Coloure Wheel

Welcome to the Coloure Wheel story page. I cannot believe I started another challenge….actually strike that, I can totally believe I started another one. I wanted something to work on while things were in heir poll status and I already had the family built for this challenge, so here we are.

If you are not a part of then this challenge might not be something you are familiar with. It is the Genetic Roulette challenge that was created for boolprop’s 14th birthday. The rules are pretty simple, and it’s all about building points and see what 14 kids from the same parents look like. I will link to the rules page below.

Genetic Roulette Rules

I should have no problems keeping all of the updates for this below since I don’t know that I will have a full 50 updates, but if I do, there will be an archive for you to look through. I hope you have fun with me while I do this challenge.