check out Boolprop. It’s an active community made up of simmers of all kinds and we would love to have you over there!